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Room 808: Starfire Danzoel

24 September 2011, 08:04 PM   #1
Guest Poster
This dorm room belongs to Starfire Danzoel, aka Star for short. She's a bit shy in front of people she dosen't know, so if random people come here, she won't much of a conversationalist. Still, Star is very kind-hearted and welcomes all vistors. Her dorm is filled with bizzare things. Just make sure you watch for random zaps magic flying about....and animated stuffed animals. cool bedroom Pictures, Images and Photos

25 September 2011, 08:51 PM    #2
Guest Poster
Unlike most dorms, Starfires' room was slightly inexplainable due to the fact that when she first arrived she used her abilities to 'edit' a few things she didn't like about it. Certain rooms lead to rooms that don't even look like they are part of the school. This is because they're not. She has the power to open up spaces in a literal scientific sense and create things that didn't previously exisit. So, doors to different rooms were more was more like small portals. Being something of an alien definately has its' advantages for Star. Her dorm was decorated with sheer white and shiney chrome with slight addtions of blue, so she wouldn't get bored with seeing the same two colors all the time. There was also alot of automatic advanced technology she experimented with in her spare time. Pretty much everything in her dorm could work and move on its' own. All she needed to do was add a touch of magic. One word described her dorm; extraordinary. It had been only a day since her arrival at Aerons' Academy for Crimminals and she still wasn't sure what to make of her time here. Though one thing was for sure, she was in love with her new Drama class. Of all her classes, it was the only one she actually looked forward to attending. After a long night of sleeping well, Star opened her sky-blue eyes a little and glanced at her clock. It was still early. She sat up anyways and yawned as she rubbed her eyes. "Good morning." An animated stuffed animal greeted with a devilish grin that showed a row of sharp teeth. It was holding a tray of orange juice, crapes, and fruit. Star blinked and dropped her arms to her side. "Oh, good morning Dexiod...." she replied. The strange creature then lept onto the bed and placed the tray on her lap. Many more of them entered the room. "Star is wake!" The one on the bed announced to the others. The mini invaders began running around wildly and zapping things with tiny eletrically charged plasma guns. Star smiled at the creatures and then brushed some of her long silvery hair behind her ear as she began to eat the food given to her. She ignored the chaos because she was used to it. After eatting brefeast, she climbed out of bed and got ready for the day ahead. She could've just snapped her fingers and been ready but that was too easy. She liked doing things like normal people. Star showered and changed into some clothes that consisted of a long sleeved black shirt that hung from her shoulder worn with black shorts and long stripped patterned socks with black and white converses . She tied her hair up in a high poney tail, allowing her long bangs hang around her eyes. After getting ready for the day ahead, Star cast a spell that fixed everything her impish alien animated friends destroyed in her room. Then decided to work on her magic. There was always some brushing up to do.

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