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[IMPORTANT] Hello, Rules, & Goals

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11 June 2011, 07:00 PM   #1
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Hallo all, Welcome to YAC Ver. 1.0! Feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions here. I'm orangecherrysoda, the founder, and soon we'll have a nice little council of helpful people. Message me if you're interested? So anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay here, and write to your hearts content! Rules I feel bad for saying it, but some of the other writing clubs I'm in are slightly organization lacking. These rules are here to make your experience much easier to look at--
Rule 1Keep posts organized. That's the biggest rule I want to stress, because we all know about the no trolling, excessive cursing, blah blah. Follow the Post Tags! [IMPORTANT] Usually only used by the founder and council, but if you have something super dee duper important, be sure to use this. [GEN] General writing post. (Not a piece of writing, but something writing-related!) [CRIT] When you're looking for critique. [CONTEST] For a friendly competition! [QUESTION] Any post with a question mark behind it. [OFFTOPIC] For things that are off-topic. Who would've known? ["Your genre here"] For whatever sort of thing you're writing, be it Non-fiction, fiction, novel, poem, etc. Be specific if you really wanna. [LOCKED] Used by Council and Founder when either locks a topic for whatever reason. [DEL?] Used by Council and Founder. Asking if topic should be deleted. **Feel free to use more than one tag** PLEASE LEAVE SUGGESTIONS FOR CHANGING/ADDING TAGS! Rule 2Be polite, mature, and nice. Try not to take crits to harshly, try not to crit too harshly, be nice, don't curse too much. You'll be kicked out if it's disrupting the club, I suppose.
And not a rule but a law, BE AT LEAST SEMI-LITERATE, AND BE FULLY LITERATE WHEN WRITING AND GIVING CRITIQUES! You want to sound professional, don't you? Spelling mistakes are allowed, just attempt to type properly.
See? That was easy! Not we can move on to what we aim for. Goals I think our goal is a little different from most writing clubs. Instead of just a big writing heap, we want the club to be more of a community. People collaborating, writing meaningful critiques, being polite, just helping each other out. Instead of the purpose being just writing, the purpose is to write, get help writing and make writing buddies you can do NaNo with! And that's about it! Now that you've read this, go ahead and post! Feel free to suggest, too!!

13 June 2011, 09:34 PM   #2
Guest Poster
I'm Mackie. Wow, I'm the first official poster. 

Well, I'm a hardcore Otaku who loves writing and may post bits and pieces of my novel,
Unreal. I love Pocky, and my hair is dyed blue, but it's fading into green. 

Could I be part of the Council?

13 June 2011, 10:16 PM   #3
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Hello, I am Einherjar. I am a passive-aggressive INTP who's big on Fantasy and
I'm a very disagreeable Jerkass, possibly with a Heart Of Gold, and I probably do have my
Pet The Dog moments. Apparently though, my tone is naturally sarcastic, so yea, it's kind
of hard to tell if I'm being serious, or making fun of you. I tend to be very ambiguous
about it, though - so ambiguous, that I don't even know what I mean, sometimes.
Aside from all that, I feign stupidity, so I seem Too Dumb To Fool. I suppose its really
more of a "defense mechanism" than me deciding to be stupid because I decided that I don't
feel like being serious anymore. Though the latter makes sense too.
I like to view things in a third person, detached, and impartial light. Unfortunately,
most people are stupid enough to think that I'm hating/flaming/trolling them. Honestly,
people these days just can't take critique.

I like characters who are Manipulative/Magnificent Bastards - Jerkass,  Karma Houdini, and
Ambiguously Gay are nice bonus factors though. The point is, I only recognize characters
for their brilliance and intelligence. Ha, no wonder all my favourite characters are
either anti-heroes or villains.

Oh by the way, I'm super duper arrogant, so don't talk to me.

There are a lot of things that annoy me. The tiniest, most random detail, could set me
I'm pretty candid over the internet.

13 June 2011, 10:29 PM   #4
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Mackie: Hooray for first postyness! Anyone who loves pocky is like, my best friend. I'll
reply to you on the council thing via message.

Einherjar: Jerkasses are my favorite kind of asses. :D

13 June 2011, 11:19 PM   #5
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Hello, I'm Regan. You can call me Regan or Re, either is fine C: I love smiling and wow this sounds like some sort of pageant entry. Mind if I switch it up a bit? Loves; Parentheses Commas Laughing Birdies! Writing Family Friends READING!<3 And, lastly, talking. Hates; Haters Pessimistic Peeps Normal peeps(the marshmellow treats) Bland things Boring stories >:/ I love clubs, and I love to write. I hope to be a very active member in this cub and I hope to help others in this club. Gah, still sounds like a pageant entry :O

14 June 2011, 08:01 PM   #6
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You hate peeps! D: Re-re, I never imagined you'd hate one of the most important symbols
of Nerdfighteria. My heart and soul are both partially comprised of their stale
marshmallowy joy.

14 June 2011, 08:36 PM   #7
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Hello world(: I'm Hannah. Call me just that, nothing else please. I only allow
nicknames if I'm super best friends with someone and we have a lot of history and know
each other well enough to call each other something than our given name.

Yeah. I'm that kind of person. :P

So, um, I want to be a famous author someday. Like, J.K. Rowling famous.  I really like
reading, but I don't like reading books other people have read. I read ALL THE TIME, But I
refuse to be someone who only reads "the classics". This is why I have not read the Harry
Potter series. Don't kill me!

There's a few things you guys should probably know about my writing: 
-I hardly ever finish my stories. A lot of times, I'll just write a short story, but I
might start something that sounds insanely amazing in my head but doesn't work when I
write it down. So bear with me on that one.
-I DO know about my description problem. I either describe something that doesn't need to
be described too much, or not describe something that needs to be described enough. Make
-I mostly write fantasy, general fiction, or something that takes place in the future. I
usually write in first-person but I'm trying to write in third as well.

Writing is my world. Don't be afraid to really rip apart my piece. (But don't sound like a
jerk while doing it...) I crave critiques and like any other writer, I need them to get
better. (:

God, I wrote a lot. OK, I'm stopping now.

14 June 2011, 08:42 PM   #8
Joined: 12 Jun 2011
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Pay-pay, I just don't like the sugary coating. Apart from that, I love them<3

15 June 2011, 02:25 AM   #9
Guest Poster
oh hello there.

Well I'm susabei, but you guys can call Monika (:

I've always liked reading stories thanks to my dad reading to me almost every night when I
was little, and I was first inspired to pursue writing as a career when I read the book
'Coraline' in fourth grade.

I'm a troper, so expect some trope-speak to be spoken/hinted at when chatting with me.

I'll probably just post some poems and oneshots. Nothing real big unless I get something
real good.

I'm a huge sucker for imagery and descriptions. 

Always looking for come con-crit, as well as new authors/stories to check out. Currently,
I'm reading 'In the Garden of the North American Martyr' by Tobias Wolff, and it's bloody
brilliant. I just read 'John Dies At the End' by David Wong. Good stuff.

I like drawing too, so it'd be really cool to write a graphic novel one day, or illustrate
my stories.

Oh, and I like zombies too <3

19 June 2011, 07:43 PM   #10
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WElcome welcome!

I guess I should introduce myself too. I just realized I never did that!
Halloo. I'm Orangecherrysoda, an over-enthusiastic person who likes writing, drawing and
has the occasional moment of gamer nerd. :> I beleive that is all I can say, other than I
write about pretty much anything that crosses my mind, I'll post something soon. :D

25 June 2011, 12:22 AM   #11
Guest Poster
Last edited by Possible, 25 June 2011
Helloo there, I'll introduce myself as Kyle, while I am often called other names. My nicknames are Blaze, Jolly Rancher, and Midnight. I'd prefer you all to call me Kyle, but I also go by Alex or Alexander. I do enjoy nicknames very much, so feel free to make one up for me. I've written stories with up to 50 chapters, but I've never strayed too far from fanfictions from the movies and animes that I love the most. I also tend to write video game fanfictions from things to Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy to Rune Factory and Harvest Moon. I'm a sucker for romance animes and movies, my favorite movie being Titanic and it being my most-written-about topic. I truly do love writing, it's always affected me and the way I think. Likes♥ Anime Manga I is an otaku. Cats Birds The Titanic Dislikes;x The dark (I'm a sissy, I know :c) Squirrels Pesimistics Horrible writing Bad grammar Also, I was wondering if I could be a part of the council? Oh, and is fanfiction allowed? I tend to write more of that than anything else.

26 June 2011, 03:40 PM   #12
Guest Poster
I'm sorry, i'm lame. I totally ignored the introduce yourself part- but now i see everyone did it. So now i'ma do it. GAWK IKR I'MA FOLLOWER SHUDDAAAAPPPP Name: Poe short for Potential. Aspiring 2 B: Director, Screen writer, author, or president. Fav authors: Dan Wells, Pete Hautmen, Susan Collins, CLAMP, David Wong, John Cheese. - I'll be in 8th grade this fall. I love to read fiction, sci fiction, and juvinile fiction. NOT REALLY FANTASY. SORRY. EW WOLVES, AND EW VAMPS. I enjoy reading about MEGA SUPER UNFAIR PLOT TWISTS. I dislike bad cliff hangers. Which explains why I dislike the movie Cloverfield. I'm not the type of girl to write sappy stories, i'm a horror/thriller/suspense type of gal. I don't hate sappy or love triangles i just rather eat barf then read/watch one. I'm also a grade A roleplayer. So ya, Hi'ya c:

26 June 2011, 06:10 PM   #13
Guest Poster
You. Poe. Yes, youu. You sound awesome. Welcome to the cluuuub. c:

26 June 2011, 06:56 PM   #14
Guest Poster
Hey, guize. :> I'm Loraine, but feel free to call me Lora. I have some plots for actual
writing, but I've been writing slash fanfiction lately.~ Er, I really like anime and
manga. c: I wouldn't call myself a otaku because I haven't really have the time for it as
much. Dx (unless it's yaoi, y'know. Yaoi is a need.) Right now, I really like Black
Butler, Pandora Hearts, and Axis Powers: Hetalia. I'm Chinese-American, and yes. It means
I'm Asian, jeez. e__e 
I love Harry Potter, yes. The books, the movies are awesome, but the books are like.
BDAFBSD. And Pottermore better be coming fast or I'm going to shoot someone ;_; I'm
particular to Hunger Games, and Maximum Ride though. v_v But I read a lot, manga, novels,
That's it, and a fanfiction I'm working on is a Black Butler one. Next one is a Drarry
fic. I'll try to post actual story plots here though. e_e Ughghgsdjn. I'm a loser.

Okay bye, I'm going to read moar Junjou Romantica right now. :3

26 June 2011, 06:59 PM    #15
Guest Poster
I feel like welcoming people 8D
I love Harry Potter, yes. The books, the movies are awesome, but the books are like. BDAFBSD. And Pottermore better be coming fast or I'm going to shoot someone ;_;
You read my mind c: Welcome, by the way! :D

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