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     Only the hazy sheen of dimmed streetlights could be seen through the thick fog, which
poorly cloaked the ruined claws of phosphor and metal that left giant eskers of ash in its
limn. Not even a star could shine a reflection on the countless metallic shards. Even the
dull waning moon could pride in its lustre when compared to this lifeless painting.
Through the lurid landscape of mechanic chaos, Jovian found art - the way the broken
pieces of wire were intertwined, the way the scraps of rubble were scattered. Each layer
of the alloy was so perfectly smashed together – it was a fantastic cacophonic
     This wonderful mess was the result of an incredible scheme that had unfortunately
prevailed. He’d let his solace expire - pierced to the bone by fangs and sparks. Perhaps
it was shock that brought him wide-eyed, filled to the brim with cold tears, and with a
ghastly grin that would echo through the cavities of his memory.
His friend’s cadaver now only served to accentuate the virulent beauty of the broken

     This undoubtedly ripped him, but why grieve over dead milk? After all, it was only
one insignificant death – it wouldn’t manipulate him to become a pitiful puddle of
tears. He valued mind over heart; logic over sentiment. Clearly, the answer was to
carefully analyze the situation, then execute the proper course of action.
     He chose to curse at the fog. Why couldn’t his best friend be murdered in a sunny
field of flowers, where the sky was pastel blue, the grass was lush green, and the breeze
was warm and soothing?

     No. Mordred had to die for his goals.

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Yesss it's supposed to become more vernacular when it switches into Jovian's POV.

13 May 2011, 04:27 PM    #3
The Founder
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Wow. That was very beautiful and descriptive(:
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