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Title: The Locker Room

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First off the title might not stay. Its an okay one for now. Second I have been thinking about this idea for a while. It happened because I read so many books telling the girls that they never heard the guys talk in the locker room. Thus being read I had a dream about a girl recording the guys talking in the locker room. Third with a little twist and turns I have made it a complete idea. Fourth off this is only a preview of it. Fifth off I might not continue with it because I have to really think about what a guy would talk about and I have no clue what other people might think of this. Sixth off (this is to be my last), this is rated PG - 13 (for a few reasons). If you can't handle some of the things I'm going to say then don't read it. Okay, now that I got that done here is the preview. Comment and enjoy! Girls never heard what guys talk about in the locker rooms…until now. When Audrey McDonald’s friends actually question what the boys talk about in the locker room, a plan hits them. The plan is to actually record what the boys talk about in the locker room. There are a couple of problems though. One Audrey goes to a girl’s only school. Two they have no idea how they are going to record the boy’s voices. Three they have no idea how they are going to sneak into the boy’s locker room. Even if they over come all their problems will the friend’s actually go through it or is it better for the guys to actually have some privacy?

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Well, I see that no body commented. That's okay. I just wanted to post the characters of the story. This of course is what they look like and what what they would wear. elouai's doll maker 3 elouai's doll maker 3 elouai's doll maker 3 elouai's doll maker 3 elouai's doll maker 3

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 This looks intriguing!

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That's what I want it to be. The preview is okay, but I've learned is not really that
good. I'll have to change it later...



I have finished writing chapter one. 


But if I don't get one more comment from a person then I won't post it.

Oh, no!


So...yeah. I hope you comment!

1 January 2011, 11:59 PM   #5
Guest Poster
I'm actually rather looking forward to read this~
I like the preview, there's enough there to tell us what we need to know but just too
little it leaves us itching to learn more.

All in all, I'm excited for the first chapter!

2 January 2011, 01:19 AM   #6
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Thanks. The first chapter is in the next comment that I'm going to post.

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Here is the first chapter. O: One thing this is a very rough draft. I'm thinking of more
adding to what the house looks like and the neighborhood, but for now its okay. Also, I
think there's too much socializing. :/ That's a problem with my books, always a lot of

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter One
	“Hey Audrey pass the damn popcorn!” yelled my friend Jenny Jordan at me. I currently
had the popcorn when we were trying to watch a movie. However when you have five girls
over at one am, and had a lot of sugar…well you just can’t hear the movie. I passed
the popcorn down to my friend.
	“Guys just shut up! I am trying to hear whatever his name is tell the girl that he
likes her!” yelled my other friend Val Becker. It was actually her idea to watch the
movie. For some reason she got us to shut up for about three seconds just to hear the guy
talk in the movie.
	“Oh, Stacy, you just don’t realize it, but guys do talk about you in the locker
room,” said the guy in the movie. Well, now I know the girl’s name in the movie. Yet,
I was surprised when Val grabbed the remote from me and paused the movie. Then she looked
at all four of us, since she really can’t look at herself.
	“I have always wondered what guys have talked about in the locker room,” said Val.
Stop. Let me rewind a bit. I should introduce myself and my friends before we go on.
	My name is Audrey McDonald. And before you go making fun of my name, yes, of course I am
related to Ronald McDonald. He is my great uncle. I was using sarcasm in case you didn’t
catch that. I’ve heard it all, believe it or not. I am seventeen and I turn eighteen in
eight days on the first day of school. This means I am a senior, finally last year of high
school. I have blond hair, and I mean blond. It is a perfect shade of it. It is also wavy,
which great. I have light blue eyes, but sometimes they look gray. I guess it depends on
what I’m wearing. My mom is a doctor at a hospital, and my dad works at a fast food
restaurant. I know they are totally opposites, but they do say opposites attract. I have
no siblings. My mom actually wanted to have five kids, but she said I was already too hard
to handle. I am just an average teenager, really. I have the best friends in the world, I
can’t play an instrument, and I go back and forth between two answers unless I’m sure
of something.
	Next is Jenny Jordan, my best friend. Okay, well I know I’m not supposed to pick
favorites and all that, but Jenny is. She has been my best friend since kindergarten. She
has long black shiny hair and big ocean blue eyes. She likes to show off her body, but she
isn’t a slut. She has never slept with a guy like the rest of us. Yet, she has had a
couple of boyfriends and is the lucky one of us. Wait, I know what you are thinking, but
just hold that thought for a little bit longer. Yes, Jenny is seventeen and a senior. Her
parents are divorced. She lives with her mom while her dad lives in Europe. She goes and
sees him for the holidays. She does have an older brother, who is her twin. Yes, he is
older by two minutes. His name is Kane. You’ll learn more about him later.
	Then there is Val Becker. Val is totally smart, and you just might not see that when you
first meet her. She has the perfect shade of straight brown hair and it goes just past her
shoulders. She has bright blue eyes that you can see a mile away. I became friends with
her in third grade when she came to my school. In elementary school it was normal to have
a couple of new kids, but when you go to my school, well you barely have any. Everyone was
trying to become friends with her and she picked me and Jenny. Don’t ask me why, she
just did. She also plays the flute, just like her mom. Her mom owns a music store and her
dad ran away when she was a baby. She has no siblings.
	Well, now probably the two funniest people you will ever meet in your life, Dana and
Miley Hastings. Yep, they have the same last name. Yes, they are sisters, and yes they are
twins. They are both seventeen. Together they are just funny and I met them when I was a
freshman. They were in my homeroom and they were cracking jokes to one another and I sat
next to them. The next thing I know I’m laughing with them. After that they became
friends with the rest of us. Dana and Miley have the same hair color which is a light
brown. They have the same eyes, nose, and mouth. They look exactly alike, but since Miley
is mostly laughing her eyes are practically shut. Plus, their style of clothes is
completely different. Miley hates hats, but Dana loves them. Also, Miley loves to wear
boots, shorts, and baggy tops; while Dana wears tight shirts, no shorts, and hates boots. 
Their parents are still together. Their mom owns a book store while their dad is the head
chef at a restaurant.
	And that’s really about it. You will just learn more about us as the story goes on. Now
where were we? Oh that’s right. I was having a sleepover at my house with my friends. My
parents were already off to bed, so it was just us. The time was about one am. And Val
just said the thing that changed our lives forever.
	“I have always wondered what guys have talked about in the locker room,” said Val.
All of us looked at her and then it sunk in. She was right. Every romance book we read or
movie we watched something about the locker room was always there.
	“What Val? Its not like some one is going to sneak in there and listen to them, so
there is no way how any girls is going to find out,” said Jenny.
	“Yeah, but that would be epic,” said Dana. We all nod in agreement. But then it hits
	“But what if we record their voices?” asked Val. This my friends changed the whole
idea when Val said this. No body had anything to say about this, until it struck us. I
guess since we are so used to it, we just don’t remember anything about it. And after
all it was during the summer.
	“We go to an all girl’s school, so it would be impossible,” said Miley, while
shrugging. We all let that sink in and she was right. We do. That’s how we all met
through the school, which was horrible. The school sucked. 
	“That doesn’t mean anything really,” said Val.
	“Yes it does! We don’t even know the public school,” I said. Val looked at me. Then
it hit her. We would have to know the public school. But Jenny had another idea.
	“Um…hello? My brother Kane actually knows a couple of guys that go to the public
school,” said Jenny. That’s right Kane goes to an all boy’s school, but somehow he
knows some guys who go to the public school.
	“How?” asked Dana. Jenny shrugged. 
	“Guys we can actually do this,” said Val. It hit us all like a wave in the ocean. We
could actually do it. If we got a few people into this, and maybe using a few guys, but
who cares? We can actually find out what boys talk about in the locker rooms. This would
be amazing. That’s how it started and then we sat there for thirty minutes talking it
over. Jenny got up from where she was sitting.
	“I need some fresh air,” said Jenny. I got up, too. I followed Jenny out the door
into the cool night air. Our neighborhood really didn’t have any crime rate, and besides
we were seventeen. Plus, I could trust my friends in the house. They wouldn’t trash it.
	“Audrey,” started Jenny, “we need to start this plan tomorrow.” I nodded. She was
right she needed to get to know one of the guys and about the whole high school. It would
be amazing if she did that before school started. Then she turned to me, and said words
that I would never forget.
	“I’m going into public school this year,” said Jenny. Just like that. No rush to
say it. She didn’t even stumble over her words. My mouth automatically dropped. “My
parents said that since its senior year that most colleges don’t look at it and they
don’t want to waste their money on another useless year.” I couldn’t believe it. My
best friend who has been to an all girl’s school since kindergarten was leaving me for a
public one.
	“Let’s walk,” I said and we started to walk around the block. About half way I
couldn’t take the silence any longer. “Since when did you know?” Okay, so I just
blurted out the first thing that came into my mind.
	“Since the beginning of summer,” said Jenny.
	“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked. I thought we told each other everything, but I
guess that’s not the case. She took a deep breath and then let it out. We just watched
the car that zoomed by us. Then it stopped and backed up. Until it reached us. We both
stopped dead in our tracks. The passenger side window rolled down, and there was someone
we actually knew. It was Jenny’s twin brother, Kane. 
	“Jenny! Audrey! What are you guys doing out here walking alone?” asked Kane. He was
always protected of Jenny, but not over protective. Just an older brother doing his job.
	“I don’t know. Why are you past your curfew?” snapped Jenny. In the car I heard a
few ooooo’s. Kane turned around so he was facing inside of the car and gave a dirty
	“Come on Kane don’t flirt with the girls,” said one of the guys in the car. Kane
	“I’m not flirting with my sister,” said Kane. That shut up the people on the car.
Kane turned his head so he was facing us. “Sorry about that, but I told mom that I was
sleeping over at a friends house and we got hungry so we stopped at McDonald’s. Hey,
Audrey I saw your uncle there again.”
	Well, since I can remember Kane always said this to me, after he went to McDonald’s.
Its mine and his thing and we always say the same thing every single time. Jenny even knew
this and she sighed while I said the sentence I say all the time.
	“Really? Did you say hi to him again?” I asked. Kane snorted. I smiled.
	“Yeah, but he still didn’t say anything to me!” said Kane. We used to have a whole
convocation about this, but Jenny usually butted in and told us to shut up. Yet this time
it was different.
	“What are you talking about man? You didn’t say hi to anyone,” said a guy in the
car. Kane’s smile dropped. He turned his head and whispered something that Jenny and I
didn’t catch. He then turned back to us.
	“Do you need a ride back to Audrey’s place Jenny?” asked Kane. Oh there he was
being protective again.
	“You don’t have room,” said Jenny. Kane shrugged.
	“We could fit you guys if we wanted to,” said Kane. Jenny looked at me and we shared
the same answer.
	“Nope,” we both said at the same time and then gave a sweet smile.
	“Fine, your loss,” said Kane. “Audrey catch you later and Jenny be careful!” With
that the car was gone and we were back into the silence of the night. Jenny turned to me.
	“I can’t believe you still joke about the McDonald’s thing with him,” muttered
Jenny. I smiled and shrugged. Well, I mind as well embrace the fact that my last name is
indeed McDonald’s.
	We started to walk again, but Jenny broke the silence. I had inspected that she always
hated the silence, but she has yet to admit that she actually does.
	“I’m sorry. I should have told you, but I guess I really didn’t believe it, until
now,” said Jenny. I get that.
	“Jenny, its okay,” I said. Jenny looked at me and I was surprised to see that she had
tears in her eyes. I have never seen her cry before. I hugged her and she hugged me back.
	“I still have to tell the others, but they will be easier to tell,” said Jenny.
	Then we finished our walk around the block. We didn’t talk at all after that, instead
we just let the silence in. When we got to my house I noticed Jenny took a deep breath. I
shot her a perplex look.
	“I should tell them,” said Jenny. I nodded and opened up the door and went inside my
house with Jenny right behind me. The rest of my friends were still sitting in the living
room watching the movie, but surprisingly it was quieter than before. I guess the sugar
was finally wearing down.
	“Guys,” Jenny said when we entered the room,” I have something to say.”
	Right when she said that all my friends sat up and waited for her to continue.

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I have yet to complete chapter two.

I am trying to write all this down in a notebook, but when I write it down I do too much

Thus being said, I have no idea how to move from this one scene without too much dialog.

Also, I kind of know what I want to happen and then I don't.

I can't really explain, because it will ruin the book.

So sorry if you are waiting for chapter two!

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I got chapter two done. Yeah, it took me longer than I wanted it to. I also think that's
there's too much dialog. Also, I totally went a different route than I wanted to. Oh, well
it turned out pretty good anyways.

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter 2
	While twirling my keys around my index finger, I walked up the little pathway to
Jenny’s front door. Just as Jenny said it was only me. Jenny and I have barely been to
the mall. We only go during Christmas time to get presents for our family and friends.
When you go to a private school, with uniforms, you really don’t need that many clothes.
Yet, now since Jenny is going to the public school, she would need a lot of clothes. She
is probably going to make me buy a few things too.
	By this time I have already reached the door and I was about to knock, but the door swung
open and there was Jenny. This was unexpected, most of the time her brother Kane answers
the door and then I wait ten minutes for Jenny to finish getting ready. My hand was still
in the air ready to knock, and my mouth dropped.
	“Jeez what took you so long?” asked Jenny, while she stepped outside and closed the
door behind her. Then she started walking down the short walkway. I blinked. I was
dreaming. “Aren’t you coming?”
	No, I wasn’t actually dreaming, but it sure did feel like it. I quickly walked with her
until I reached my car. She hopped in the passenger seat while I took the drivers side. My
car was my baby. My parents brought it for me when I turned sixteen. It was the color of
electric blue and that’s all I can really tell you about it. I am not good with cars.
	I started up the car and the radio came blasting on. I pulled out of the drive and
started my way toward the mall. After about five minutes, I looked over at Jenny, and she
was starring outside the window. She would have started talking by now, but something was
bothering her.
	“Hey, Jen, is everything all right?” I asked while looking back at the road. I would
have said while looking at her, but I am driving here.
	“I’m just nervous. I have to go to a fucking new school. Hello! I’m a senior. I
want to be with my friends,” Jenny said.
	“You will be fine. Everyone knows this, including you,” I said. This is also true.
She can always make friends fast, but for high school her friends decreased for some
reason. She never told me this, and now it is just us four as her friends. She sighed.
	“I knew I would have to tell you sooner or later,” said Jenny. 
	I was confused and worried. What has my best friend kept a secret from me? I pulled into
the first parking space I found, which was very far back. I stopped the engine and turned
to my best friend.
	“I’ll tell you after shopping. Right now let’s enjoy the time that we have
together,” said Jenny and with that she got out of my car and started toward the mall
	I quickly opened my door and ran after her. How was I supposed to forget that one little
sentence that she just said? I thought the only secret she was keeping from me, was her
going to a public school. I guess I was wrong, and I didn’t want to be. I told Jenny
everything, and I thought Jenny did the same. Yet, for the sake of Jenny and the short
time we can spend together I forgot about it. I stopped worrying about it.
♥					♥						♥
	It was five o’clock and Jenny and I were having dinner in the café. Surrounding around
us was a ton of bags from all these stores. I had two small bags, while Jenny had like ten
big bags. I knew Jenny’s parents didn’t have a lot of money, but Jenny has been saving
money up for clothes when she was going to go to college. Yet, she said that she was in a
need for clothes, so a year early wouldn’t really hurt. I took a bite of my orange
chicken from Panda Express, when Jenny said something and I nearly choked.
	“Girl, don’t look behind you, but that guy is starring at you and he is hot,” said
	Of course when you say don’t look behind you, the first thing you do is looking behind
you. After, of course, you choke. Yet, I did look behind me and she was right. There was a
guy who was really hot starring at me. He had really dark brown hair. Since he was at a
distance I really couldn’t tell that much more than that.
	“He probably goes to the public school, so I’ll never see him again,” I said, after
I turned back to Jenny and my food.
	“You could come to the public school with me,” said Jenny. 
	This is already the second time of the night that I nearly choked. Yet, I held it in and
gave a little cough. And trust me I never really choke.
	“You know my parents. They want me to have the best education. I just can’t go to the
public school,” I said. She nodded.
	“You’re right, I should have never brought it up,” she said. 
	Then she got up and threw away her trash. Damn, she is a fast eater. I’m not even half
way done with my food and she’s already done. She came back to the table and sat down.
	“Since I go to the public school, I’ll note everything I see and I’ll ask around
about the stuff that I can’t see,” said Jenny.
	At first I was a little confused at what she was talking about, but then it hit me like a
bus. Oh, right recording what the guys say in the locker room. I nodded.
	“Once we figure out that stuff, then we will set the plan and do it,” I said. Jenny
	“Holy shit! What the hell is he doing?” Jenny yelled all of a sudden.
	I tried to left one eyebrow to show Jenny how confused I was, but failed. Jenny met my
eyes again and gave me a worried look.
	“Look the hot guy was talking to his friend and then all of a sudden he got up and
he’s walking over to us. His friend has a look on his face, like watch this toward the
hot guy. Just try to act cool,” said Jenny in one breath.
	I could barely understand what she just said, but I did follow her directions.
	“So what are you going to wear on the first day of school?” I asked. Jenny looked at
me and smiled.
	“Oh my fucking god! I totally have no idea! It’s my first time that I get to do
that,” said Jenny. 
	I laughed. I heard her join in, but then she cut it short. I looked up and sure enough
there was a guy standing right beside the table. He had a medium length dirty blond hair.
His hair just reached his eyebrows. He had hazel eyes and he dressed kind of preppy. He
held his eyes onto Jenny and Jenny just looked up at him, until he spoke.
	“Never seen you around here before. Did you just move in?” asked the guy. 
	Jenny looked at me, and I knew what was coming. Before we could control it, we both
started laughing. Then we stopped when we noticed the other guy was standing next to his
	“Ha, I told you they weren’t new around here,” said the hot guy.
	Now up close he looked even hotter if that was even possible. He had dark brown hair and
it was curly. It reached just in the middle of his forehead. I noticed he had green eyes
and he also dressed preppy.
	“I also told you that she totally looks like that Kane guy,” said the blond guy.
	I looked at Jenny and raised both of my eyebrows. Well, the only reason why they look
alike is because they are twins. Duh. Yet, they didn’t know that and I was supposed to
keep quiet until Jenny told them. Jenny cleared her throat so that she had attention to
	“My name is Jenny Jordan. Kane is my twin brother,” said Jenny and smile sweetly at
the two guys.
	The two guy’s eyes got huge and their mouths dropped just a bit. I smiled. Oh, how
people were getting stupider these days.
	“Oh, and this is my best friend, Audrey MacDonald,” said Jenny.
	The guys shifted their eyes to me and I swear to god, that they mouths dropped all the
way. I have no idea why they did this, yet they both did. The two guys turned to each
other and gave them a worried look. Jenny and I smiled at each other. This was actually
kind of entertaining.
	“Tyler, my mom is expecting me home now,” said the blond guy to the hot guy. The hot
guy nodded and turned to us.
	“Excused us ladies, but we have to go now,” said Tyler and then they walked away from
	They did say goodbye and they didn’t even look over their shoulders to look back at us.
Plus, we didn’t even get their names. It was the strangest thing that has ever happened
to me in my seventeen years (almost eighteen).
	Yet, after that I drove Jenny home and went back home. I had long days ahead of me, since
summer was coming to an end. My friends were trying to spend every last second of the day
	At midnight I was drifting off to sleep when I realized that Jenny never did tell me the
secret that she was suppose to tell me. Oh, well she’ll just have to tell me tomorrow.

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Eh, I got halfway done with chapter three, but hated it, so I'm starting over.

Meanwhile, if I don't get two comments about anything of the book then I'm not posting the
next chapter.


I'm doing it this way, because I feel like it.


Oh, yeah I'm still trying to collect my thoughts about this book too.

Still don't know about everything.

You'll see later.


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I always love doing this status things.

Anyways, I have finished chapter three.

Its a really awesome chapter, too.

No, the action still doesn't happen.

But before you complain, I'm going to have two more scenes and then the action will

One will be a whole chapter, and the other only half of a chapter.

Um...I won't post chapter three unless I get two comments.

I will continue working on it, but you guys just don't get to read the story.


I suggest two people comment soon.

And you can just read the preview and tell me how that is!

I really don't care as long as you comment on this book!

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Oh, who am I kidding?

I'll just post the next chapter, but that's only because I like it too much.


Comment and enjoy!

Chapter Three
	Summer is gone before I know it. The last eight days were spent with my friends, but most
importantly Jenny. Sure we live like two blocks away from each other, but once the school
year starts you are well busy. We have been doing everything that Jenny has always wanted
us to do together. Believe it or not we have never been to a water park together. I have
to say that was the best, and we saved it for the last day of summer. Sure it was packed,
but we didn’t mind because we had a blast.
	Yet, it was already the first day of school, and my eighteenth birthday. I got up from my
comfortable bed and changed into my school uniform. Really they weren’t that bad. It was
just a plain white T – Shirt and a plaid skirt. The skirt reached our knees and a lot of
girls were rolling them up, which caused them to get a detention. The colors were white
and blue, which were the school colors. I put my hair up in a pony tail, since no one
cared about how they looked at our school, except for the popular girls. I walked into the
kitchen and shoved down some toast and then I was off to school driving my car.
	In record time I am at school. That’s what I get when my birthday is on the first day
of school. I always have an extra excitement than everyone else. I get out of my car and
walk inside the building. Oh, how I hated this school. Not only does it look really old,
but it is really old. Apparently, it is the oldest all girl’s school in the state. Oh,
	I went to my locker and opened it. On the side of the door, were pictures of my friends.
We were just hanging out and having fun in all those pictures. Jenny was in most of them,
and I am going to fucking miss her. School isn’t going to be the same, and everyone knew
that. I quickly stuffed my gym stuff in my locker. I wouldn’t need them for a couple of
days, but I always brought them on the first day of school. This way I couldn’t forget
them when we were actually going to change for the first day.
	I turned around and I saw Miley running up to me. She put her arms out and she hugged me.
I hugged her.
	“Happy birthday, girl,” said Miley. I smiled.
	“Thanks,” I said. Then I noticed something. Miley was alone, without her twin sister.
“Where’s Dana?”
	“Oh, well she’s at her locker and so are the rest of them. You do remember my locker
is over here right? That and I had to come and get you to see your present. Jenny and the
rest of us went shopping for it last night, when you were home,” said Miley.
	I should explain one thing at a time. Miley’s locker was by mine. Usually, I would
arrive to school first and then wait for Miley. Then Miley and I would walk over to the
other side of the building to meet up with the rest of the gang. Jenny, Dana, and Val had
their lockers on the other side of the building. They were lucky, because their lockers
were in the middle of everything. Not to mention we always met over there. After we all
met we would just talk, and then the two minute bell would ring and we were off on our
	I wasn’t surprised that the other girls went shopping without me last night. Last night
I had my birthday family dinner. My parents didn’t believe in family dinners, unless it
was for a birthday. They also knew how busy I would be on the first day of school, so they
decided that my birthday dinner would always be the day before my birthday. Really, I
didn’t mind. That’s most of the time when Jenny went shopping for my birthday. The
rest of the gang usually already had my present, but I guess this year they all combined
their money to buy me something big.
	“Of course I remember your locker over here,” I said, and taking a step back to lean
against my locker. Meanwhile, Miley opened her locker.
	“Jenny told me to tell you that she wants to see you after school no matter what. Also,
this Friday you are having a sleep over again. We are thinking of planning out the plan
for you know what,” said Miley.
	She closed her locker with a bang and turned to face me.
	“I’ve been thinking about that lately,” I said, and it was the truth.
	Late at night, when I couldn’t sleep, I would think of the plan. Now, after everything
that has happened, I didn’t think it was impossible anymore. Yet, that little voice in
the back of my head always asked me if it was the right thing or not. At the same time I
always thought of the saying, curiosity kills the cat. Maybe it was better to just drop
the whole thing and move on. Yet, I knew the rest of the gang wouldn’t go with that.
Yes, I did want to be part of this plan. Yes, I did want to know what the guys were always
talking about in the locker room. But yet, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the
right thing or not.
	“Come on let’s go met the rest of the girls,” said Miley.
	I pushed off of my locker and walked on the right side of Miley. We were in step and we
down a few hallways. Until we reached the middle of the school and sure enough there were
Dana and Val there waiting for us. I felt a pang in my heart, because I didn’t see
Jenny. Not that I was expecting her or anything, but still. I walked over there and we
stood in a little circle.
	“Happy birthday Audrey,” said Dana and Val at the same time, and they gave me a hug.
I hugged them back.
	“Oh and here is your gift. Remember it’s from all of us, Jenny included,” said Val
while handing me a light blue box.
	I have seen this little light blue box a ton of times. Yet, I have never received one.
Yes, it was a Tiffany’s box. I couldn’t believe that my friends got me something so
expensive. Now, what am I suppose to get them for their birthdays? I let that thought
slide out of my head, while I took the box. I didn’t want to open it. Just the box was
perfect. Perfectly wrapped. Perfect color. Perfect bow. I knew if I didn’t open it, one
of my friends would. I carefully and slowly unwrapped the bow. Then I opened the box. I
gasped when I saw it. A few people who were walking past us gave me a weird look, but kept
walking on.
	Okay, so inside was a bracelet. It was actually a silver charm bracelet. There wasn’t
just one charm on there, but four charms on there. I picked it up of the box and took a
closer look at it. There was a heart charm on there, and engraved there was a little
quote. The quote said, “Best Friends: it's not a label, it's a promise.” At the very
bottom of the heart I could see the name Jen. I wanted to cry after I read that. At that
second I knew we would be best friends forever, just by the quote. I have no idea where
she heard it before or came up with it herself.
	I looked at my friends, with tears in my eyes and noticed that they were watching me. I
	“Guys, before I go on, I have to say thank you,” I said. Then I noticed something.
Val was tapping me with her camera. “Damn it, Val, do you have to be tapping me in my
school uniform?” The girls laughed.
	“Sorry, Audrey, but this is for Jenny,” said Val.
	“Okay, since it’s for Jenny,” I said while smiling. Then I went back to the
	The next charm on the bracelet was a silver purse. I turned it to the back and there was
another quote engraved. This time it said something completely different, “A brunette
and a blonde with an inseparable bond.” I didn’t have to look at the bottom to see who
came up with that quote. I already knew it had to be Val. Val was only the real true
brunette in the gang, and I was the true blond. I smiled at it.
	“Val thanks. I love the quote!” I said. Val smiled, and I swear I just made her day.
	I went to the next charm on my bracelet. The next one was a book. I have no idea why they
would put a book on the bracelet, but once I read the quote and saw who came up with it.
It all clicked. This quote said, “We didn't realize we were making memories, we just
knew we were having fun.” The book symbolized all the memorized we had together. I also
knew who were always the person with the camera and the person that actually did have a
book of memories for us. That person would be Dana. She got obsessed with scrap booking
when she noticed that she could let her creativity run wild. I turned to Dana and smiled.
She smiled back, but raised her hand and gave me the motion to keep going.
	They really wanted me to finish up the bracelet. Good thing we all actually got to school
early, or else I wouldn’t have time to actually finish it until after school.
	I got to the last charm and it was a flower. It was very simple and so much like Miley. I
looked on the back for the quote. Sure enough there was one. “Some people make your
laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter, and your life a little better.” I
smiled at that, and it was so true. These girls made my fucking life. If I didn’t have
them, my life would be a living hell. I put the bracelet on and then turned to face the
camera. I put my eyes straight at the camera. There were still tears in my eyes, but I
blinked them back.
	“First, off thank you all for getting me this gift, you didn’t have to and it
probably cost more than you guys have,” I said. “Jenny, I will always be your best
friend, even through this school separation stuff. Val we clicked right away, even though
we should be having a war which hair is better.”
	“Brunettes are smarter!” yelled Val behind the camera. I smiled, but came up with a
come back right away.
	“Blonds have more fun,” I said while smiling. Yet, I continued on my speech like that
didn’t even happen. “Dana I hope you keep up with that book of memories. I want to see
it before we all go off to college, make sure you finish it! Miley, I’m a little
confused by your quote. All the other quotes are about me and someone else individual, but
your quote sums it up. Is it because you always like to make conclusions with
everything?” I asked while taking a quick look at her. 
	“Yes,” she said. I smiled.
	“Alright, Val, I’m done with my speech. Thanks again!” I said into the camera.
	Val turned off her camera. I hugged all my friends. We stayed like that with tears
steaming down my cheeks. I tried wiping them away, but they would just appear again.
Finally, the two minute warning bell went off. We all parted and went our separate ways to
our first period class of senior year.

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Well, for chapter four its not going so well.

I know that Audrey is going to be at Jenny's house, and they were just finishing up
watching the video.

However, I don't know what to do after that.

I don't know if I want to add Kane in there or what.

So many opinions, and I'm just trying to keep my mind opened.

Also, if you have any ideas for the story, please post them or send me a message.

I will be completely honest with your idea, so if I don't like it that's what I'm going to

Alright, I think that sums everything up nicely.

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Long story short.

I promise this is going to be really short.

I am sorry that I haven't posted more of the story.

I have just been focused on other things.

I plan to work on this story this weekend, because well I just do.

Again, I am soo sorry for not updating this.

I haven't been in a writing mood.


Over and out.

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I did work on it last weekend.

I also got farther, but I didn't finish the chapter.

I promise you that I will finish the chapter this weekend.

I might not have as much time as last time, but I will fit it in somewhere.

Wish me luck!

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