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Boy and Girl

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21 July 2010, 10:12 PM   #1
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Tell me what you think. It is based on a true story but not all of it is true.

Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy. The girl, simply called Girl, saw the
boy, simply called Boy, and fell in love. Boy fell in love with Girl as well. Boy walked
up to Girl, and asked her if she wanted to have dinner with him. Her heart screamd no, but
her instincts screamed yes. So Boy and Girl went on a date. They had a fine time, and it
ended with a kiss. 

The weeks passed, and Boy and Girl saw each other everyday. They were madly in love. But
one day, Boy had to cancel a date. Girl was sad, but said she understood. To cheer herself
up, she went to the restaurant that she and Boy always went to. To her shock, she saw Boy
with Another Girl. Girl was hurt and ran home and cried. 

The next day, Girl called Boy and broke up with him. Girl went out and sat on her porch
swing, thinking of all the good times she had with Boy, and all the good times Boy would
now have with Another Girl. Suddenly, Girl saw Another Boy walking by her house. She fell
in love with him, and he fell in love with her. Another Boy asked girl to walk with him.
This time, Girl's instincts screamed no, but her heart screamed yes. Despite her sadness,
girl went to walk with Another Boy.

When it was time for Another Boy to leave, he kissed Girl. They saw each other the next
day and the next, and for months after that. Week after week Girl saw Boy with several
Other Girls. She loved Another Boy, but she still missed Boy and didn't think Another Boy
could ever replace him.

Then one day, when Girl was sitting on her porch swing, she found herself wanting to see
Another Boy very bad. So she ran to his house, where he was waiting. It was if he knew she
was coming. Girl fell into his arms and said, Would you do anything for me? He answered,
Yes. That night Girl and Another Boy fell asleep together. The next morning, Girl was
shocked at what she saw, but then she smiled as the realization hit her. Another Boy was
no longer there; in his place, was Boy.  

21 July 2010, 10:44 PM   #2
Joined: 14 Mar 2010
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Confusing with the whole 'boy, another boy' thing. I like it though.

22 July 2010, 02:23 AM   #3
The Founder
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I think it was really cute, especially the last part. But it was a tad confusing.
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22 July 2010, 04:54 AM   #4
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Really Good Story(:

24 July 2010, 09:23 PM    #5
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So cute!

Its a little confusing, but I love how you capital Girl, Boy, and ect. to make the reading
a little easier.

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