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La Novia Del Pirata: Main Deck

22 June 2010, 07:59 AM   #1
The Cap'n.
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The deck is scrubbed spotless and the dark, rich wood seems to absorb the sun's rays. The space is wide and can easily fit a hundred or so crew members. Three large masts tower over you and instead of purely white sails, you see furled blood-red sails: the Captain's trademark. Above on of the masts a black flag with the symbol of a star on one corner and a large skull head with two crossbones in the centre is fighting against the wind. You can feel the ship gently swaying beneath your feet. Buckets and ropes are strewn closely beside the raillings that also seem to be made of some sort of expensive wood. If you peer over the raillings and around the side, you can make out the figurehead of the ship. It is an ornate carving of a mermaid with hooded eyes and a lovely wistful expression on her face. Her hair, though wooden, seems to flow over her jaunty shoulders and over her bust which is otherwise naked. Her dark hands are clasped in front of her as if in prayer and the way the sun shines on her makes her seem like an angel - you can see why the Captain calls his ship his bride. Welcome aboard.

22 June 2010, 09:32 PM   #2
Theresa Nancy Dawkins
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 Nancy made her way aboard the ship, knotted russet tresses blowing around her
face furiously in every possible direction. Her breath momentarily failed her; she was a
truly beautiful ship. The redhead removed her feathered hat, wind whipping her hair and
billowing her clothes even more. She didn't seem to find, though; she was completely
enchanted by the main deck. Peering around, she admired the intricate wooden figurehead
for a few seconds, and then re-straightened her position. Unsure of what to do, with
terror and excitement mixing deeply within and tugging at the opposite sides of her
stomach, she shoved her fists in her pocket. "Good God," she murmured to no one in
particular. She attempted to catch the captain's eyes, and grinned widely.
Theresa Nancy Dawkins.

11 July 2010, 10:17 AM   #3
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
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Once Gabriel was aboard the ship, his jaw dropped and all that he knew about
proper etiquette went with it. (Later, he noted that he made a spectacular impression of a
fish.) She was the most magnificent ship he'd ever seen - not that he'd seen much, but she
was definitely the finest. There was probably no other ship as beautiful as her. His eyes
swept over the gleaming deck, too spellbound to tear his eyes away. Everything was so
strange to him, so extraordinary. It was wonderful. The blood-red sails strained against
their ropes, as if urging the ship to move; eagerly awaiting for an adventure. Shielding
his eyes against the harsh, English sun, he couldn't help but grin widely; he was
absolutely elated.

11 July 2010, 01:03 PM   #4
The Cap'n.
Joined: 1 May 2010
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Vanya smirked widely as he regarded the crew - his crew's reactions smugly.
He stepped up between Nancy and Gabriel, following their gaze around the ship. He had
cleaned and scrubbed, and repaired the ship on his own since he had no crew when he first
found it: old, abandoned and rotting. She was all that Vanya could afford himself, but he
had done it. He had made his bride beautiful. Idly, he stroked the large centre mast and
turned back to the crew.
"As ye' can see, she's in top condition, and quite frankly, I'd appreciate if she be kept
that way. You will all be expected to help keep her in order," Vanya began to pace. He
could not keep still though he struggled to keep his face indifferent, hiding his
excitement. He would be able to sail, finally. "I hope you all understand what yer getting
yourselves into," he paused dramatically and furrowed his brow. Day, his trustworthy crow,
squawked for emphasis. "It'll be your last chance here, before we leave this island. Ask
me everything you want to now; everything you want to know, and see if you still wish to
sail with me. If you don't, feel free to leave because once we set sail, you're bound to
me forever."

7 August 2010, 05:00 AM   #5
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
Joined: 1 May 2010
Posts: 44
Gabriel listened attentively and ignored the feeling of dread churning in his
stomach. He can't possibly be nervous now, not when his dream was so close, right at his
fingertips. His deep blue eyes watched solemnly as the Captain paced in front of them.
Mind wandering, he spared a glance at the others and wondered if they felt the same mixed
emotions he did. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view) for him, he's very
adamant in his decisions(he's been wanting this since he was eight) and it's unlikely for
him to back down now. Besides, didn't his grandfather always say to "seize the day"?
Granted, if seizing the day meant sleeping the days away and mistaking your only grandson
for your granddaughters most of the time, but that isn't the point. The point is becoming
a pirate to have adventures and have no rules to abide by and, he added with no shame, to
appease his inner eight-year-old. He brought himself out of his reverie in time to catch
the Captain's words.

" - you're bound to me forever."

Well, wasn't that romantic.
A/N: Please don't kill me 8'D and please tell me if I have grammatical errors; no spellcheck here.

7 August 2010, 03:31 PM   #6
Theresa Nancy Dawkins
Joined: 8 May 2010
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What a word. Its sheer impact caused Nancy to stumble back slightly in shock, yet stop
herself before anyone could notice. You did want this, didn't ye?, she sharply
admonished herself for her foolishness. The girl nodded, and responded, partially to
herself, with a soft "Aye, cap'n." Her captains of the past had often said words like
this, apart from 'forever'.  Nancy reminded herself that even that mammoth term was
another empty word, used by captains either too proud or stupid to face the fact of their
own eventual doom. The redhead's thoughts soured as they turned to more morbid subjects,
including the less eternal (yet equally pompous) speech of her previous captain.
Evidently, it was not as impressive (nor did it sound as convincing) as Captain Britanov's
(not to mention lack of severity or emphasis due to being one without a guttural Russian
accent), but his words were somewhat similar. The way the old man had held himself with a
boyish grin, completely unaware that his days were numbered....that a mutiny awaited. She
found herself wondering about Britanov's fate, and how long she really would be
staying upon this vessel. Her sardonic thoughts answered her.  
Forever, indeed. 
Theresa Nancy Dawkins.

20 December 2010, 02:42 AM   #7
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
Joined: 1 May 2010
Posts: 44
The floorboards creaked softly under his boots as he made his way to the gleaming
railings. The others had left to explore the ship, while Gabriel stayed behind, wishing to
be alone with his thoughts before they set sail. Set sail where? The question
settled in his mind, waiting to be answered. He was slightly concerned that he was
apathetic to where they went when, only moments ago, he was eight again and ready to take
on whatever will attack them. Sighing, he leaned upon the railings with his elbows and
cradled his head on his hands, watching the waves below overlap one another in a strange
hypnotic pattern with mild fascination. 
He hoped they'd set sail soon, at least then he wouldn't have the urge to pace around in
circles. The wind picked up, sending gray-white sea gulls shrieking in the sky. A small
smile made its way to his lips, remembering a flock of sea gulls circling around a sleepy
harbor in Portugal. The mere thought of the place made him yawn. It was his home, yes, but
it was also dreadfully boring. Though he was apprehensive at what was to come, there was a
rush, perhaps an odd thrill, he thought, pushing back the rebellious wavy bangs from his
eyes, at facing the unknown.

20 December 2010, 10:07 AM   #8
Isaac Thaddeus Adeane
Joined: 2 May 2010
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The sound of more than one pair of boots on deck aroused Isaac Thaddeus interest enough that he looked up from the task at hand. Which was a miserable one, he admitted silently to himself. And he had no blasted idea of how many there were! Earlier, the Cap'n had ordered him to take stock of inventory down at the galley. Of course, the moment he was done with his job, all had become silent above. He supposed that he'd have to go looking for Cap'n Vanya, now that Ike was finished. Wel, there was nothing else to be done, was there? As he reached the the main deck, he was surprised that only one person had remained. He'd fully expected that the Cap'n remain above deck to wait for his report. Well, not much use to complain about it now, was there? However, he could only think of few places that the Cap'n might be. Would it be such a crime to ask the man so obviously lost in his reverie? Honestly - nobody could look at a few circling seagulls overhead with such rapt attention. Then again, Ike himself hated to be disturbed from his usual flight of fancy. So he merely stood there, watching for telltale signs if other people were around, or if the the other lad himself would notice Isaac.

21 December 2010, 03:26 AM    #9
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
Joined: 1 May 2010
Posts: 44
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Gabriel watched with a detached sense of amusement as a seagull had broken off
from its circle to hover over something above the waves. He'd been staring at nothing for
a few minutes now. Perhaps he had had too much sun? He should probably get off the
railings lest he'd get caught being an addlepate - addle-pate? - and get
"keelhauled" or some other strange English-pirate punishment. Deus, English
people are strange. As he turned away from the sea, he spotted a tall figure standing way
off to the side. He found it strange that the man was just standing there - though the man
probably thought him strange for staring at nothing for a particularly long time. 

"Descul - May I help ye?" he asked quietly, hand sliding casually on his hip where
his pistol is tucked away in its holster. He was unsure if this stranger was part of the
crew he hasn't met yet or a possible threat.
Translations: Deus = God. Desculpe-me = Excuse me.

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