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Keeeping The Beats

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16 April 2010, 07:41 PM   #1
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Keeping The Beats

     My hoodie is the only thing that's keeping my albgera teacher from seeing the ear
phones that trail down into a pocket I'd sewn on the inside of it.The beats drum in my
ears as I focus on all of the sounds.Drum beats,guitar notes,and sweet voices singing.So
confident,so sure of themselves on stage.I can see myself up on stage.Looking out at the
crowd,as they cheer with glee in their eyes.
      "Casey?"my albgera teacher calls out my name and than I realise the silence in the
room.I opened my eyes and look around to find every seat empty.I scramble up and go ot the
door,but he stops me.He pulls off my hoodie and takes the ear phones out.
     "Really,Casey this has to stop."he said as he held up the shiny black ear buds.He
sighs and grabs a pad of blue paper that have "Detention"scrawled on it in big black
letters.He quickly writes my name and tears it off with ease.He hands it to me and I grab
my books and the slip and head off into the Hall.Blue lockers on all sides of me,I head
down to the last one in the fifth row.Mine and Shara's.Shara's been my best friend since
the fifth grade after her and I had the same crush.Suprisingly,we didn't fight over
him.Turns out,she'd had another crush to.Jake Nase,who very well happens to be her
boyfriend now.Our old crush still goes to this school,and even though we're in the seventh
grade,has been my best friend since the secondth.He has bright orange hair and blueish
grey eyes.His name was Stephen Laine.Than of course theres Aiden who is really nice and
knows everything about everything and in most cases,everyone.He's a close friend of

    "Hey Casey!"chirpes Ella,one of my close friends.She has dark brown hair thats short
and she is always happy.
     "Hey Ella."I say,scraping up as much eunthusiam as I can.
     She frowns,and searches around my locker.I  sift a bit,trying to cover the blue
slip.But of course she sees it.
    "Casey?Really?Come by my house after this."she says,pointing at the slip.I roll my
eyes and nod.She smiles slightly and moves to her locker wich happens to be on the other
side of me.Shara slumps over and glares at Ella."Move."she says simply,kicking one of
Ella's feet over.Ella frowns and takes a breath,not saying a word.I groan and turn towards
Shara."Cut it.Stop acting so rude to everyone."I say,crossing my arms.

16 April 2010, 10:15 PM   #2
Guest Poster
It's really good. I like it. xD

16 April 2010, 10:21 PM   #3
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Thankyou.I am adding a little bit now.

She rolls her eyes and slas her lacker shut,walking away to Damien.Damien is one of our
closest guy friends,but he's on Shara's side for anything.She could kill someoen in front
of him and he'd say she was innocent.It got pretty annoying,but we all got used to it.Just
than,Laney walked up to us.Her strait hair slid into her face,wich coverd half of her sea
colored eyes.Her light pink lips formed into a smile when she saw us standing together.She
waved her hand and raced close to us.
   "Casey?Isn't Damien's birthday coming up?"she asked me,hinting her birthday was near
to.It was the day before Damiens,so we just celabrated from eleven p.m on Laney's B-Day to
eleven a.m,Damiens birthday.I rolled my eyes since we had been planning  a surprise
    "Yeah,I know.Why do you ask?"I say slyly,casting glances at Ella.
     "Just wondering."she said,with a sigh.
       "Wondering about what?"Stephen said,as he walked in.His locker was below
Ella's,somethign she didn't like.I blushed slightly as a smile forms on my own
face.Stephen nnotices and we share a few moements in silence.He smiles at me,with a toothy
grin and a beat starts playing in my head.Drums?No.Just a guitar strumming gently than

17 April 2010, 11:30 AM    #4
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I like it! very simple and cute. lots of characters, though!
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