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Moment of Truth

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28 March 2010, 05:18 PM    #1
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Moment of Truth(name)
           I watched my dad hit the canvas with his pencil making circles and lines jump
out his hands to stick on the canvas.
           "Why won't you just paint it to save time?" I once asked before. 
           "What if I made a mistake?" He would simply answer. "Then I'd waste a lot of
           "I think you can do it," I said. "Because your the best artist in the world!"
           "Well how about you try?" He said as he held me up to a little painting station
with a little canvas. I looked at him with a confused look in my wide "button" black eyes.

           "Go ahead." My dad said as if he would give me a little push on my shoulder. I
look at the paint brush and quickly grabbed it with a serious face.
           "I know I can do that," I said nonchalantly. "Besides I'm the daughter of the
best artist of the world!" I quickly dabbed the paintbrush in paint and started to paint
random doodles. Time to time I would look behind my back to see my dad's back behind mines
working hard on his canvas and he would look at me. 
Now the Present!!!
          I look out my window to see some rain crawling down like a little race. I hear
slapping noises on the coffee table to hear my dad was doing bills... Crap... My senses
knew that I just had to escape somehow... Mari? Oh shoot, no... Jae? Oh yeah ,Jae! I
grabbed a different shirt out my closet and just leave myself to wear my red plaid pajama
pants. I walk out my room to see my dad massaging his head. I tiptoes towards the door and
grabbed for the door knob. 
          "Where are you going?" My dad said behind me. 
          "Studying..." I said nervously. "With Jae..."
          "Why can't study here?" He said with his Chinese accent. "Better without Jae,
          "Well I can't focus here if you keep slamming the bills on the coffee table," I
said quickly. " Look now you made scratches, How can I buy a new one when I'm broke from
buying more and more." 
          "Setsu!" He said. "Go ahead and don't get hoodlum " I quickly left to walk
toward my car driving off to Jae's house. I walk on his drive way and ring his door bell
many times. 
          "What?" Jae said with annoyance in his tone. "What, Setsu?" 
          "Can we hang out?" I asked. "I'm bored at home."
          "No," He said quickly trying to shut the door only my foot to block.
          "Don't get rid of me or I'll curse you," I said. "Just let me stay a bit. My
dad's mad again." Suddenly a girl walked beside Jae and made his arm go around her
          "Who's this b****" She said. This girl right in front of me was confident to
call me that, seriously?
          "Well who's this slutty wearing girl?" I said. Nice catch, Setsu. Her face was
full of insult and anger.
          "Don't call me slutty!" She said.
          "Wait sto-" Jae said panicking.
          "I said your outfit, honey," I said. "For a slut you can't understand things
          "STOP, SETSU!" Jae said as he tried pushing my foot away from the door.
          "How can I stop this?" I said as I joked. "You buy prostitutes?!"
          "I know you just became addicted with this but why?! Why ,Jae, WHY?!"
          "Stop joking around, Setsu," He said with force. "Just leave me alone."
          "Why can't a friend just stay?" I refused.
          "Just leave...." He said as he did a firm push. And without a doubt fell only to
see Jae shutting the door. I suddenly came back to my feet and sneaked into his house.
That ding dong forgot to lock the door... I look around to see the same old house I would
visit. I walk around only to hear things...
          "Shut up, " He said "Your too loud!" I took a peek of his room with a crack in
the wall to see disturbed content.
          "Why..." I mumbled quietly.
          "THAT'S JUST GROSS!" I yelled running out the house toward my car with my weak
legs. Only Jae was behind me without his shirt with a mad look. I managed to go in my car
and lock my door. Jae started to hit my car with the palms of his hands.
          "What did you see?" He said with panic. "Tell me!"
          "Nothing!" I said.
          "Only you and that girl..." I mumbled.
          "Let me in!" He said.
          "Why?" I said. "Your going to attack me?"
         "No," He said. "To apologize..."
         "I don't trust you..." I said.
         "Come on!" He said. I slowly unlocked my car and let Jae in...

What will happen next?! tell me as you comment!!

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