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14 February 2010, 04:04 PM   #1
Moi-chan (Moh-ee) (the Whore)
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Where new arrivals are escorted through, and old hats can retire from.

Haku and Haru! A yaoi fangirl's dream.

Zara stole your padded bra.

25 February 2010, 07:59 PM   #2
Guest Poster
ooc:i think i may just stick with satoshi

satoshi walked up carrying a semi-heavy bag.

26 February 2010, 03:17 PM   #3
Moi-chan (Moh-ee) (the Whore)
Joined: 13 Feb 2010
Posts: 208
ooc: picture?

Haku and Haru! A yaoi fangirl's dream.

Zara stole your padded bra.

26 February 2010, 04:26 PM   #4
Guest Poster
 Hiro sighed as he trotted into the gates, It's so gloomy down here. I feel
depressing as well. Hiro thought. His brown haired curled in agreement as the wind
blew. Shit. I forgot my jacket. Nah. I'll keep on walking... Walking where? he bit
his lip worriedly.

26 February 2010, 04:32 PM   #5
Erika (Eri-chan) (the Pro)
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Aamina skipped up, wide bright-blue eyes skimming the area as his hidden wings shuttered lightly, a feather slipping out from underneath his jacket and landed promptly onto the ground with no sound but this light hollow wisp of air that only a bug could here from out in such distance. The lamb blinked lightly, grasping quickly to his necklace as he took in a deep breath that whispered; it is okay for now.
 Here comes Aska."I'm not crazy, I'm just fun.~"

26 February 2010, 04:42 PM   #6
Guest Poster
 The wind blew harder. Hiro grunted and pushed the leaves out of his hair.
What? Does the weather hate me? he thought. His mind throbbed. As he continued
walking idiotically in the strong weather, drops of rain leaked from the sky. Damn.
It. he thought having a strong urge to cry. The photographer spotted a tree for sudden
shade. He ran to the area, sat and wept.

26 February 2010, 08:17 PM   #7
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹~WildBerri~›, 26 February 2010
Raven looked around near the gates. An interesting place. Deffinately something to
observe sometime. She had a notebook out and was jotting down a few things looking
around. She sat down and looked around. She flipped the page over and began to draw
something. When she was done she flipped it back and stood up. She heard someone weeping
and looked around. Hmmm......

26 February 2010, 08:26 PM   #8
Guest Poster
 Hiro lifted his head up, the rain drops drenched his hair. His tears plopped onto
the part of the dry ground Plip, Plop. the tears went. They plished down morphing
into a heart. Which only made him cry harder.  No. I've came here for repairs for my
camera, must. Get. Up. His he fell flat onto his bum, he sighed and curled up. Trying
to keep dry of what was left.

26 February 2010, 08:34 PM   #9
Guest Poster
Raven saw the boy and then reached into her backpack. She pulled out and umbrella and
opened it. She walked over to the boy and held it over him. "Hello." She said with a
slight smile on her face.

26 February 2010, 08:38 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹pokemonmaster♥C;›, 26 February 2010
 Hiro stopped moving, the drizzle rain was no longer to be felt. He lifted his
head up. "Uh.....?" he replied, tired, weary. And most of all depressed Hiro wondered why
this girl would of step 3 feet more next to him. And carrying a umbrella?! Hiro didn't
needed a umbrella, he needed.. He needed...

26 February 2010, 08:40 PM   #11
Guest Poster
She looked at him. This boy is pecular.. She looked up at the sky a moment and got
distracted. That would be a lovely painting.. she looked back at the boy. "Are you
ok?" She asked him.

26 February 2010, 08:44 PM   #12
Guest Poster
 Hiro grunted a quick sob, as a twinge of sympathy came from the girl, he stared
down to the ground, confused, confused. What was he going to say? "Y- eah. I'm super
fine." he replied fingering his camera. 

OCC: I meant to repeat confused 2 timez.

26 February 2010, 08:47 PM   #13
Guest Poster
She nodded her head and looked at his camera. "Are you a photographer?" She asked him.
I wonder what kinds of pictures he has. She wanted to reach into her backpack but
her hands were full. "Would you hold this a minute?" She asked in her normal soft tone
handing the umbrella to the boy.

26 February 2010, 08:59 PM   #14
Guest Poster
 Hiro gazed into the girl's eyes. He was half asleep. "Hey, your really pretty,"
he smiled dreamily. "Oh sorry, Yeah sure. I hold it." he snapped back to reality, as he
took the umbrella. The rain began to wake him up. What. Did I just say? he groaned
in his thoughts.

26 February 2010, 09:03 PM    #15
Guest Poster
She stared at him a moment and began to blush. She reached for her backpack and pulled
out her notepad. "So, um, you didn't answer my question. Are you a photographer?" She said
glancing at his camera again and opening her notepad. "You look sort of tired. Do you need

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