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29 July 2009, 01:58 AM   #1
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Finally! I finally get to post something. ^u^

I dunno if the picture will show, but I'll try.
This is my best oekaki yet, though there are a lot of mistakes. I think the anatomy is off
a bit, and the shading is not well done. The hat is also awkward, lol.

Criticism appreciated, thank you.

29 July 2009, 02:11 AM   #2
Joined: 10 Jul 2009
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The hat seems to be falling off her head. And the head is a bit flat on the top part of
her head and her arms are a bit skinny.
I like the hat though, and the flag is really adorable. Though the background could have
been a brighter color :d Good job~
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To the point of going mad
The sweet and burning kiss is
Senses numbing
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29 July 2009, 02:18 AM   #3
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I agree that the flag is adorable.
For the head being at a tilt I think the winking eye should have been a bit lower.
However it is an overall nice piece.

29 July 2009, 07:35 AM   #4
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-the flag is epic xD
-the concept is great :D
-the character design seems nice too :D

now for criticisms :D
-the hat does seem like it's gonna fall off ...
-the eye isn't even [just lower the winking eye  ]
-you kinda need to even out the shoulders ^^;
-i think you should move her [the character i mean.. ] higher.. 
unless you were planning to put her on the bottom [which i dont think so]
-her arms .. are too straight :|

well just a bit more practice, like everyone else here xDDD

this is a good piece of artwork <3 :D

29 July 2009, 09:50 AM    #5
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Thank you! <3
This really helped a lot to point out my mistakes. ^u^

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