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General Rules because i'm anal 1) Respect everyone, in the roleplay and out of character. 2) Right now I'm allowing a maximum of four characters per person. I know that there are a lot of ideas for OCs and so many awesome canon characters, but four seems like enough. If you want anymore, you should ask. 3) I reserve the right. To do what? Anything. Edit topics, deny a character, etc. Sorry, but I'm the founder. If you have any complaints or questions, this is the place to do it. 4) Keep your signatures small. Try to use icons, or shove your characters in a single banner. PhotoBucket can provide you with both. 5) A lot of topics have rules specifically designed for them. Be sure to read the first post of each topic to know what you're doing and to see the rules. If you have any questions, please ask!
Roleplaying Rules 1) Please avoid one-liners! Keep yourself and others engaged, otherwise it'll be bland. 2) Use proper spelling and grammar. It's easier on the eyes. 3) Make any topic you want. Episode discussions, role-play settings, et cetera. But I refuse the right to edit it (add layout, etc.).

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Mary Karen Pippery/Shinigami
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UPDATE 7/18: Added rule 3 to role-playing rules.
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