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Course Description: This isn’t a regular 101 Discourse. This is meant to be more like an addition to the official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) http://kupika.com/infoweb.php?id=faqs. So if you see anyone asking these questions you can feel free to point them to this page. Please let me know if I leave out anything or if you have additions or corrections. This topic is suitable for all audiences. By the way, I believe that KUPIKA is pronounced like: “cue – PEE – kah” but we may have to check with Hina. (NOTE: that's what i used to think i think its KOO-PEEK-Ah now...idk why my view has changed) --------------------- Who is the webmaster and how do I contact him? Yohanes Aristianto aka Hina is the webmaster and creator of Kupika. Kupika is his world and we all just live in it. He is pretty busy but you can try dropping him a message at his account Hina or email him at aris@kupika.com For more about Kupika visit this page: http://kupika.com/infoweb.php?id=about PS: don’t bother Hina with stuff that is answered here or in the official FAQ, and don’t bother him with squabbles and quibbles that you are having with others. How do I sign up and create a profile? Well if you are reading this, most likely you have successfully done all that so there’s no point in having such a question is there. Hmmmm sort of Zen-like don’t you think. Is it a paradox that this question is here or not? What is the sound of one hand clapping? If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it …. Lol ok well at least, if you didn’t put on clothing on your character and you are reading this at least go get dressed. You were given some initial KupiPoints to buy clothing and Kupika is not a nudist colony. What is the Menu Area? The Menu Area is the blue block at the top of Kupika. It contains most of the links to the features of Kupika that you will want to use. It stays on top of the page in every page of Kupika. What is the Home Page? The Home Page is the default page of Kupika. It includes the Menu Area, any Notification that you have received Letters, Messages or Comments, your Friends Section, the Popular Oekaki section and the latest Personal Ads that have been created. It also contains, the Fleeting Thoughts section if you do desire to see it. The Home Page is not your Profile Page or your Personal Ad. What is my Profile Page? Your Profile Page is really your most important page. It’s how others will see you on Kupika. Your Profile contains your basic stats (age, sex, location as you entered or edited them) your “About Me” section, your Diary Entries, your KupiPages, your Oekakis, your Clubs, your Q&A section, your Profile Chat (if enabled), and your Friends Section. To see your Profile Page click on your Kupika name at the top of the Menu Area. To see others’ profiles just click their name almost anywhere in Kupika. What is my Personal Ad? If you have created it, your Personal Ad is created by you and allows others to see what you are looking for. The standard form has three basic questions: Current Affair -- current problems faced by the poster I Seek -- what the poster wants I Offer -- what the poster offers Enter any or all of them. Make it interesting if you want some responses. Creating a Personal Ad will cost you 5 KupiPoints. You only get to have one Personal Ad at a time but it's good to update it or repost it once in a while. For whatever reason the Conditional Match feature matches Profiles not Personal Ads. There is no matching feature or searching feature for the Personal Ads you just have to browse them. What is the “About Me” section? This is the “meat and potatoes” section about yourself that you create when you create your profile and that you can update at any time by clicking the Edit Profile button in the Menu Area. Some persons may want to keep in mind the tips about Online Safety (KIDS I’m Especially Talking to YOU!!!) and so you shouldn’t post anything at all that can be used to locate you in the real world. Not your full name, not your school’s name, not your city, not your picture, nothing. AND, make sure your dummy friends aren’t giving away such info about you either if privacy is your concern. It doesn’t do you any good to try and maintain privacy in your profile if your BFF is blabbing all the info in their profile or in Q&As! Older teens and people can worry less about being so anonymous, but it’s a personal decision and common sense should always be used. Make your profile interesting and informative and bring out your personality so others will both see what they have in common with you and also want to become friends. Kupika allows you to post links to some web content including YouTube vids and such and a lot of people like to personalize their profile in this way. Go for it. Note: If you are looking for an online or offline boyfriend or girlfriend, your profile is not a bad place to say so and maybe you want to consider posting a picture of yourself. But keep in mind that Hina's vision for the site includes creating a virtual world where we can all relate to each other without being overwhelmed by personal appearance or the outer trappings of who we are. Sometimes its best to get to know one another based upon how we communicate and express ourselves to each other. It is a wonderful, somewhat utopic viewpoint and I do support it in principle. Posting as little or as much info or a whether you post a photo or not is your choice. Kupika is all about allowing the user complete freedom of choice. A note for the KIDS Kupika now has a nice feature that lets only those on your Friend's List contact you, its in the Options section. Use it if you are concerned about being contacted by random strangers and also if you want to be in control of who writes to you. What is the Diary section? The Diary section is very versatile. You can use it as a diary section or you can also post practically anything that you want there. Some put their poetry or short-stories there and some just their rants and raves. What you publish there can be made private (so only you can read it), restricted, so only your Friends can read it, or public, so any Kupikian can read it. You can also allow comments to your publications. You can also subscribe to others’ publications including their latest diary entries by clicking the “Subscribe to X’s Publications” button just below the Diary section. Then you can review your subscriptions by clicking the “Subscriptions” button in the Menu Area. I haven’t tested the limitations of the diary entries yet so I don’t know if there are size restrictions etc. What is the Clubs section? It’s simply where the clubs that you have created and the clubs that you have joined are listed. Clubs are a nice way to find people with similar interests but they are only as good as their participants so try to join only a few and participate regularly if you want the club to be good. What is the Oekakis section? This lists the Oekakis that you have created. You see both the private ones and the ones that you have made public in your list and the public ones in this section on others’ profiles. What is the Q&A section? The Questions & Answers section lets you ask others questions or leave a comment for them and vice versa. When someone leaves you a question you can answer it in which case it will be published to this section, delete it or answer it later. Keep in mind that these are “permanent” on your profile so you should just delete those that you don’t want to be associated with your profile permanently and publicly. It’s sometimes best to delete private questions and answer the person directly in a message or letter. Likewise, don’t use the Q&A section for chit-chat with the person! Send them a message instead. What is the Profile Chat section? Also called “real-time chat” this feature allows a person to chat within one’s profile page. The link to open it is found just above the Friends Section on a profile page. A person has to first enable it and once it is enabled anyone can click on the link to “Show real-time chat.” It is more a real chatter than Fleeting Thoughts but it still has some limitations and flaws. For one thing, anyone can click on the “Show real-time chat” and lurk without anyone in the chat knowing they are there, so keep in mind that what you say in real-time chat is NOT very private. Also, the chat-lines remain until they pushed down by new lines so what is written there will remain until that happens. Also, somewhat annoying is that a notification appears in the Fleeting Thoughts main section that chat is occurring in your profile so if private chat is desired keep that in mind too. The biggest drawback of the Profile Chat is that you are committed to it. You can’t surf away or check your messages or letters or follow the Fleeting Thoughts discussion at the same time. (Unlike with Gabbly Chat for example.) If you navigate or leave it you have to come back and show it again. Despite those problems, the Profile Chat does have some nice features though, including that the owner of the profile page can essentially “block” someone from posting there by Blacklisting them. And there are less restrictions on consecutive thoughts than in Fleeting Thoughts and I don’t believe a total limit on how much chatting a person can do in a day. You can also use emoticons and perform “actions” by simply typing “/me” and the action. It may be useful for you to review my discourse Chatting 101 for a refresher on good chatting. What is the Friends section and how do I edit my Friends List? This is where your Friends that you have added are listed. The order seems to be random. At least I haven’t figured out a pattern to it. But the actual Friends List is in the order of your adding them. The Friends section is nice because you can run your cursor over each name and the system will tell you when they last logged in. It’s also nice to see who is connected to who. To edit your Friends List just click the MY FRIENDS button in the Menu Area. Say something nice or at least something that helps you remember your friends in your description. Don’t be a dork and not have a comment for them. Come on they are your friends! For whatever reason, there may be a limit on the number of friends one can have listed, but so far I haven’t determined the number or what the limit may be. Some people seem to have a good number of friends. My limit seems to be about 62 and thereafter I get an error message while trying to add more that says that I have too many. I strongly suspect that the less you say about your friends the more friends you can actually have and I guess it may be due to some type of overall cap to the size of the file or total character string cap. How can I make Kupika REFRESH faster? Clicking on the HOME button in the Menu Area will refresh the page faster than the automatic refresh rate. Likewise, clicking the MESSAGES button will refresh your messages faster and directly or in some cases there is now a Refresh button to push. What are KupiPoints? KupiPoint is the currency of Kupika. You can use it to edit your character, post a personal ad, buy virtual items, etc. How do I get KupiPoints? If you actively use the website your KupiPoint will increase automatically. This means: write letters to other members, give comments on diaries/Oekakis/KupiPages, etc. I haven’t quite figured out the rate of earning them but if you write a lot of messages and letters you will accumulate them in no time. How do I transfer or receive KPs? Click on “Transfer Kp” selection in the Menu Area and follow the directions. If someone transfers them to you, you receive them automatically. Don’t forget to thank them. How do I put a picture (or other graphics) on my profile? Your Kupika profile display any graphic or photo that is linked from elsewhere on the Net. Thus to put anything like a picture or other graphics you have to simply place the URL code in your Profile when you edit your profile. Some graphics on the net provide you with this code and host the actual files. For photos, you need to upload your photos to a host. Usually this is a free hosting service like Photobucket.com (there are other such sites) or it can be your own web space if you have it. When you upload your photos to such a host, you will usually receive the URL code which you can paste into your profile or in some other places. How do I put a background or adjust the text and graphics on my profile? Hina has recently created this tutorial: http://kupika.com/infoweb.php?id=textformat 1. Go to CSS Designer http://kupika.com/css.php And follow the instructions to create the code 2. Paste the code that is created on the lower right box in the CSS Designer page into your profile at the start of your profile. Place everything else in the space between the two DIV tags and before the last /div tag. The last /div tag should be the last thing on your profile. To put your own individual image as your background: 1.Find your favorite image or background file (e.g. .gif, .jpg file) and upload it to a webhost like you would do with a picture 2. Next go to CSS Designer 3.Find the background-image section (about two-thirds of the way down on the page on the left) 4.Once found, click on one of the pre-selected images 5.Replace the “http:// part” with the URL of your own image. 6.Copy and paste the code into your profile like above How do I find friends? Ideally, finding new friends is what Kupika is all about. You can find new friends in many ways. You can create a “personal” listing and ask for them. You can also ask for new friends to write to you in your profile. And finally, you can always send someone a message or a letter or say hello in chat and see if they want to be friends. It’s a good idea to read someone’s profile before asking them to be your friend or even before contacting them. In most areas of Kupika, you can visit a person’s profile simply by clicking on their name. There are three main ways of communicating with people on Kupika. Use the Letter Feature, use the Messenger Feature, or “chat” with them in either Fleeting Thoughts or in their Profile Chat or using Gabbly Chat. (Its not recommended that you give someone your MSN or AIM ids unless you know them better or you have such accounts anonymously.) Of course if you don’t care then it doesn’t matter. Kupika has been set up as a site that allows anonymous (and therefore somewhat “safe”) online communication but these safeguards are only as good as the users make them. Make sure you have reviewed the official Online Safety page: http://kupika.com/infoweb.php?id=safety You may also wish to review my Online Safety 101 page when that is created. Don’t forget if someone is annoying you or otherwise communicating with you and it is unwanted you always have the option to Blacklist them. (See below) How do I find a specific person? If you know the person’s Kupika name you can use the Search Nickname button in the Menu Area. Otherwise, you may have to try a Conditional Match using parameters to try and locate them. How do I add a friend? While viewing someone’s profile there is a button at the bottom right hand corner of their profile that says “ADD as FRIEND.” Just click it and type a comment about them if you wish. If you also subscribe to your friend’s publications, then all of their activities from new publications, to creating Oekakis to updating their profiles will appear in the Friends Section of your homepage. Subscriptions also can be found under the SUBSCRIPTIONS button of the Menu Area. For whatever reason, there may be a limit on the number of friends one can have listed, but so far I haven’t determined the number or what the limit may be. Some people seem to have a good number of friends. My limit seems to be about 62 and thereafter I get an error message while trying to add more that says that I have too many. I strongly suspect that the less you say about your friends the more friends you can actually have and I guess it may be due to some type of overall cap to the size of the file or total character string cap. How do I BLACKLIST someone? You can Blacklist a person on Kupika. This prevents them from writing you letters, sending you messages, posting comments in your publications and chatting in your Profile Chat. It does block them or prevent you from reading what they may write in Fleeting Thoughts. While viewing someone’s profile there is a button at the bottom right hand corner of their profile that says “BLACKLIST.” Just click it and type a comment to remind you why you blacklisted them if you wish. (But as far as I can tell you never get to review this list or read the comments so it seems superfluous.) How do I UNBLACKLIST someone? Well there isn’t a list of your blacklisted persons, so if you want to unblacklist them you have to locate their profile. Then click the button at the bottom right of their profile which now says “Remove Blacklist.” How do I chat in private? Technically, there are no options for private chatting on Kupika. The Profile Chat or real-time chatting feature is VERY public and is of course, Fleeting Thoughts. Of course, with persons whom you know well, AIM, MSN or Yahoo! Messenger can be used to chat with someone in complete privacy but that may not be an option for all persons. The best option is to use Gabbly chat, (www.gabbly.com) as a chat-tool that will allow you to chat with others while visiting Kupika. All one needs to do is type: www.gabbly.com/ and then the URL of a website or webpage in order to create a chatter which allows anyone else who also types the same address to chat together. Thus, the main page of Kupika, which I first recommended is: http://www.gabbly.com/www.kupika.com That page is well known now and you may find some that use it for chatting as an alternative to Fleeting Thoughts or the Profile Chat. For a more private conversation, what I recommend is to use some random page of yours as the log-in page and then to tell the person or persons that you want to invite to chat the name of the log-in page. This log-in page can even be your profile page. For example, I would simply invite someone to chat with me privately by telling them this address: http://www.gabbly.com/kupika.com/Oroborus21 Technically anyone who also typed that URL in would join the chat but it’s not likely that someone that I haven’t invited would come to use that address as a Gabbly log-in. The more, random or unknown the page, like for example one of your KupiPages the less likely that someone univited will stumble into the chat. And if they do, one good feature of Gabbly is that all visitors are announced, there is no unnoticed lurking. Gabbly also has some other nice features such as the ability to completely ignore or block someone in the chat. It may be useful for you to review my discourse Chatting 101 for a refresher on good chatting. How do I make a Club? Click on the link to “Show all” in the Clubs Section of your profile. At the top left will be a link that says “Create a Ne

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