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16 July 2008, 11:16 PM   #1
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yeah right now i am working on a ouran high school host cub fan fic, and a vampire tale,
and a poem so far it's called weird or normal.

Who can say that You are normal? 
Is it just because you are formal?
What is weird to those who choose?
Is it just because of how they wear shoes?
Is normal average?
Is weird an advantage? 
What truly matters is,
Who can play life for the fullest?
Who can run though the entire forest?
Who can see light in dark?
Or that one small spark?
Who can see right through wrong,
Who can sing a pretty song?
Who is breaking the limits with steps they take?
Who sits there in the night, awake?
who are we,
to judge such things?
You or me?
Or every one in between?
so who can say that You are normal? 
Is it just because you are formal?
What is weird to those who choose?
Is it just because of how they wear shoes?
Who can compare?
Weird to normal.

I know it sucks but just bear with me...

17 July 2008, 03:19 PM   #2
Guest Poster
.... It doesnt suck... I thinks its great!!  Is there any more parts to add to it?

17 July 2008, 03:58 PM   #3
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I think it is great, also! I agree wiht Perfect_An

19 July 2008, 05:59 AM   #4
Guest Poster
i actually like that, and im not a big poem girl
i especially like the parts in the middle about seeing light through darkness etc.

19 July 2008, 03:14 PM   #5
Guest Poster
YEs exactly what imation said. The light through darkness. x3

20 July 2008, 03:32 PM   #6
Guest Poster
i like it. :D

19 October 2008, 03:26 AM   #7
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Thanks you guys! >w<
I'll come up with more just bear with me.
writer's block.

19 October 2008, 04:38 AM   #8
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Here's a story i'm working on.
I don't have a title yet though////
Azura ran to the armor shop, out of breath as she ran. She made it to the merchant's shop
holding and she stepped up to the counter. The tall, old, grey-haired man looked at Azura
and laughed at her.
"What's so funny?" Said Azura, clearly confused. 
The tall man stopped laughing and turned to the 13 year-old girl. 
"It's simple," He paused, " What's a little girl like you doing here?" Azura got mad. So
she did what she normally does, Rant. 
"What do you mean 'Little Girl'!? I'm Thirteen! I'm not a toddler! Now, Are you gonna sell
me some Armor or not?" Azura finally stopped ranting and got straight to the point. The
black-haired man looked at the girl and sighed. "Are you certain you want to start so
early? You know once you leave you can't come back for a year-" "Yeah-yeah old man, Now,
What do you have for sale?" Azura said, cutting off the elder man. The elder man mumbled a
bit so Azura couldn't hear, but he pulled out the armor. "This one's on sale," He said as
he pulled out a chain link mail and a light armor set, the color of a midnight's sky. 
"It's 5 gold. I've had it here for 20 years. That's why you can afford it on a
5-year-old's allowance." He said with a look of thought on his face. "This isn't a history
class, old man, here," Azura handed over 6 gold," That's enough, right?" The old man
looked at her as she was biting her nails waiting for a reply. "Yes, That will be enough."
the old man took the money and rang it up for her. "Nice Doing buisness with ya, old man!"
Azura said waving good bye with her back turned, and new armor over her shoulder.

Azura stepped into her house at 5 past midnight with her new armor. She headed up the
stairs in her cabin and sat down on her bed. She let her mind drift off into a state of


Azura woke up to find her armor on the floor. Azura moaned at the sight of how early it
was, as she covered her head to try and sleep more. Her mom came in and shook her
"Come on sweetie, Time for you to set off today." Azura quickly sat up and got excited.
Today was going to be like no other today, she could feel it! She streached out and went
to the hot springs to take a bath before her journey began. She made her way quickly to
the hot springs that only she knew about. She undressed and stepped into the hot spring,
letting herself relax as she rubbed her scalp. "Ahh..." She sighed of relief. The hot
water pulsed against her skin. She ducked under water and swam for a good amount of time.
then came back up and stepped out, getting over warmed from the radiation. she wrapped her
blanket around her and walked back to her home where she changed into her armor and
started on her way to the royal courtyard, where the people who where sent on quests came
from.  The Soldier appeared in a black obsidian armor, pronounced only to the bravest and
strongest warriors. "State your buisness, Fair Lady." Azura was stopped by the soldier's
quizitation. " Who are you calling 'Fair Lady'? I'm a warrior, not someone who sits around
and mopes about getting married to someone for buisness needs." Azura snapped back. The
soldier stepped in front of her. "State your buisness." He got fiercer. Azura sighed. " To
be sent on a quest, By herself the majesty." As Azura had spoken the word 'quest' the
black soldier started to chuckle. 
"What's so funny?!"
" A little girl like you, sent on a quest, Haha, Very funny. Now, Go play with your little
friends and return that armor to whoever owns it." The Soldier said, laughing in between
every-other-word. Azura got mad. And showed him her birth certificate. She was old enough!
So why did it matter if she went out? Her size would be an advantage to bigger
lesser-demons.  She quickly stepped into the courtyard and ran for the thrown room. " Why
did .... I ..... start running.... away... from... him...?" Azura said nearly out of
breath, running as fast as she could. the Soldiers ran after her, positive they would
catch her. she ran for a bar and jumped up onto it and as the soldiers went under it
mistified on where she was. She quickly  grabbed a roof supporter and jumped down knocking
 out one soldier and hitting the other one with the roof supporter that was like a canon
size. She jumped out of the window, making the roof fall in. She then ran up to the wall
for the inner court, the Royal court. She started to climb up the wall as 3 more soldiers
ran after her as she climbed. she quickly made her way up the wall and grabbed a bow and
started shooting. The Arrows with them with large cracks and clackles. She knocked two of
them off of the wall leaving the one to be hand beaten. She ran into the hallway, right
around the corner. "Come out where you are, and i won't use force" He chuckled.  Azura
chuckled heself and revealed herself with an evil grin, "You sure are cocky," The man
seemed afraid," What's the matter aren't you gonna 'teach me a lesson'?" Azura laughed as
the man started to back up. "Hi-ya!" Azura hit him with one hit of her hand and started to
walk towards the celing entrance to the thrown room. Azura found the entrance as she was
stalked by twenty men she worked on opening it as she heard footsteps. She flung herself
up and looked around. The men revealed themselfs at one time, hoping to scare Azura. Azura
Acted afraid and with no passion she said, " Oh, However shall i do this? Will you guys go
easy on me? Please, I am only a 13 year-old." The men chuckled The one obsidian knight
from before spoke up, " No. Because you didn't go easy on us." Azura sighed, "Is that the
best you got? Come and get me!"  Azura quickly jumped up and bursted through the celing of
the thrown room.  
"Hi everyone!" Azura said beating on the guys that had the guts to come down, even the
black obsidian knight.
She kicked him in the face and he fell down, as the Majesty herself was clapping. "Bravo!
Bravo!" The Queen said, giddy as a child on christmas when they get the toy they wanted. "
What brings you here?"  Azura stood straight and presented herself. " I am Azura
Constance, The third generation. I request a quest." The queen coughed a little and said,
" If it is a quest you want a quest you shall get. You shall go and kill off the Blue
dragon."  Azura wIas a little shocked, ok, scratch that, MAJORLY SHOCKED. "W-Wah? I'm not
even sure I could handle that!" The black Knight yelled. Azura laughed and was surprised
at the same time. Azura Spoke confidently, " I accept, though i require a party crazy and
good enough to take it down with me. A healer and and a Knight." Azura said with
confidence. The queen nodded yes and pointed towards the Obsidian knight, " You shall obey
her and will risk your life to help her in her greatest need."  The queen demanded. The
knight  Kneeled on one knee and bowed down to her. "Y-Yes, Your Magesty." The knight said
obviously scared. Azura sighed.  "Now I demand a healer." The queen announced towards the
crowd of people. A Young Girl hoped down. "I'll do it, Your Higness." Azura Analyzed the
girl and asked how old she was, "13, My name is Sabri Quelin. I am a healer of a 3rd
degree." Azura was amazed, herself as a bowman had not even made 4th degree yet. She
quickly shaked her hand, "Welcome to our team!" Azura said. Sabri smiled as her flaming
red hair hanged over her shoulders, her purple court's fool hat on her head. She had a
black and purple dress, and it looked like it was hung on a close line during a bad storm,
all ragged and messed up.  Azura Thanked the queen and headed out with her new party. As
they stepped out of the front gate, Azura Turned around quickly and said, " So introduce
yourself, Black Knight." He turned and removed his helmet to reveal deep brown hair that
came down to his shoulders. " I am Jaques. The only knight that has an obsidian armor in
her fair lady's army, the only one deserving." He said as he moved towards Azura. 
"How old?"
"14" The knight said.     
Azura started to walk towards the woods. She was walking when she found a fallen tree with
a wierd glow to it on the floor. She walked to it and started to carve a bow and some
arrows. She took the twine her mom gave her and made a bow. Knarly in some places, but
original none the less. She Grabed one of her arrows and shot it at the tree. 
Right into the tree.  She  made about a hundred and walked on with her party.

"It's getting dark, maybe we should make camp..." Sabri worried. Azura grunted. "We aren't
stopping tonight, we are heading to the nearest town soon." Azura said. Sabri sighed and
kept walking. "What was that?" Jaques stopped in his tracks. Azura and Sabri listened.  A
bush was rustling. Azura sighed, "It's just a bush rustling in the wind." Azura was
walking on when she just turned around and...
"Oh shit!" Azura was shocked, "Sabri!" Sabri had been attacked by a lesser undead. Sabri
wacked her staff onto his head hard enough to get out from under him.  Sabri ran to the
safety of Jaques and sat down quickly. Azura jumped up on a tree and started to shoot at
The bows hitting him close to his heart. Azura stopped and took out a bow and it started
to glow. "Hn?" Azura said, as she noted the glowing of the arrow. She shrugged it of and
aimed for his head. "Npmh!" Azura said as she fell back wards after she shot the undead in
the head. The undead fell back and was dead as his body degrated. 
"OW!" Azura yelped as she hit the ground. Sabri ran over and helped her back up. "Are you
ok?" Sabri asked, pondering what just happened. " I Think my ankle is shot." Azure said
squinting at the pain. "Let's make camp." Azura said, Afraid of what would happen next if
she didn't get off her feet. They made a fire as Azura layed down on the cool grass. "This
hasn't turned out the way how I wanted to be yet..."  Azura sighed, thinking of how her
mom would handle the loneliness. Sabri came and shut her mouth, " You need to rest. 
Here,"  She put on a leaf that was kinda funky smelling. And Her ankle was healed as good
as new. Azura was amazed, " You sure know your stuff..." Azura noted, looking at her ankle
while moving it. Sabri smiled a sweet smile and giggled. "I do don't I?" Azura saw Jaques
already asleep on the grass. Sabri pulled a whistle out and blew on it. Azura covered her
ears, "WHAT WAS THAT?!" Azura screeched. Sabri laughed. "My pet should be here soon. he
should be able to warm me and you up tonight." She said.  A sudden change in wind and 
Azura was surprised at the size of her pet. A big fluffy white fox came down and curled up
next to Sabri. " Ah, Zae you're here! curl up next to Azura and keep her and me warm
They fell asleep that night with more then they could imagine ahead of them.

End of chapter one...

19 October 2008, 03:03 PM   #9
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OOOOOOO, I like it!!!!    

31 October 2008, 02:09 AM    #10
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That makes me feel great!

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