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Jason Mooker, a legend Chapter 2

20 February 2008, 09:01 PM    #1
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"Jason..... Im surprised at you. You're usally a good kid! Tell me, whats happening with
you!" Came the voice of a worried teacher, Ms. Wu. Jason was sitting in the Detention
room, waiting for his punishment. Clearing his throat, he answered in a kindly manner,
"Nothing is going on me! Everything's just the same." He shrugged. Ms. Wu stared at him
for a long time, and said, "Jason, something IS going on. I know you better than that! So
please, tell me." Jason rolled his eyes. He did NOT want to tell The detention teacher
that he was day-dreaming. But, he probably had no choice. "Fine, I'll tell you! I was just
dreaming about this girl in my class. With luscious long, blond hair, and pearly blue
eyes, with the cutest little purple outfit...." He dazed off just then. Ms. Wu had to help
him snap back to reality. " Jason, are you talking about Serena Jones?" She said, looking
over her
glasses. Jason shrugged. How is he soppused to know her name?! Ms. Wu just smiled and said
into the intercom by her desk, "Serena Jones come to the Detention Room, and you're not in
trouble. Serena Jones please come to the Detention room."
Jason gulped. Is Ms. Wu going to tell the girl that he was dreaming about her?
  In 10 minutes flat, Serena came in the door."Yes Ms. Wu?" She said in the sweetest
voice. Jason gaped. She was exactly like the girl that he was dreaming about. Maybe she
is. Ms. Wu looked up from her book and said to her, "Yes. Hi Serena. Please have a seat
beside Jason Mooker." Serena nodded and walked over to where Jason was sitting. "Hi Jason,
my name is Serena!" She said in a sweet, bouncy voice. She held out her hand. Jason meekly
shook her hand and mumbled, "Hi Serena." She sat down, and both looked at the teacher in
front of them. "Serena, Jason has claimed that he was day-dreaming about you." She said,
in her mono-tone voice. Jason slapped himself. WHY did she have to tell? Unfortunaley,
Serena caught a glimpse of it, and smiled. Jason
smiled embarrased. And said, "Ok! You can call me weird!" Which made her laugh. So far, he
thought, life is going pretty good!

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