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writing contest

22 November 2007, 08:50 PM   #1
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  writing contest!!!!
                                            okay write a story to go with a pic below

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11 February 2008, 11:28 AM   #2
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((K mine goes along with #1))
"Don't go, Renatise. Please."
"Shakayla... I have no choice. Don't you believe in destiny?"
Shakayla sighed sadly. "No. I believe in time. You know that."
Renatise smiled slightly. Of course. "But I believe in destiny. I AM destiny. And this is
my destiny, to go."
Shakayla's lip started quivering. Her bright, full lips... "I can't live without you,
Ren suddenly felt the pain she was about to inflict on Shakayla. "Kay, you know just as
well as I do that what we are isn't normal, even on fairie standards. Please. I can't do
this to my family."
Kay blinked away tears, feeling angry. "Are you saying you're ASHAMED of me?"
"No!" Ren shook her head. "Truthfully..."
"Oh, yes, Ren, let's be truthful here for a moment," Kay said sarcastically.
"Maybe I just want it to be easier to say good bye." Ren turned away.
Kay touched Ren's shoulder softly. "What's the REAL reason you're going?" She whispered.
Ren rubbed her eyes. "They've banished me," she mumbled. "F-for... murder."
Kay recoiled. "That! But you didn't! All the evidence points towards-"
"Yeah, well, it doesn't matter who the evidence points towards, does it?" Ren snapped.
"I'M the one being blamed. Maybe this IS my destiny."
Kay put her hands on Ren's shoulders. "I'm coming with you," she swore.
"I can't!" Ren said, struggling to escape Kay's grip. "I can't do that to you!"
Kay didn't let go. "I have no life without you, Ren. You know that."
"Life in banishment isn't going to be a happy picnic," Ren told her.
Kay flapped her wings a few times. "Whatever."
Ren smiled. "Do you have anything you want to bring?"
Kay shook her head. "I've got it right here with me," she said, and hesitantly kissed
Ren's pink mouth.
"Shakayla!" Kay broke away, frightened, and turned. 
"Mother!" she gasped, horrified.
"WHAT are you doing?" Her mother spat. "Kissing a GIRL! And this one! Get over here!"
Kay looked between Ren and her mother. She didn't move.
"I love her, Mother. You can't make all my decisions for me."
Her mother's face flushed. "I'm trying to help you!"
Kay shook her head. "Yeah, right." She said, and, with a nod to Ren, they both jumped off
the edge of the cloud, their arms wrapped around each other tightly.

17 February 2008, 09:13 AM   #3
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honestly that was pretty good but the whole "kissed Ren's pink mouth" is kinda weird and
makes some people shudder. but still good portion of a story

21 February 2008, 07:08 PM   #4
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Well, people have to deal with the fact that not everyone has the same sexual
orientation!! It's part of life xD

21 February 2008, 07:08 PM    #5
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But I'm glad you like it ;3

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