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Sorry this issue is late

ToPiC fOr ToDaY: ElEpHaNtS

Did you know that some of our very own elephants are becoming extinct because of the
hunting of human beings wanting their tusks as souviners?

CrAzY fAcTs: *Elephants have only four teeth
                    *Elephants can live up to 70 years
                    *Snapping Turtles can live up to 60 years             
                    *Sea Turtles nest on Sandy Beaches
                    *The fastest snake is 8mph

AnImAl PiCtUrEs:     

AnImAl ArTiClEs: Elephants are the largest land animals alive today and they are mammals
just like us. Elephants can live a long time. They can live 70 years and sometimes longer.
At the elephants birth they would usually weigh around 265 pounds. These big, wonderful,
mammals may not be around very long because of the killing by human hunters. These hunters
kill them only for the'r tusks because they think they might look cool hanging above your
dinning room table or on the wall. 
                          Not all elephants are becoming endangered but the vast majority
of them are. It is very ashame to have such wonderful animals go to waste. Think about it.
WHat did they ever do to you?

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/i love the pics

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i know they are

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Thats awesome!!....poor elephants that are being killed though....
Stop animal abuse!!

Could you abuse an animal that looks like this??

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awww thats cool

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