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Character Creation

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Welcome to the Character Creation page! Remember that skipping any segment in the character skeleton is against one of the rules and if you do so, you will not be allowed to participate in the roleplay until it has all of the requirements. Character Skeleton:

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Name: Vanessa Hines Age: 18 Sex:Race: Human Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual Personality: Vanessa is one tough, confident nut but then again, she doesn't really know how to be anything else. She can be quite mean and uninterested to anyone she crosses paths with but deep down she's just confused as to who she is and who she wants to be. Unfortunately, no one has ever gotten close enough to her to even scratch the surface. She dreams of getting out of this tiny town and making a name for herself as a news anchor in some big city. She has a secret love of sweets, tea and beetles. Bio: Vanessa was born and raised in Lilac Town and she's never been any farther than the lilac fields. Her mother died in child birth when Vanessa was born, along with the baby boy she had been giving birth to. Vanessa lives with her grandmother since her father is a traveling business man and so he rarely visits but is always sending Vanessa things you can't get in Lilac Town such as electronics among other things. Her grandmother taught Vanessa to be tough and independent from a very young age. She was home schooled and so she never really had any friends nor was she able to make any since all she did was intimidate people. She can't see at night without glasses. Picture/Description:

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Name: Mara Jenkins Age: Unknown, though she appears to be 19-20. Sex: Female Race: Grim Reaper Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Personality: Mara is highly cheerful for one who collects the souls of the deceased. She is always striving to improve. She prides herself on being one of the few female grim reapers. She has a crush on another grim reaper, Grell Sutcliff, who she idolizes and works hard to someday be able to work with him. Aside from her job, Mara loves to watch humans and try to understand why they do the things they do. She's also quite empathetic towards them, which she feels a little embarrassed about because she feels it is due to being a female. Mara loves sweets, though she prefers cake, brownies, and cookies. Bio: Most of Mara's history is unknown. She has been training to be a grim reaper for as long as she can remember. She is still quite young and inexperienced compared to the other grim reapers. Using a chef's knife as her scythe of choice, Mara travels to small towns and cities to collect the souls of the dead, taking on jobs that other reapers cannot or won't do. She spent most of her time training in England, though now she travels quite easily to any country she is needed in. She wears a key on a chain around her neck, which she took from her first job, which she was scolded for but refuses to take it off. Picture/Description:

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