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(OOC: I'm assuming that this is how they'd get into the Village C: ) “Yes, I know where I’m going Lottie!” Keenan adjusted the burden holding tight to his back, and shook his head irritably. The sun was beginning to shine its early, orange light into the trees; rays of gold making the forest floor glisten. A chilly breeze caught a hold of the Lottie’s’ hair, and guided it towards Keenan’s’ cheeks, tickling his face. “I can see the black bird from before. We’re going in circles Keenan.” The fragile girl spoke softly, her voice tender, and airy like a feather floating through the wind. “We are not. It’s just following us. Go back to sleep.” “I’m not tired.” “Sleep, Lottie.” The girl fell silent at her brothers’ command, for she could hear the weariness in his voice. They were both exhausted after what had occurred the night before; yet, Alette worried for Keenan, far too much to sleep another wink. She pursued her tiny lips, and grasped a little tuff of his snowy hair with her fingers, pulling slightly and grumbling crossly. “Sing to the birds Lottie.” “I don’t want to.” “Why not?” “Because…” Keenan scoffed, shaking his head to pull his hair from her slender fingers, making Alette smile slightly, and part her lips to begin her tune; which in turn caused Keenan to smile wryly. “Little twerp…”

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