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General: Rules

29 January 2012, 09:05 PM    #1
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I decided I would lay down some rules, because I would dread things getting out of hand. And I really hate rules ): but I've seen clubs go crazy because of them. If I add any other rules, all members will be notified. Thanks! N U M B E R O N E: be kind. I can't stress this enough, please be kind to one another. Friendly critiques are understandable, and if someone's layout isn't working properly and you explain this to them, that's all understandable. However, being completely rude to a member will not be stood for at all, and harassing a member in any way will not be allowed. -this means any kind of bullying at all. No ganging up on one member. None of it. N U M B E R T W O: do not spam. do I need to explain that one, or...? N U M B E R T H R E E: do not plagiarize. dude, that's illegal to begin with. If you use any one else's layouts, pictures, etc., please attach a link to the bottom of the post to the person that you got it from. ~BREAKING ANY OF THESE WILL RESULT IN THE FOLLOWING: -1st offense: a message from me, warning you, and explaining what exactly you've done, how it's broken the rules, and how it shouldn't happen again. -2nd offense: You will be warned, again, and put on a 1, to 3 week probation from any kind of posting in the club.* -3rd, and final, offense: You will be banned from the club. *The probation period will be determined by myself, and one member of my choosing. Consider it like, jury duty. It's to be fair. Thanks you guys! again, I hate rules, but this is needed! layout from: Ecstasy.

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