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I Wanted.....

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11 June 2011, 12:04 AM   #1
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Another from my quizilla.M for a 'bad word' or two...

I wanted you to notice me.Did you?
I wanted you to take my fears away.Did you?
I wanted you to love me.Did you?

Then you went with her.
My "friend"
I wanted to cry.Did I?
I wanted to stay strong.Did I?
I wanted to hate.Can I?
I wanted there to be a "us".Was there?
No.Zip.Zero.We're "just friends".
Can you even imagine the hell I've gone through?
I've been through hell and back and when I turn to you you you choose her.I was defending
her and she got pissed off at me,because Sarah is a lying whore.She thought she knew you
better than me,when she's only known you for a week when I've known you for a year.

I wanted to still be friends with you.Can I?
In her eyes,no.
She gets mad at me when you hug me.
Don't you see the pain your causing?
I want to hate you so much.Will I?
I want to hate her so much.Will I.
Hell yes
I have given you all my love and have I got anything back?

11 June 2011, 12:48 AM    #2
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c/c welcome 

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