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31 October 2010, 05:01 AM    #1
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For those who don't much about the way of the warriors. Types of role in the clan: ~ Kits - New born kittens under 6 months old. They will have the word 'kit' after their name. (e.g. Dawnkit) ~ Apprentices - When a kit is old enough, he or she will become an apprentice. Each apprentice has a mentor in which they train them to become warriors for 6 months. They will have the word 'paw' in front of their name. (e.g. Dawnpaw) ~ Warriors - Almost every kit's dream is to become a warrior. When an apprentice is old enough and completely finished their training, they will become a warrior like their previous mentors. The second half of the name of a warrior will decide on what leader chooses. (e.g. Dawnfur) ~ Medicine cats - Those apprentices who wish to take a different path will become medicine cats instead of warriors. They heal the injured of the clan. The current medicine cat will choose only one apprentice willing to follow them in their footsteps. It may be as long as it takes for the apprentice to receive their name and become a medicine cat. Even if they have received their name, they will still be apprentices until their mentor dies. The name of a medicine cat is no different from the one of a warrior, except it is the mentor that chooses the apprentices name. It is also against the warrior code for a medicine cat to fall in love or have kits. They also have the privilege to share dreams with their warrior ancestors and have friendships with those outside the clan. ~ Queen - A female warrior expecting or with kits. When their kits are apprentices, they go back to being warriors. The normaly choose the names of their kits. ~ Deputy - The leader chooses a warrior as their deputy, second in command. If the leader dies, the deputy will take their place and choose a warrior to replace them as deputy. If the deputy dies, the leader has until moon high to choose another. ~ Leader - The one to guide the clan in the right direction. This is perhaps the most important role as it is the most difficult. Like a medicine cat, they are able to share dreams with their warrior ancestors for advice. They give ceremonies and clan meetings. They also choose warrior names for apprentices. Each leader receives nine lives from their ancestors once they become leader. A leader replaces the second half of their warrior name with the word 'star'. Here's a very helpful glossary of the terms and names they use: The warrior code: 1. Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as you may one day meet them in battle. 2. Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory. 3. Elders and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders. 4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life. 5. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice. 6. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name. 7. The deputy will become Clan leader if the leader dies or retires. 8. With the death or retirement of a deputy the new deputy must be named before moonhigh. 9. A gathering of all the Clans is held at the full moon during a truce that will last all night. There shall be no fighting among the Clans at this time. 10. Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats. 11. No warrior may neglect a kit in danger or in pain, even if that kit is from a different Clan. 12. The word of the Clan leader is the warrior code. 13. An honorable warrior does not need to kill to win his battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense. 14. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.

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