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24 October 2010, 09:44 PM    #1
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Here's my newest piece, hopefully a prologue? Second post so far, but my first didn't get
any reviews, so I'm not sure if that one counts. Anywho, be sure to COMMENT! Even if you
only read the first line. Tell me to get a better hook or something, just comment.

Mirrors. The most dangerous man-made predator known. The most common household object. The
threat we now face.

	Take a look around your home, count every mirror you find. What do you see in each one? A
reflection, an unwavering, perfect copy of what surrounds you. An unknown world behind a
thin sheet of glass, or at least that’s how you’ve always seen it. An ordinary item,
something you would pass without much thought. But what is it really?

	Your reflection is a gateway to every haunting spirit you can imagine. It displays your
soul for everyone who has the talents to sense it. Once inside the mirror, they are free
to do whatever they please, and with the control of our reflection, their power is
unlimited. No spell is required; no dark magic must be present, for their next task is
simple. In order to slip out, trade places with an unknowing being, all they must do is
copy their exact movement.

	My advice? Take down every piece of glass, avoid all bodies of water. Hide. Don’t
interact with others, for by the time you receive this message, most of your kind will
have perished. Your time is out, trust anyone, and your life is automatically at stake.
Don’t share this letter with others, they may be the enemy. Just run.

Annaline Demosky
Head of M.E.P.A.

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