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Basic other rules and etiquette you that would be nice to follow if you want to
It's a lot to read, but please make the effort to understand. If you don't understand
something or anything, please ask me.
The rules will be regularly updated to improve the club environment, so yeah. Keep
checking this space.
Anything you want to suggest to make this a happier club, feel free to let me know!

Work you can post
• Sketches (through [sketch book] or [journal]) - one per member is allowed!
• Poetry and prose
• Essays
• Reviews
• Paintings
• Digital art
• Photography
• Photo manipulations.
• Comics
• photographs of 3D work.

Other Posts
• Blog recommendations (even your own!)
• Other artists' work (with credit to the artist)
• Debates
• Tutorials.
• Your own tips
• comic/book recommendations
• collaboration games/challenge post (i.e draw your pet, draw yourself, exquisite corpse
- pass it on to the next poster)

**Please keep it clean! This club is open to the public, so no pornography. If you're
unsure whether your work or an artist/blog you're presenting is appropriate to post, ask
another member or myself.

Gory and violent images are allowed as the Kupika Handbook does not have any rules against
it, but please put a warning as it may cause distress to sensitive viewers. Anything that
offends the majority of the club will be assessed and will possibly be deleted.**

• I expect everyone to be respectful to one another and if you have made an enemy within
the club, please keep it outside the club. 
• Be mature.
• Any open arguments on posts will be deleted. Keep it to your messages.
• If you're writing or have drawn something to rant about a certain person, don't make
it obvious. If this creates drama, it will be deleted.
• If you have any complaints about the club or someone in the club, don't whine or be
hostile towards me. Please be mature and explain the situation or leave the club.

Each member will be given 3 chances, each chance will be taken out with a warning if you
don't follow the rules. Depending on the seriousness, you will either have a chance taken
away or be instantly kicked out of the club.

If you have been bullied inside the club and it escalates outside the club, it is your
responsibility to blacklist them yourself, because I have no power outside this club.
If you have lost a warning, you are given a week to gain it back if you do not break the
rules again. If you break the rules during this period, you will loose your second chance
and will have to wait two weeks to gain back the two chances. The third time will be three
weeks and if you fail to follow the rules even then you will be kick out.

Critiques and Comments 
•When you are given critique, please take it with a pinch of salt especially if it seems
to be mostly negative. Remember to take in what they have said and to take in any useful
tips to improve. It is very hurtful to be told you're doing something wrong, especially
when you're proud of your work.
•If someone requests a critique, don't be too harsh. balance it with good points, even
if there is very little to say. At the same time don't be too afraid to say something that
might hurt them.
• Even if you are a really good friend of theirs, you can be a a better friend to help
them to improve. It's like telling them they have ketchup on their face.
• Aggressive, bullying behaviour will result in being kicked out.
• Keep your comments relevant to the post, 

• Of course, art theft is a complete no no.
• Make sure you post your work, it's your own work.
• If you've used a stock image or items please say where and who you got them from (if
the stockists have rules for the usage of their work, make sure you read them!)
• Remember copyrights!
• If you suspect a member having stolen work or have not correctly credited a piece,
please be polite and tell them. If they do not cooperate / throw a hissy fit they may
receive a warning or be instantly banned depending on their behaviour. 

• If you are making a post that is your own work, put [MY WORK] "insert topic title".
• If you're asking an open question to the club post use [?] beside the title.
• [BLOG] for blogs, [TUTORIAL] or [TUT] for tutorials, [MUSIC] for music, [RESOURCE] for
resources, [ARTIST] for artist ...etc.
• You don't have to use "[...]", you can be personal with it, like doing +MY WORK+ or
something .
• Layout design isn't allowed in the club as a media, but you can personalise your post
with a fancy layout design, just make sure it's easy to follow and read.
If you don't follow these rules, I will correct it for you. If you continue to make this
mistake again I'll nag at you.
Is cool?

Of course, you are allowed to hold your own contests in the club, but here's a few rules
to make them fair.

• Two contests allowed per week. This isn't per member, this applies to everyone as a
group. I don't want the club over run with contests because it clutters a lot and I know
you guys e_e.
• No contests that are being held in kupika and outside the club, especially ones that
are not related to art. This isn't a place to pitch random "anime dress up contests".

And something else
*I am not monitoring the club a lot, so it would be nice if you can lend me a hand
and give me a nudge if there's any trouble! If you're unhappy with any problem that you
feel isn't dealt with or could have been dealt with better, we can have a chat and maybe
you can be given privileges to deal with issues yourself (but you got to really gain my
trust for it and be an active contributor! Not be active for a month without a given
reason before-hand or abuse your power and these privileges will be stripped off you).

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