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Megaten (an online game)

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7 November 2009, 12:39 PM   #1
Gaming Mage
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Well this is basicaly a sci-fi MMORPG taking place in a futuristic Tokyo. Here, you can
capture and befriend demons to help you kill other demons and find out a lot of important
things of the plot. The ful name is 'Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online'.

My Info-
Name: Aralyne
Server: Cerberus
Channel: I'm always on channel 2
Level: 12
Arc: 3
Clan: OmegaSix
Demons: Wounded Cerberus, Brave Garm, Nimble Cerberus

Info on Clan-
Name: OmegaSix
Leader: DSquirrel
Members: 23
My Rank: Sub


^^My Character^^ (yes i have a gun >:D )

^^My first demon, Wounded Cerberus^^

^^My 2nd demon, Brave Garm^^

^^Me and my 1st demon, Wounded Cerberus^^

^^Me and my 2nd demon, Brave Garm^^

Info on game:


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your

In the 1990s, mankind was delving into many new technologies that only a few short years
before would easily be discounted to the realm of science fiction, one of which was the
concept of Teleportation - taking living matter, processing it into data, and placing it
in another location in one piece. These experiments would unknowingly lead to the death of
one era and the birth of another.


“Pleased to meet you, I’m a man of wealth and taste.”

Data comes from everything - matter, information, actions, inactions… even mythology,
imagination and beliefs. This is when strange beings began to soon arrive made up of this
data, earning the name Demons. Causing turmoil across the globe, some masqueraded as
saviors or bringers of change, influencing man one way or another to destruction. While a
few learned of this truth and fought against it, they were too late…


"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be
fought with sticks and stones."

InterContinental Ballistic Missiles were launched across the globe and the world as man
knew it was wiped out in the blink of an eye. But this was not the end. In the events
after what was later known as the Great Destruction, a new world was taking form…

In time, the actions and choices of several young people in the demon world and our ruined
earth made it into one where Mankind, not those of Gods and Devils, would be able to guide
and build as he saw fit. One of both freedom and order. Many of the survivors of this new
era lived in large underground shelters known as “Homes”. Lead by the Seven Wise Men,
Man journeyed out of its artificial womb and constructed a great tower over the charred
ruins of a once great city and was called Shinjuku Babel. 


“Become the change you seek in the world.”

After years of relative peace, three obelisks recently appeared around the Tokyo area,
altering the land around it and bringing with them a surge of Demons to again test man.
You are a rookie Demon Buster, one who allies with demons and fights those that run amok,
training on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Why do you fight...?

How do you accomplish your goal...?

Who do you ally with...?

What do you want to achieve...?

These are questions you must soon face, as you take your first steps into a larger
- From

To download Megaten, go here:

So join it, its really fun (:

9 November 2009, 06:08 PM   #2
Joined: 9 Nov 2009
Posts: 35
Downloading it right now. :D Looks pretty fun.

9 November 2009, 07:24 PM   #3
Gaming Mage
Joined: 23 Oct 2009
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Lol Yay :D
And it is fun :o When I first played it, I got so addicted that I didn't even pay
attention to my cousin who just came to America for the first time xD
Tell me your character's name :D

9 November 2009, 07:33 PM   #4
Joined: 9 Nov 2009
Posts: 35
I've got liek...
200 MB to go x]
+ its mostly likely going to be ilikekookies, what server ish you in?

9 November 2009, 07:36 PM   #5
Gaming Mage
Joined: 23 Oct 2009
Posts: 198
xD Mines went fast :o
Ok :D And I think theres only one server but I'm on Cerberus :D

9 November 2009, 08:19 PM   #6
Joined: 9 Nov 2009
Posts: 35
I see I see
Its just
My computer all ready has liek half a million gaems
So it has been kinda slow-ish lately :3

9 November 2009, 08:26 PM   #7
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lol ikr? mines does too xD im playing high street 5 now and its acting all weird so i
have to wait for a person from this site to check out my accounts ):

9 November 2009, 09:19 PM   #8
Joined: 9 Nov 2009
Posts: 35
Playign nao
Pretty cool gaem xD

10 November 2009, 02:22 PM    #9
Gaming Mage
Joined: 23 Oct 2009
Posts: 198
lol ikr? :D its sooo cool, and way different from the other online games ive played :D

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