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The Death Brigade Awakening

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28 October 2009, 11:57 PM   #1
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I'm basically making the whole story up as I go, so there's nothing really planned. :]

Chapter I
	The Prophecy

With boredom, Lina watched as her sister Canary led the water to spiral in thin air,
following her fingers. Finally, unable to take it, Lina groaned loudly, startling her
sister, which made her lose contact with the water.
	“Lina! If you’re so bored, then DO SOMETHING!” Canary yelled in frustration. Lina
stuck her tongue out and walked from the balcony into the living room. She stood in front
of the enchanted mirror and stared at her reflection. Her dirty-blond hair was pulled into
a ponytail on the side, wavy, flowing down her shoulder. Her dark violet eyes sparkled as
a ray of sunlight hit them. She still stared, unflinching, and decided that she was
satisfied with how she looked. The frame of the mirror was made of smooth white wood that
looped around like a ribbon with the Hardwick family names engraved. Lina found her name,
along with Canary’s and her father, Jeremiah. Then, slowly she traced the loops until
she passed her name by three loops. Words flickered onto the looking glass, and then
stayed still, reading out clearly, TO WHOM DO YOU WISH TO SEE?
	Lina hesitated and then said, “Let me see Holly in the Grey Meadow.” Shortly after,
the mirror showed the words, AS YOU WISH, in gold, only to wipe away in a few moments.
	A haze swept over the reflection of Lina, and then cleared, as if taking it away, her
reflection was replaced by a vision showing a young girl by the name of Holly in a faded
yellow dress. Her golden hair was straight across her back. All around her was a meadow of
brilliant colors. Flowers in every color of the rainbow shrouded the field, but every
person living there scowled as they saw Holly receive a holographic mirror to communicate
with Lina.
	“Lina, is that you? Long time, no see, eh?” Holly said in a fast manner. Lina smiled,
overjoyed that her friend could be reached.
	“Holly, how are things?” Lina replied, hoping to get a sliver of information, or
	“It’s fine, just fine. But the others are being driven crazy. They can’t stand it,
not able to get contact of the outer world. It’s dreadful, Lina!” Holly’s voice
broke at the word dreadful. Lina felt a twist in her stomach, sad to see Holly about to
	“You mustn’t worry, Holly. You know my father will settle these matters. Your home
will no longer be intruded by prisoners of the…,” Lina hesitated. Then continuing, she
said “It won’t be ruined by the prisoners of the Death Brigade. It’ll be fixed.
Soon,” she added on, hastily. Lina smiled, and Holly, now full of hope, did too, but
tears still dripped down her cheeks, which shimmered with traces of liquid gold. Holly was
a fairy of gold, daughter of a Pure, which helped create the natures. Holly’s parents
were in charge of Natural Riches.
	“Oh, um, Lina? Have… have they come in yet? Your powers, I mean.” Holly looked
concerned, making the tension rise higher and higher. Lina faltered as she said no. “I
only can send images of memories. But that’s all, and you’ve already known.”
	“Well… I’m sorry,” she lowered her eyes, and then suddenly she lit up again.
“Did you hear? Prince Philip received a new prophecy today. And people think that
involves you.”
	A tugging feeling came onto Lina’s heart. A prophecy made by the Prime Oracle, Prince
Philip? They must be mistaken! I’m nothing special, Lina thought. I haven’t even
gotten my powers yet.
	She needed to hear it so she could understand why it was her, or so the Council of Fate
assumes. But just as she opened her mouth to ask, Holly rushed through a stream of words
quickly, which sounded like “I-gotta-coming-bye!” and the image flickered off, leaving
Lina staring at a reflection of herself  with her face wet with tears. She sunk down,
sobbing, with her face in her hands.

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	“Lina, what’s wrong?” Canary asked, sweeping into her room, letting her
brown hair fly behind her. Lina looked up to face her sister. Staring directly into her
eyes, Canary was suddenly aware of what had just happened. “Oh my…” she whispered.
Just then, a boy, eighteen years of age, walked into the room. For a second, Lina forgot
about her troubles. She even forgot her own name. Elijah always managed to take her breath
away, even though he was in love with Canary, and Canary felt the same way with him. But
remembering that the handsome boy in front of her couldn’t be hers, she cried again.
He’s not for you, Lina. You know that. You’re only thirteen and he’s five years
older! Lina thought. But scolding herself didn’t stop the tears.
	“Lina, are you alright?” Elijah asked. Lina wanted to shout NO, YOU STUPID,
THINKS THAT IT INVOLVES ME, but of course, she didn’t. She just shook her head no.
	Elijah seemed to understand what was going on. “I suppose you’ve heard your
prophecy?” he asked. She looked up at him and said in a soft shaky voice, “You know
what it is? Holly almost told me, but she had to cut off the conversation…” She
drifted off and pointed to the direction of the mirror, keeping her eyes on a stray leaf.
“Tell me.” she whimpered.
	Elijah fumbled through his pockets and handed her a scrap of paper. On it, sparkling in
pure silver ink, read the words:
"A heroine and two others,
 A sister of water and her sibling’s lover of fire,
Must come together to save the world 
Of the fate lain down before their eyes.
The girl in lead, no powers starting,
Shall save, not kill, in the first year trying.
Her ancestor’s powers of light and speed
Will be restrained, with pain that leads.
The role of guard they fit into
The Death Brigade and The Almighty Pure
But she must stay in one of those fragile two.
And the amount of danger lured,
Must fully to be endured.
Beware of traitors, friends in pain, decisions made of vain
And suffer one another’s pain, as a loved one is trapped,
While the rest remains."
	“Urgh! What does this mean?” Lina shouted in exasperation. The signs could’ve
pointed to anyone, really, but she understood why the Council of Fate decided it was her.
It was because first of all, her sister had powers over water, and her lover, Elijah, had
power over fire. Second, se had absolutely no power, or well, not yet. Third, Her father,
Anthony Hardwick, was Head Monarch to the Almighty Pure, and was let into the Death
Brigade, as a spy. Her father also had the power to control Light and Speed, a rare talent
to own. But Lina and Canary’s ancestors were the original bearers to these elements.
As much as she knew that someone else could be the object of this prophecy, she had a
feeling in the pit of her stomach that that wasn’t the case. Handing the paper to
Elijah, she stood up again, almost losing her balance. Canary caught her. “I’m sorry
about all this, Lina,” Elijah said. Quickly sweeping over, Canary stood by his side and
read the paper to herself, quietly whispering the words.
	“We have to go meet with the Council of Fate. Father, I’m sure, already knows of
this.” Canary said. A sad twinkle had shown on her ocean-blue eyes.

	The whole time the trio walked through the small town they lived in, Lina kept her head
low, and folded her arms tightly in front of her, as if shielding herself. Finally, they
came across a rock, shaped like star that was hidden somewhere in the ocean, or so Canary
sensed. Lina, unaware of Canary stopping, bumped into her, but Canary was too concentrated
to notice.
	“We’re here,” Canary whispered. Walking towards the ocean, she grabbed Lina and had
Elijah follow. As they emerged into the water, Canary caught air into the water so they
could breath. Finally, they found the star-shaped rock, and Elijah lifted it up, revealing
a cave. Somehow, water didn’t get in. Magic, Lina decided in her mind. Walking in, the
air bubbles disappeared. Following the tunnel, they reached the Council’s court.

I'm not happy with my "prophecy", but if anyone could help, that's be great!

29 October 2009, 12:03 AM   #3
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“I don’t want to be here!” Lina squeaked. Canary’s eyes looked warily at
her, though they were filled with sorrow. “I know. I don’t want to be here, either.”
She breathed. Elijah, although as brave as he was, only lingered behind them silently. His
red-brown hair that usually stood messily on his head was matted, his dark red-brown eyes,
the same shade as his hair, seemed tired. “Let’s go,” he whispered, walking to the
front of them to lead the way. Lina opened her mouth to protest, but just then, she
realized, they were in front of the Council of Fate. Oracles Abel, Joseph, Claire,
Gregory, and Prince Philip all sat in just that order, as if expecting for them to come.
	“Lina, come forward,” Abel called, and Lina, feeling unoriented and fearful, jumped
when she heard her name. She walked forward, letting the faces of the Oracles come into
clear view. Lina was shocked to see that the Oracles were young adults, barely out of
adolescence, all except Abel and Prince Philip, who seemed to be in their fifties.
	“Hello, Lina. We have guessed that you’ve come to address the possibility of being
the one in the Prophecy?” Abel said calmly. Murmurs among the Council buzzed softly, but
Lina ignored it. Trying extremely hard, she kept her voice still and not shaky.
	“Yes, Oracle Abel.”
	“And we do believe that now, seeing what you look like. You see, when a new Prophecy
comes upon us, we see visions. Flickers, of course, just like how you can send memories.
You look like the girl in our visions.” Abel clarified. A lump formed in Lina’s throat
as she felt her knees grow weak and her hands shake. Swallowing, she managed to breathe.
	“You’ve… You’ve seen m-me?” she stammered. Her eyes stung as she blinked back
tears. Her face grew heated and her hands shook even more. Canary rushed to her sister,
helping her balance. “Take deep breaths, Lina.” She whispered, and Lina did just that
reluctantly. Her body felt calmer, but her breaths were still shaky.
The room grew silent for a moment, but Elijah stepped forward. “What are we to do? How
do we know what the prophecies mean?” he asked, full of unease.
	“Ah, young Elijah, it won’t be as difficult to understand.” Prince Philip said,
quietly. But unlike Abel’s smiling, kind face, his face was grim.
Lina crouched down and sat onto the floor and read over her prophecy. She translated the
meaning, writing in the sand next to her.
	“Canary, Elijah, and I, apparently, have to save the world of something bad…” she
murmured, thinking aloud. “I’ll get my powers, if this really involves me. And I
can’t kill...” she faltered. Stuttering, she resumed, “In the first year I try?”
She looked at the Council, and Abel stood, walking to the trio.
	“It’ll be a harsh journey, we can tell you that. But often, these prophecies aren’t
always clear. You must understand that we can’t see the future so well that we can
outline every bit of life that follows for you. You need to comprehend that,” she said,
	“Someone will be taken, someone will betray us, and there’ll be lots of danger.”
Lina said, whimpering tracing her words.
	“But we’ll make it.” Canary assured her. Elijah took her hand and sent a dazzling
smile to Lina, making her relieved she was already sitting. Hope washed over her, and she
was glad she had her friends. Steadily, she stood up.
	“But the threat?” She asked Abel.
	“The threat is believed to be that someone is raising the soul of Death Brigade
	It felt like her heart dropped all the way down to her feet as Lina heard these words.
She staggered back for a moment, but regained her balance. “We better get going,
then,” Lina announced. She lowered her eyes, and said a quiet “thank you” to the
	“We bid you farewell,” she said, then softly, she added, “For now. And good luck,
wherever you are.” Abel’s eyes twinkled, and the trio made their way out.

	“Hey, hey! Wait up, you three!” called someone behind them, just as they approached
the huge rock. Lina stopped in her tracks and swiveled around on her heels to see Hayden
and Jaysi, the twins of Prince Philip, who were about the same age as Lina.
	“What is it?” Elijah asked as politely as he could, but Lina heard the aggravation in
his voice.
	“Our father sent us here to go along with you. He felt it would be helpful, because we,
too, can see glimpses of the future.” Hayden replied, simply. “But not as well, of
course,” Jaysi chided. Elijah glanced at Canary and then Lina, as if asking, Should we
trust them? Simultaneously, Lina and Canary nodded.
	“Well, then, I suppose you two had better come along.” Canary said, welcoming them
into the deathly journey. Hayden looked towards his sister in relief and she smiled.
“Thank you,” she said, obviously as excited as Hayden. They walked on, with no
	As the five trudged onwards, Elijah and Canary in the front, and Lina, Hayden, and Jaysi
behind, the group felt a bit awkward. But soon, the tension died away. Lina began chatting
with the twins, realizing that they could be great friends. After all, she was tired of
tagging along with Canary and Elijah.
	“Do you know what might await us?” Lina asked softly. Jaysi shook head. “What we
see, it’s usually when we panic. It’s a bit like a jolt, when our nerves can’t
relax,” Hayden said. It was silent for a minute, and even Elijah and Canary hushed their
conversation. Lina looked at the newcomers, studying them. They both had light brown hair,
Jaysi’s in straightened pigtails and Hayden’s cropped short. But their eyes were
different. Hayden’s were a soft green and Jaysi’s were a blazing red. Lina remembered
that that meant they had their own powers, as the eye colors of  the sons and daughters of
the Pure were based on their abilities. “You have powers…” she breathed out.
	“I suppose you know them? I can manipulate plants, and Jaysi can manipulate—“but
Jaysi cut him off, raising her hand.
	“Fire” Jaysi finished. At that word, Elijah’s head jerked up a bit, but he didn’t
look behind. Lina laughed as she told them Elijah had the same ability. Canary turned her
head and said “It’s true. I can control water and Lina… She’s going to get hers
soon,” she smiled. “And I’m sure they’ll be worthy of such a great girl,” Elijah
noted. Lina looked down, hoping he didn’t see her blush.
	When they reached the Hardwick residence, Canary brought out two sling sacks that she
filled with towels, money (about three thousand dollars, as their father was rich), and
water. “We can probably get food elsewhere. We need lightweight items, anyway.”
	“Lightweight?” Elijah scoffed. Lina smirked, trying not to laugh as Canary lightly
punched Elijah’s arm. Lina smiled more as she heard Hayden and Jaysi laugh when Elijah
pretended to wince painfully. “You’ll fit in with us just fine,” Lina whispered to
her new friends. They grinned at her, as if thankful.
	“You three ready?” Elijah asked, when they calmed down. They all nodded and
nervously, they opened the door.

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I  like this. It's interesting and the plot has me curious. I liked the Prophecy!

29 October 2009, 01:24 AM   #5
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Mm... Thanks :]
That meant a lot coming from my favorite writer in here, haha.... I'm not kidding though!

1 November 2009, 03:58 PM   #6
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Your welcome. Awwwww thank you! You have to write more, though.

7 November 2009, 12:36 AM   #7
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Chapter II
	The Journey Begins

	We all made it out the door alive. Every step we took, we were cautious. My hands shook
with fear and I didn’t know what we were going to do.
	“Where, exactly, are we going?” Jaysi asked, and we all stopped, just realizing we
had no idea.
	“Northbound,” I said, suddenly. How did I even know? Elijah looked towards me, and my
face burned up. It was painful to know that I couldn’t have him. It just hurt to know
that he was Canary’s.
	“We ought to listen to Lina, then. If anyone knows, it’ll most likely be her,” was
all he said. I blushed as he took out a compass. “Huh. Well, what do you know? We’ve
been going north anyways…” he said matter-of-factly. As we walked I felt my mind flood
with questions. How long could this adventure take?  The Prophecy didn’t say. What
exactly are we looking for, anyways? And why do I know where?
	After about a couple miles of walking, we rested. There was a small diner that we settled
into when we heard our stomachs growling for food. “Why are we even walking?” I said,
shocked to hear how whiny I had become.
	“It’ll be too risky. What if some monster finds us? Do we really want to endanger so
many humans?” Jaysi pointed out. I grimaced. She had a good reason. The last thing we
needed was a commotion.
	“So we’re walking…” I moped. I looked out the window and caught a glimpse at a
few bicycles. “What about…” I said slowly, turning my head to Canary. “What about
we get some bikes?” I asked. She grinned. When I was younger, about nine years old,
Canary and I would ride our bicycles around town. It was our favorite pastime, because we
would stop at the park and have a picnic. But then, she met Elijah, and we hadn’t gone
out since.
	“After we eat, we’ll go somewhere to eat and the bikes... We’ll get them tomorrow,
alright? It’ll be better than walking, don’t you guys think?” she said. Hayden
mumbled, “Whatever works for me. Honestly, I’d prefer a plane…” but Jaysi elbowed
him. I bit my lip. Usually, I’d be yelling at a remark like that, but something about
	We ate burgers and had vanilla shakes, which satisfied us well. Canary paid, and we
walked to a hotel across the street. The place didn’t get a lot of business, but it
wasn’t that bad. The room we were in was clean and comfortable. Right away, I collapsed
onto the bed, and my heavy eyelids closed for the night.

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This is totally AWESOME. Totally.

9 November 2009, 03:28 AM   #9
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	When we awoke, Hayden and I walked down to the lobby for the complimentary breakfast
while our sisters and Elijah packed the few items we had up. But suddenly, I heard
something stir from behind me. Turning around, I saw a glimpse of a face with gray skin
and jagged yellow teeth. She disappeared a second after I saw her. A vampire.
	“I think we have company,” Hayden said, suddenly beside me. I nodded in agreement and
saw him produce a sword.
	“What are you doing? There are people here!” I whispered in a rather loud manner.
There wasn’t anyone besides the concierge, but she didn’t seem to even notice.
	“They can’t see it. Magic, made by my father, hides it. Monsters and people of our
kind, though, can very well see it,” he explained. Then I heard a raspy breath from
behind me, and slowly I turned, only to be thrown against the wall. But the woman behind
the concierge desk didn’t hear the noise my body made upon the impact of being thrown
ten feet back.
	My head pounded as I saw glimpses of Hayden fighting against the demon. The last thing I
saw was her screaming in agony as she shriveled up into nothing, leaving with a dim flash
of red light.
	“What happened?” Canary yelled as she, Jaysi, and Elijah ran in to see what the
commotion was about. I rose to my feet and my knees locked, making me los my balance.
Elijah caught me before I could hit the ground, and Hayden explained what just happened.
	“He’s sending things to kill us. The General’s already gaining his old forces,”
Jaysi breathed and Hayden went to her side and patted her back for comfort.
	“Then I guess we got to leave here. I don’t want to bring anymore danger to one
place,” I decided, and everyone agreed. Once we checked out of the hotel, we walked to
the bike shop and purchased five sturdily built bikes, all painted red.
	The moment we started biking, I felt relaxed. Even Canary, who looked like she’d be
grave for years, laughed as the morning breeze rustled through her hair.
	“Like old times, eh?” I grinned to my sister.
	“It was a good idea, Lina. A very good idea.” 

Writer's block. Fabulous :/

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Very Awesome. Very, Very, VERY awesome. You should write more!

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