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WRITING: Fiction: Death and Love

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Plz read and tell me what you think (it is weird but i like writing weird stories that
nobody gets at first XP)


“So this is what it feels like to kill somebody.”
I tried not to like it, but I did. I tried to ignore the craving I felt to feel it again,
but I could not forget the power. The power of having a life in your hands. The power of
pushing it over the cliff edge and watching it fall into nothing. Peaceful, blissful
nothing. Empty, terrifying nothing.
 The feeling was addictive. I couldn’t stop, and as time went by neither did I want too.
It was evil, I knew. “I have to stop this.” I didn’t though. I sped up. I needed to
feel it again and again until the feeling became me. I was the feeling, the power. “I am


“It is the most virtuous experience; love.” I’ve seen it; I’ve felt it. I’ve
received it and I’ve given it. The latter is the most genial. The one that makes you
feel on top of the world. The most obsessive. “I have to know more. I have to feel
more.” I experimented with love. How strong can it be? Can true love ever be altered, or
is there even such thing as true love? Are soul mates real, or is it just this supposed
love at first sight at work?
I became a scientist of love, the very first. I dedicated my life to love of any kind. The
true love, the crushes, love between friends and love between families. Very soon I was
surrounded by it. I saw it, felt it, received it and I gave it off to everyone I saw. The
great feeling soon became all I was. “I am love” and I adored it.

Note: Edited the title to fit our club nonmenclature - Ed

20 June 2009, 11:11 AM   #2
Guest Poster
i like the love one
but the death one idk i liked it but i feel wrong saying it  

20 June 2009, 12:11 PM    #3
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Luv it!  U r really good at writing stories and extracts and stuff!!!     Not lyk me and
poems...    *sigh*...

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