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Here is my story hope you like it!!! 

    Summer…is the worst thing that could happen. I know all you kids are screaming
and yelling, because it is summer…well not here! You go swimming…in bathing suites
(sometimes even without). Not here! Where do I live you say? I live in Colorado. WOW!
Great place…well not really. It is freezing cold out here, and even in the summer! Try
living out here, and you will never survive! Well, anyways this summer (  2009 ) was the
worst. Why you may ask? Well I will tell you why. 
	It was the first day of summer…school was finally out. I knew my best friend, Nikkie,
was waiting for me at the ski lodge to go skiing. I hurried up and threw a lot of layers
on, and ran out the door. I walked all the way there when I heard my dad’s car. How can
I hear it? It is really old, and it just sounds different from all the other cars.
Anyways, I stopped walking and he stopped where  I was. He rolled down the window slowly
like he had something really important to say.
	“Hope in the car! I got to show you our new neighbors,” said my dad. Well, you see it
is only me and my dad, and he just loves new neighbors. We get new ones every year. The
people that move there just don’t like the cold. I wonder why,
	“No thanks. I am meeting Nikkie at the ski lodge,” I say, hoping not to meet them.
	“No, you got to met them.”
	“But dad…”
	“Get in!” I hoped in the car, and buckled up even though there weren’t going to be
any cars, and it was only five minutes away. My dad pulled in our driveway, and he hoped
out the car and ran to the neighbor’s house. I walked slowly, hoping no one would
answer. I heard the doorbell and ran to the door. I almost tripped, but once you get used
to the snow you never trip. 
	“Why, hello Mr.” said the lady that lived there.
	“Hi, I am Mr. Smell, your next door neighbor, and this is my daughter Lacey.”
	“Well, come in and meet my family!” she sounded real happy. Great I thought. “Boys
you get down here or no winter jackets for you!” she yelled up the stairs. 
Yes, I thought they were from a warm state! I can’t believe it I hadn’t notice it
before. The lady had a nice tan, and I looked at the coats and they were thin! They were
going to be gone in no time. Then I heard two people ran down the stairs. 
        “Oh and by the way I am Mrs. Flowers,” said our new next door neighbor.
        “So what is the big surprise?” asked the man.
        “Henry this is Mr. Smell, and his daughter Lacey.” God, how I hate my last
name, and first name, it is so stupid. Then a boy about my age walked in the room.
        “Mom if I have to come down I will, but I have a lot of unpacking to do.”
        “Well, put that aside.”
        And the next thing I knew I had to take the next door boy (Tommy) to the ski lodge
with me. Great know what Nikkie is going to think? When I got there I saw Nikkie right
away, and walked up to her.
       “Hey,” I said.
       “Hey, you are one hour late!” yelled Nikkie.
        “Sorry, but my dad made me bring him,” I said while pointing at Tommy. I guess
she finally noticed that h was there, because her look changed. She also gave me a look.
You know the look he-is-cute-you-lucky-duck. I hate that look just like my name and last
      “Oh, well let’s go skiing,” Nikkie said a little too happy. 
      “I don’t know how,” said Tommy. I knew, but I didn’t get the time to tell
      “Oh! A warm state boy1 Don’t worry! Lacey and I will teach you how!” said
Nikkie and gave me a look! You know the look, remember-you-taught-me-and-little-kids.
      “Lacey is the best! She taught me, and a bunch of little kids.”
      "Great,” he said not sounding too happy. It’s true. My dad used to be the best
skier around. He taught me, and before I knew it, everyone was asking me to teach them. I
started teaching them until we saw a girl that was better than me. You can guess who it
was. Yes, it was Nikkie. That was how we came best friends. But how did I teach her? She
couldn’t do this one trick, but I could, so she asked me. I said yes. And that is the
end of that story.
      We were at the top of the smallest hill. I showed him how to put the skies on, but
he was having trouble walking in them a little. Great I thought.
       “Okay, first you need to know how to walk in them,” I said.
       “Well, I am standing and I got to the top without falling, so I can walk in
	“No, you can’t! You wobble and you don’t use the sticks!” I yelled a little too
	“I am going to the highest mountain,” he said. Wait! Did I just hear him right?
	“But you can’t! Not even Lacey can go down that hill without getting hurt,” said
	“Well, that is a risk I can take,” he said. The big mountain…only my dad and a
couple of other people made it down. Last year over winter break my dad took me up there.
I fell about half way down and broke my arm, but now it is all better. While we were in
the air train (nickname me and Nikkie came up with) she talked to me.
	“You have to go with him!”
	“No way!”
	“Please! So he doesn’t get hurt!”
	“Fine!” We got at the top of the hill, and looked down. I remembered the view from
last time and took a deep breath. 
	“I thought you weren’t going to go,” he said.
	“Nikkie is making me.”
	“Well, see you down!” he yelled and pushed off. I did too. Wow! What a great skier
his is! Then he turned around to look at me, so I put some speed and caught up to him.
	“Where did you learn to ski?” I yelled, because the wind was taking my voice away. 
	“At my old house, before I moved to Florida!”
	“Oh!” I yelled, and then we were coming to the spot where I fell. The spot is not
only bumper, but kind of rocky, too. Tommy must have noticed my worry look, because he
said that I would be OK. Then before I knew it I was down the hill. Me! Nikkie was already
down there. I threw off my goggles and saw the very surprised look on Nikkie’s face.
	“OMG, you made it Tommy!” yelled Nikkie. Huh? Did I just hear her right? “It was
your first time, and you made it!” Oh, my god! She doesn’t know he lived somewhere
else than a warm place.
	“No…” I started, but got cut off.
	“I guess it was beginner’s luck,” he said smiling. We all ran back, and got hot
coco. Then I started walking home with Tommy. 
	“So…why didn’t you tell Nikkie you used to ski?” I asked.
	“Well, I was going to tell her, but I thought it would be funny if she acted like that
since you guys are popular,” he said. Wait! How did he find out I was popular! “I saw
you in a newspaper. You and your dad when you tried that hill and you fell.”
	“I was in a newspaper! I mean I was on medicine to make the pain go away, but…”
	“They also talked about your school life. Then finally your dad mentioned that he was
looking for a neighbor. That’s why we moved here, because we saw that beautiful
	“Well, I have to go. Bye!”
	“Bye.” I went inside, and my dad was right there.
	“You scared me1” I said.
	“What is this picture?”
	“Me skiing…whait1 Me skiing with…is that Tommy?”
	“Yes, it is, but where are you skiing?” Ouch, I got caught, but I thought he would be
proud of me.
	“The highest mountain,” I said.
	“You could have gotten hurt!”
	“No, buts. You are grounded young lady.” And that was that. I was grounded. No
skiing, no going out, no cell phone, and finally no computer. Not just for a week, but for
three weeks! I would have my phone for the rest of the day, but that was it. I ran
upstairs, so I could text Nikkie.
	1skier: hey nikkie
	4uhugs: hey lacey
	1skier: got caught. am grounded 
	4uhugs: too bad
	1skier: he was mad over nothing
	4uhugs: darn and we could have gone shopping in town
	1skier: what
	4uhugs: my mom is talking me and said I could have 1 friend
	1skier: 
	4uhugs: guess it is Amanda
	Then I got mad and gave my phone up early. My dad let me have one day off. I guess then
its only two weeks, and six days. I fell asleep at 8 o’clock, because I was really
tired, but at one am I heard a thud on my window. I saw all my friends including Nikkie.
They were wearing stuff like they were going to a club.
	“What are you doing?” I asked.
	“Club,” said Nikkie.
	“Who’s driving?”
	“OK. Coming down.” Then I jumped. I was wearing my pj’s, but I knew Nikkie would
have clothes for me in the car.
	“If I get caught…”
	“I know, lets go!”
	We hoped in the car, and I saw my clothes in the passenger seat. I took them and went to
the back.
	“Don’t you dare look!” I said to Tommy. 
	“Don’t worry I am driving.”
	“Is he safe?”
	“Yes!” yelled everyone. Then I realized something. Their were eight seats and their
were nine people. 
	“Huh, where am I going to sit?” I asked.
	“Back there and duck,” said Nikkie. I guess it would have to do. I got changed really
fast and talked. I guess the boys were meeting us there. Then finally we got there. We all
jumped out. Then we went inside. Inside was amazing! There was loud music and people
dancing everywhere. Then I saw a flash right at me! I looked and the newspaper guy ran. No
I thought.
	“I have to go!” I yelled.
	“Why?” asked Nikkie.
	“Newspaper guy and picture!”
	“Fine let’s go find Tommy.”
	“I found him!” I yelled and dragged Nikkie toward Tommy. Then I grabbed Tommy’s arm
and dragged both of them to the parking lot.
	“Drive me home,” I said to Tommy.
	“Fine,” said Tommy. The three of us got into the car. Once we reached my house we all
got out, so they could helped me to the window I had opened. It would be hard in a short
skirt, but I have to do it. 
	“OK Nikkie you know what to do.” I said. Nikkie got down and linked her fingers
together. I put one foot on it and hoped up. “I can’t reach it.”
	“Jump!” said Nikkie.
	“Can’t. Short skirt. Remember?
	“Well I can’t hold you forever.” That’s when I lost my balance and fell over. I
fell in the cold hard snow. 
	“Ow!” I said.
	“Sorry!” said Nikkie.
	“My arm,” I said.
	“Right or left?” asked Tommy.
	“Left,” I said. It was the same one that broke while skiing.
	“Are you sure?” asked Nikkie. I gave her of-course look.
	“I should be OK. I only fell a few feet.” I said while getting up. “Nikkie let’s
try again.” I got on Nikkie’s hand and I tried to reach the window but couldn’t.
	“Tommy a little help here?” asked Nikkie. He then grabbed my waist and pused me up. I
got in, and changed to my pj’s and threw the clothes back to Nikkie.
	“Hope she doesn’t get grounded.” I heard Tommy say. Then I finally went to sleep
for good at 2:30 am.

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that was awwsome!you gotz to write more!

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Here is some more of the story that I just typed:

When I woke up at 10:30 am my dad was sitting at the kitchen table reading the
	“Good morning!” I said really cheerful.
	“You know I just read an entry in here, and it was pretty interesting.”
	“Really? What is it about?”
	“Telling about how this one girl celebrates by going to a club.”
	“Really!” Crap! He was on to me!
	“Guess who it might be.”
	“Oh, no thanks. I’ll pass this time.”
	“Really? Well, you are grounded for two more weeks, and that day I took off counts
now.” Two more weeks! What? That means I am grounded for five weeks! Well, if you count
today. Then my dad walked out the door. I knew he was going to work for a few hours and I
wouldn’t dare touch my phone, but today I decided I needed to.
	1skier: help
	4uhugs: how many
	1skier: 2 more = 5
	4uhugs: 
	1skier: plus this
	4uhugs: he won’t know
	1skier: do you know tommy’s cell
	4uhugs: yeah 
	1skier: maybe I could help then unpack
	4uhugs: yeah
	1skier: what is it
	4uhugs: 17florida
	1skier: thanks
	4uhugs: no problem
	Then I said bye, and added him. Finally, I sent a text to Tommy.
	1skier: lacey here
	16florida: knew that
	1skier: help
	16florida: what
	1skier: 5 weeks
	16florida: your fault 
	1skier: 
	16florida: how can I help you
	1skier: do you need help unpacking
	16florida: nope
	1skier: you suck
	16florida: I know
	1skier: take me to nikkie
	16florida: no
	1skier: now
	16florida: no
	1skier: please!
	16florida: only…
	1skier: yes
	16floride: only if you
	1skier: pick me up in 5 minutes
	16florida: fine
	I said goodbye, and ran upstairs to change. Tommy dropped me off and waited in the car
while I rang the doorbell.
	“Nikkie buy me some thing!” I said and handed her $50.
	“OK!” she said. Then I ran back to the car. When I got inside the house the phone
rang. I was about to grab it, but it stopped. Then I heard the door open. I quickly made
myself look tired.
	“Why didn’t you answer it?” asked my dad.
	“I took a nap,” I said.
	“Really? Grounded!”
	“Saw Tommy out there and told me the truth!” Snap! Why did Tommy tell him? “You are
grounded for another week.”
	“Fine.” Then he left to go back to work. Then I went to text Tommy once
again.	1skier: why
	16florida: what
	1skier: why did you tell truth
	16florida: because I had to
	1skier: now I am grounded 6
	16florida: too bad
	1skier: 
	16florida: 
	1skier: and if he found out about my texts…
	16florida: well maybe you should be good
	1skier: wow that would be easy…not

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omgz!  that was supa awswome!you have to have to have to
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvveeeeee to write more! 

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Here is more of my story!!!

I stopped right then, because I have to be good. That means no using anything that I
couldn’t, and don’t go out with friends. Plus, do stuff that my dad wouldn’t suspect
me to do. I decided I had to teach the little kids again. I mean no skiing, but if my dad
found out that I wanted to help little kids he would love that! I called him right away.
	“Mr. Smell, please,” I said to the voice who asked for the person’s name.
	“Please hold,” said the scary voice.
	“Hello?” said my dad.
	“Hi, dad,” I said. “I have been thinking. I want to teach the little kids again,
because I want to help them out. Is that OK?”
	“No,” he said.
	“But…I really want to help them. They need to learn. Everyone needs to learn.” My
dad took a deep breathe.
	“Lacey…fine do it, but if I find out this is just for social time I won’t let you
do it.”
	“OK. One more question…would this mean I am not grounded?” I asked.
	“No, but if you do it for five weeks without taking any days off you won’t be
grounded anymore.” Yes! He said that I could teach them, and I only have to do it for
five weeks.
	“Thanks dad. Bye.” I rang up on him, and ran to the computer to make a page about
skiing lessens. When I was done it looked like this:


Come by everyday (on weekends too), from 9-5 and you will learn by me for free!
Yes, you do know me, taught some of you, and I decided to teach more!
But, this time for no charge!
Plus, get private lessens during 6-7. 
You have to sign up for that time.
Please see me if you want to!
~Lacey Smell

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I just typed this up...and I stopped at a really good spot. So you might be like no!!!
Anyways here it is:

When I was done I ran to the ski lodge, and post it on the board.
	“Starting again?” asked a woman.
	“Yeah,” I said.
	“MY daughter loves you! She would be sooo happy once she knows you are going to teach
	“Well, I have to go. Nice meeting you!”
	“Nice meeting you, too. Bye!” The woman ran off. I started walking home real slow.
Then I made my self some lunch and did some cleaning. Finally, my dad came home.
	“A ton of people asked about your ad,” said my dad. 
	Then I had dinner, and went to bed. The next morning I went to the ski lodge. Then kids
were there. I spotted the girl that the lady told me about right away, because she looked
just like her. 
	“Alright…we are going to learn how to walk on skis,” I said to every one. We
started walking around. A few of them had troubled, but none of them fell. That’s really
good. Then I said let’s go down the little hill. Then I remembered that I couldn’t
make them go down a hill. I had to make sure that they knew how to fall, so they don’t
fall wrong. 
	“Wait stop!” I yelled.
	“What? I am sooo bored. Can we just ski? I mean my mom is paying for this!” yelled
the little girl that I met her mom yesterday.
	“She isn’t paying,” I said.
	“She is to me.” 
	“Oh! Well, anyway we need to practice how to fall on your butt.”
	“I am sooo leaving!”
	“Well, fine let’s just go down the little hill.”
	“Let’s go!!!” I walked and all the little kids followed me. They started going
down. Only one kid lost his balance. But some how I knew that tomorrow wasn’t going to
be any better. In fact I thought it was going to get worst; until I saw my dad at my hot
cocoa break. 
	“How is it going?” asked my dad. 
	“Good,” I said.
	“Well, then I hope you don’t mind, but I did ask if Tommy to help you.”
	“Why?” I was surprised, but also grateful. 
	“More kids want to join.”
	“Yeah, tomorrow you are going to have close to thirty.”
	“Go to go, before I am gotta here for good.”
	Later that night after the skiing lessons, I took my phone, and text Tommy.
	1skier: you saved me
	16florida: how
	1skier: kids are yelling at me
	16florida: yeah well…
	1skier: what
	16florida: I asked your dad
	1skier: what
	16florida: yeah…
	1skier: but why
	16florida: thought it would be fun
	1skier: yeah and plus you did save me
	16florida: sooo have you taught them how to fall
	1skier: no because of this one brat
	16florida: I saw it
	1skier: what
	16florida: bye
	1skier: wait!
	But Tommy never did answer my question, and he didn’t even text back. Finally, I fell
fast asleep.
	The next morning Tommy rang the doorbell. I looked at my clock it read 8:55 am. Shoot!!!
I ran down the stairs, and opened the door. It was Tommy. He saw me in my pj’s. 
	“Don’t ask!” I said before Tommy could say anything. I let him in, and ran upstairs
to get changed. When I opened my draw to my pants there was nothing in there! 
Shoot!! All my jeans were worn already, and I didn’t do laundry! I ran back down
	“You are not dressed…”
	“Don’t have any jeans.”
	“Let, me do some laundry…then I can put my ski pants on….and then we can go.”
	“We were already supposed to be there.”
	“Fine…let’s just go then.” I got my ski pants on, and my coat, and then my shoes.
I finally walked out of the door. While walking there I put on my gloves, and hat.
	“Wow, that is a lot of kids,” said Tommy once we reached the ski lodge.
	“OMG!!! It’s that Tommy kid that was in the newspaper with her!” said the brat
while pointing at me and Tommy. “Now isn’t he cute?” I heard her say. 
	“This is going to be one heck of a day.”
	“No it isn’t.”
	“Not with me around.”
	We got through the day, and to my surprised Tommy were really great with the kids. They
actually listened to him when they weren’t listening to me. Finally, we sat down to have
some dinner together.
	“God, that was sooo tiring,” I said.
	“What? You are saying that wasn’t hard?”
	“Yeah, it wasn’t.”
	“You got to explain.”
	“I had to teach 100 kids all by myself. Now that was hard.”
	“Yeah, that would be hard.”
	We ate dinner, and talked about the next day. We were going to get even more kids.

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Since I was REALLY bored I decided to keep going on the story, so here is more of it:

“God, that was sooo tiring,” I said.
	“What? You are saying that wasn’t hard?”
	“Yeah, it wasn’t.”
	“You got to explain.”
	“I had to teach 100 kids all by myself. Now that was hard.”
	“Yeah, that would be hard.”
	We ate dinner, and talked about the next day. We were going to get even more kids. The
next day, I woke up early. I took a shower, and got dressed. This time I actually had a
pair of jeans to wear. Then I waited until Tommy came to pick me up. This time we were
going to take his car. I heard the doorbell ring, and sure it was Tommy.
	“Let’s go,” he said. I just nodded my head, and locked the door, and grabbed my
keys. We drove in silence. When we got there, there was close to 60 kids. 
	“This is going to be tough…” I said to Tommy. He paid no attention to me thought he
walked up to the kids and told them that we were going down a medium size hill. It was
pretty easy. I mean there were no rocks and no bumps. 
	“Are you sure about this?” I asked Tommy.
	“Yeah,” he said.
	“Wait, first I want to see Lacey do a trick!!!” said the brat, whose name really was
	“No way, you don’t want to see that,” I said.
	“Yes, I do!!” said Massie. Then all the kids started chanting for me to do a trick.
Tricks were easy for me, but I haven’t done one since I brook my arm. Tommy must of saw
the worried look on my face.
	“Do you really want to do it?”
	“Sure,” I said not to make Tommy think he was a better skier than me. Now before I go
on with the story…do you remember I fell trying to sneak back into my room? Well, I did
fall…and I hurt my arm (the one I brook), and it still kind of hurt. I knew if I messed
up a trick I would break it, but tricks came easy to me right?
	“OK guys Lacey is going to do a trick down the trick hill, so let’s head over
	“Tommy…” I said I just needed to get it out.
	“What? Now you don’t want to do it?”
	“I do, but my arm…I haven’t down a trick since a couple of months.”
	“My dad told me to be careful…”
	“Really? I heard that tricks always came easy to you.”
	“Well, they do, but…”
	“Let’s just go, before you change your mind.”
	That’s where I was at the top of the trick hill. I was just going to do a 360, and that
would be good enough. In fact that was the first trick I learned. Massie asked me what I
was going to do and I told her that. She seemed kind of surprised. Then she told me she
hasn’t learned that trick, and she really wants to. Anyways, I was scared, not because I
know this trick, but because I didn’t do it in a while. In fact if I messed one thing
up, I would fall. Falling…I really didn’t want to do that again. I pushed off, and I
went down the hill. I little bump was coming up, and I was going to do my 360 right after
I hit it. It was coming closer, and closer. I took the jump, but something was wrong, and
I could feel it. I didn’t listen to it though. I started to spin, and then I lost my
balance. I started to turn on my side. Now I know what was wrong…balance. I wasn’t
right on when I took the jump. I started to fall, and then I landed on the same arm as
always. I must of blacked out, because when I woke up I was in the hospital, and my dad on
my side.

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omgz!i was waiting for you to finish it!yay and you did!and yay that was awsome!you have
to write more!

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I have wrote more, and I think I am going to post it now, because it leaves you at another
cliff hanger!!! 


“Lacey…I am disappointed in you,” my dad said in a soft voice. 
	“Where is Tommy?” I asked.
	“He just left to get some dinner for me and himself.”
	“Like I was saying…I told you to take it easy! I did not tell you that you could be
doing tricks again! I mean did I?”
	“Sorry, dad,” I murmured.
	“No, you are not sorry…”
	“Yes, I am…”
	“Well, I can’t take it anymore…no more lessons…and grounded for the rest of the
	“No more talk about this.”
	“That’s enough.” Then the nurse came in to check on me. Supposedly I fell, and
broke my arm again, and I hit my head on the snow really hard too. Then Tommy ran over to
me, and told the little kids to stay there while he ran to get my dad. My dad called the
hospital, and that’s how I got here. The next day I went home with a blue cast on my
same arm as last time. My dad went back to work and I was home alone. At noon my dad
called me though saying that Tommy was coming over to help me make lunch and dinner,
because he would be staying late at the ski lodge. Tommy came over five minutes after the
phone call. We haven’t really talked after what happened to my arm, so it felt really
weird to be talking to him again.
	“Hi,” I said. He just stared at my arm. “What?”
	“It was my fault.”
	“You heard me! It was my fault.”
	“No, it wasn’t…Tommy…I decided to do the trick you didn’t decide for me.”
	“Yeah, but…I asked you, and I pressured for you to do it.”
	“I shouldn’t even be here…”
	“I should have told your dad what really happened…”	
	“Oh, what?”
	“It’s OK. It was my fault.”
	“Fine, whatever.”
	“I am hungry though…”
	“What do you want?” I had to think, because I wanted it to be really hard for him to
make, so I would have to help him.
	“Um….let’s see…I want…Tacos.”  Tacos are really hard, and you need two
	“Too hard for me.”	
	“I will help you!”
	“No, your dad said not to make you do anything.”
	“How will he know,” I said and gave him a grin.
	“Fine,” he said. I got out the taco shells and all the veggies. 
	“I will do the shells. You cook the meat, and cut the veggies.”
	“Fine, but I do have one question for you.”
	“Why did you really do the trick?” What does he mean? I did the trick, because the
little kids asked me to.
	“Um…because of the little kids asking me to.” I flipped over one of the shells. 
	“Or was it because of me?” Huh? What does he mean? Then I heard the phone ring. I
answered it. It was Nikkie. 
	“Lacey!!! Are you OK?”
	“OK! I got to go, but be careful next time!”
	“Will do.” Then she hung up on me.
	“Answer the question,” I heard Tommy say behind me.
	“I told you the little kids asked me to do it.”
	“I am surprised some one as good as a skier as you, you would still take the trick even
if you weren’t balanced all the way.” 
	“What do you mean?”
	“I saw it…you weren’t balanced.” Then I remembered that once I was a little girl.
It was when I in the hospital and my dad right by me looking at my dead mother. My mom
died, because she was skiing, skiing down the big hill. Then it hit me! 
	“I never heard you say that!”
	“Shut up…I got to go. Drive me to the ski lodge…now!” 
	“Fine…but I know why my dad didn’t like me going down the hill…my mom died on
	“Oh, Lacey I am sooo sorry.”
	“You don’t have to be.”
	“I am going to bed…really tired.”
	“What about lunch?”
	“You can have something else…not hungry anymore.”
	“OK.” I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I had to. I went to my room. I
opened up my window, and looked down. I was going to jump down with a broken arm. I was
about ready to jump when I heard my door open. It was Tommy. He knew me too well.
	“Lacey!” I couldn’t take it anymore, I jumped, but something caught me at my broken
arm right where the cast ended.
	“Tommy, let go of me.”
	“Can’t.” Then he pulled me back up, but he didn’t let go of me. “Don’t you
ever do that again.”
	“You are acting like my dad.”
	“Yeah, well I can’t lose you.” Huh? Did I hear him correctly? 

14 June 2009, 10:50 AM   #11
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omg!!!!!!!i wanna read more!come on why did you stop there!you did stop at the good

14 June 2009, 11:32 AM   #12
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Well, I don't know how to finish it that's why...maybe...no that won't work...

14 June 2009, 01:54 PM   #13
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ohh...ill help you think of some ideas if it helps

14 June 2009, 11:21 PM   #14
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R kill me.   

Ur choice.   

You'll have murder on your hands.......  

And if you do continue, I'l give you a hug.  

24 June 2009, 02:27 AM    #15
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Let's see...I could do it that way...no...too boring...oh but I have a great one...but no
it won't really work out..............

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