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Nicolas Gerhard Renegade; Male
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Beakers, microscopes, droppers, flasks, you name it. Students of Physics put to the test what they learn, through measuring velocity, kinetic energy, volume, mass. Chemistry students need to remember shortcuts for the compounds as well as their common names, and recalling not to put this with that, as to avoid disaster. Biology takers need to remember life forms, plants, simply put, anything that is alive. As expected, this is about as much as a nightmare as a classroom and will be disturbing the sleep of more than a few students. Professors: Physics and Chemistry Adalina Heintler - Mondays and Tuesday Mornings {|I|} Foreman Jensen - Tuesday Afternoons and Wednesday Noons {|II|} Theodore Fahreign - Wednesdays and Friday Afternoons {|III|} Gunter Henten - Fridays and Saturdays {|IV and V|} Biology Justin Mendoza - Wednesday Mornings; Thursdays and Friday Afternoons {|II and III|} Selena Alansiya - Mondays and Thursday Mornings {|I and III|}
"I believe in psychic abilities, and one day I'll conduct an experiment to prove it all to you. And then I'll work on enhancing them, so to hell with those non-believers." - Nico's Life Goal. It is a bit absurd, but he'll do anything to make it come true.

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