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My Newest Story (Still Needs Title)

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11 August 2008, 09:45 PM   #1
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Well this story is nowhere near finished. I'm digging it up from my fossils of stories.
Gonna try to redo it. First I want to know what people think before I work to restore it
and finish it. While your at it if you can help me come up with a title that would be very
much aprecatied.


                It’s strange how easily people are deceived. Someone can easily stand in
the shadows and learn everything, then when they need you they use you. Then your nothing
to them, pushed aside like some trash heap. That has been my life since I’ve been young.
The people I’ve used, the people I’ve hurt. It’s all a game to me. But my game was
easy for me to win, I’ve had no challenge. Then the challenge came, in the form of a
	She  had long black hair that came to her waist. It shone in the light like it was
greasy, only she used to much conditioner. I could smell it from a distance. Her eyes were
a bright silver blue, almost as seductive as mine. She was new to school and the second I
saw her I knew she would be my challenge that I felt was coming. About time the game got
more interesting.
	I was listening to the thoughts of those she talked to. She knew to much about us. She
called us bloodsuckers. Me and my family that is. She wasn’t talking about us directly,
but our people in general. I realized she must be a slayer to know so much, because her
features certainly didn’t allow her to be one of us to. She was to tanned. 
	Lunch was a horror that first day. My siblings were as confused and frightened as I was
about the new girl. I realized her name was Lamia. I laughed when my sister, Maya, told
me. Lamia, that was funny. She was a slayer, named after the very beings she was trained
to hate. 
	“That’s right. Vampire. Strange huh?” Maya said. We all were laughing at that.
Still the tense atmosphere was there, hidden underneath the laughter. That’s when my
mind picked up a new train of thought, definitely hers. So, she wasn’t that well of a
slayer if she hadn’t learned to control her mind and put up a barrier. Within a second I
told myself she wouldn’t be to much trouble. I never knew how wrong I was in that

Lamia: Greek myth name of an evil spirit who abducts and murders children. The name
means 'vampire' in Latin and 'fiend' in Arabic.
Real Defination- One who slays; a killer; a murderer; a destroyer of life.
My Defination- One who is trained from birth to hate and destroy all things evil, mostly
beings considered to be myths in today's culture.
Vampire: Refer to Twilight vampires.

12 August 2008, 08:00 PM   #2
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I love it! Keep writing!!!!!!!

16 May 2009, 07:14 PM   #3
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you should keep writing that is sooo good!

17 June 2009, 10:32 PM    #4
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That was awesome!

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