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All my poems

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23 November 2007, 01:11 AM   #1
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1. who is she ? 
SHE had it all
Everything SHE did
SHE loved and was loved
She never gave up
SHE faught for what she believed in
SHE always believed she would and could succeed
SHE lost it all
IT all slowly moved away
SHE wasnt thankful
SHE has no hope
SHE cant believe in herself anymore
SHE said she couldnt do it and gave up
SHE made a mistake (dont we all)
SHE didnt thank him (God)
SHE wasnt pure(her love(although she NEVER cheated)
A friend
A conscience
An enemy
Just some girl

tell me! DO YOU?

2.I ♥ him 
He said he loved me
He said always
We said forever
But forever seemed to cease
We still care for one another
We really do
Maybe not the same way we had planned to
I love him i said
I still do
Something went wrong between us
I couldnt get it
He was perfect
Yes i messed up
I shouldve fessed up
Its hard
Very in fact
But i love him
And he knows that
Forever and always I promise
With ALL my heart

3. More then an angel
He was more then an angel
He saved my soul
From far above
He raised me high and showed me love 

With wisdom  he said " just believe
With that power you WILL succeed

Live and love is what youll do
Be yourself . just be you
Take my hand . DONT be afraid 
Be strong! 
Show um' your brave
He was more then an angel
He was a friend
He said " ill be here for you, until the end"

Does anyone know who he is?
In my heart i made this for two special people! Ill love them forever
Who is he for you?
my two hes are adam, my great grandfathers, and my grandfather

I love you are three strong words
Theyll pull you together or Pull you apart
It clears your head but fills you with thought
Race through your veins 
Who do i love? i say to the
Tell me! do you love me?
Weve all prayed for it(love)
Hoping someone loves us
I know someone who does
I do
I love you all! 
Each and every one of you
You are all special to me
And beautiful are you
Live your life, live it well
And they will accept you

I was forgotten
All by myself
I couldn't find my way
Noone would help
I tried. I did
"I will find my way" i said
Then I did
I was safe
But still forgotten
Missing, But found

I was forgotten
It was my fault
I ran away from the world
I gave up
So I was forgotten
I was hurt so much
I couldnt handle it
So I ran away
And was forgotten

6.My Destination
my destination
of hope and dreams
the best of all
my destiny
im trying to get there
im making my way
through the clouds
right here today

ill make my way
some how ,some way
ill fly away

make a wish
shoot for the stars
im not broken
i may have scars

today i found the way of life

i made it rough through snow, sleet, and rain
im standin here
on the peak
i made it
and i made it for me

its like im trapped
you have no clue
i feel alone
no door to walk through
no one to go to
stuck in your mind
nowhere to be seen
no one to find

your not found
your not free
like your lost in your soul
like a trapped animal
the pain & the tears
the doubts & the fears
it keeps you there

save the tears
forget you fears
dont be drear
have no fear
be brave
take it in
figure it out
your not trapped

your stuck
push yourself
find your way
its possible
ive been that way
i figured it out!!
right here today
its like a puzzle
just fit the pieces
after all , its all you needed

8. love (my accidental poem
but when i look into his eyes i feal like its heaven
like an angel is just saying you know you love him
like no one else is there
like its just me and him
its just a great feeling
to look into his deep blue eyes
and then like celebrating a good friendship with laughter

9. why
Why did i do it
I knew it wasn't right
Why did i say that
It didn't feel right
Why do we make mistakes
I know we're ONLY human
Why do people die
It hurts so much inside
Why am i loved
Why do i try
Why do we always ask why
Some things i guess we will never  know
i guess why is one of them

^ all of those i made!
are they any good?
plz comment on them and tell me the one you like most :D

10. tht girl with many scars
She sat beside a girl
A girl with many scars
She asked," why on earth would you do that?"
So she sat and told her why

"Theres a story for every scar ,
a memory from the past,
the cutting stops some pain, 
and others yet to have "
"That way i remember the good from bad"
"To prepare for my future"
"When i get old ill tell my stories"
"Theyll always be with me"
"You may cut too"
"Im sorry to say"

"It burns at 1st but then feels good
I got used to it like i knew i would"
With no words spoken the girl nodded and left
and like the young one said she tried it
Little did she know she made a mistake
for 3 days later tht girl had no life
for she died from too much bleeding with an old pocket knife
for a cut too deep stopped her living
for her past and her present she could not make neat
life was something she just couldnt defeat

shes all alone
nowhere to go
she thought she could trust someone
but that person is gone
she sits by herself
alone with no one else
she lives with her mom
but thats not great
shes lost in love 
but not fate
she has her story
like yours and mine
its nowhere near perfection
how would you feel all alone
shes trying her best
she really is
shes makin her way
trying for the best
she made some friends
found a new trend
got the guys
in the end
all she needed was a helping hand

12. no one was there
ive always had a hard time
its never been clear
i look all around me
to find no ones there
to guide me and lead me
someone to save me
it seems like ive fallen
and headed for nowhere
its harder to breathe
a world with no air
its tearing me apart
do you hear?do you care?
is there anyone out there?
day by day i look around
to find someone but hear no sound
i thought there was someone 
appearantly not
i guess the world just wasnt what id thought

13.granddaddy's poem
theyre up there
everyone of them
i call them angels
some of my favorite people are those angels
great grandaddy is one of them
grandaddy died happyily
he lived a great,successful life!
he was a role model and a hero to all
he amazed me 
so much he did
i thought he was perfect.. well im my case he was
we had the best times!
cake on my birthdays
church on sundays
and movies.. psh. always!
as his time faded we'd have to depart
but always remember, he's in my heart
so the time has come and i look upon
the place my grandaddy lays  , this very day
i bring him flowers every year
just to show how much i care
now there's tears rolling down my face
and NO ONE could ever replace...
that person that shines through my heart!
hes never left behind!
not though cold, not through dark!
hes always on my mind...... and never far behind! 
hes always with me... well maybe not physically
but he stands beside me
through it all
ive never forgotten that!
i remember day by day
he had to go his seperate way
and i know hes proud to be honored up there
i love him and he loves me. and thts all tht matters!

14. Dear Boy
Dear Boy,
iLike you. i really do.
i know this girl. well she likes you to.
shes a great person! 
she really is. 
i just wish i wuz as good as she was.
boy, things are going wrong for me.
i told you i felt bad.
but i couldnt tell you why..
well i could. but i i feel i cant. i dont know why.
im just a stupid girl
you wouldnt mind if i told you. im pretty sure.
after all. your one of the best there were.
well. i wunna tell you. 
but its probably late.
she likes you and you like her
i guess i gotta accept mi fate.
this has happened before.
now im crushed once more.....
SO about what i didnt tell you.
yeahh. well here it goes.
thats what it was.
                  The person that will never have you.

23 November 2007, 03:48 PM   #2
Joined: 22 Nov 2007
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wow you do some good work and 

my fave..amazingly is #4

23 November 2007, 04:00 PM   #3
Guest Poster
ok! thts cool :D

23 November 2007, 06:50 PM   #4
Guest Poster
Those are realy great i love them your a great poet^_^

23 November 2007, 07:37 PM   #5
Guest Poster
and thnxx again! :D
and thnxx again!!!!
yeah i started writing in september
and theyre all usually about life
im wurkin on 2 right now!

24 November 2007, 02:05 AM   #6
Guest Poster
Love is always fake,
you can't even take.

What if we can steal love?
No! I went to my heart and not above.

25 November 2007, 09:06 PM   #7
Guest Poster
its catchy

26 November 2007, 12:01 AM   #8
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Goodluck with your poems xD

26 November 2007, 12:18 AM   #9
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Last edited by WaWababy, 26 November 2007
i locked up my heart
so you wont stab it
cuz its a special heart
but wait..i cant lock it..SHIT!!

26 November 2007, 12:27 AM   #10
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i locked up my heart
so you wont stab it
cuz its a special heart
but wait..i cant lock it..SHIT!!

Nice one :D
 Thats Right You Heard Me

     I'mma Ninja

26 November 2007, 06:36 AM   #11
Guest Poster
my heart is broken,
you can't just buy just for 2 tokens.
fly me away from sadness,
its just that i'm so careless....

fight me if you can,
kill me if you dare,
don't just stand there,
take a knife and stab me everywhere!

i want you to hug me,
i want you to kiss me,
i want you to love me, 
i want you to hold me tight,
tight at you can be!!

26 November 2007, 05:30 PM   #12
Guest Poster
thts reall good
tht other is funy
im makin another 1! 
but yeahh im almost done
and thnxx for the good luck

3 January 2008, 01:15 AM   #13
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one night, i got this like, surge of poetry in me.
i showed this poem to my friends and
they said it was creepy.

theres no title.

Is she dead?
or is she alive?
She stays awake 
most of the time

She stares ahead
with a longing look
Wishing to God
that she will be took

One dark night
she lay in bed
Staring at a wall
as she bleed

She did't do it
she doesn't know who
The wish came true
what was she to do?

3 January 2008, 02:07 AM   #14
Guest Poster

this thing is undescribable
its unbearable to
i would think its pain
and so would you
but its more than that
its like a rush
heart pumping 
and blood flowing
hearing every beat
like the sound of guns
in the middle of a war
hands sweating 
unable to hold on very tight
but just enough to stay alive
this undescribable thing
is amazing
its a blessing when its here
but a curse when its gone
those who have had it
know what it is
but those who have never had it
wont recognize it right away
and no matter what
its always worth the risk
its always worth pain 
even though
it might not seem like it
and this will only make sense
to those lucky enough to have it
still dont know what it is
i will give you a hint
its worth dieing for
give up yet?
its ♥Love♥

28 April 2008, 09:04 PM    #15
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those r deep. like really deep. i like #4 and #1!

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