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HBS: Information & Rules

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Welcome to Hani Boarding School! HBS is located in British Columbia, Canada. Hani Boarding School is a large, castle like building a few minutes out of Audree, a small town. HBS serves students grade ten to twelve. Rules o1: Be nice to the other members; if you have an issue, letter me. o2: No making topics; that is my job. o3: Be active; if you don't make a single post after you join within a week, I'll kick you out. o4: Use proper spelling; even in OOC and non-role playing topics. o5: No perfect characters or controlling other's characters. o6: Use OOC and BIC when in role play. o7: There is a post minimum; five sentences at least. o8: Interact with the other characters; there's no point otherwise. o9: Your character may not be in more than one time at once. 1o: Enjoy yourself. Character Template Fill out this form and post it below. Character's Name: Character's Grade & Age: Character's Appearance: One good paragraph minimum. Character's Personality: One paragraph minimum. Character's Picture: Anime pictures only please.
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This is my character. Name: Nori Takayu Age & Grade: Fifteen & Grade Ten Appearance: Nori has Japanese heritage, and has long black hair, and dark blue eyes. She has fair skin, that burns easily. The special thing about Nori is that fact that she's mute and deaf, which means she can't talk or hear. Therefore, Nori carries a notebook around with her at all times, so she can communicate with others. She wears fairly typical clothing, but especially loves gloves and hats. She has a petite stature, and at 5'2, is very short for a tenth grader. Nori's expression is usually content, or something lost, because she day dreams quite a bit. Nori wears some makeup, but she doesn't go all out. Personality: People describe Nori as a thoughtful person. She is very imaginative, as she needs to come up with ideas to do things without her disabilities getting in the way. Nori is also quite humorous, and enjoys laughing. On the down side, Nori has short temper, and can be very moody if someone has upset her. Rain and friends make Nori happy, while bugs and big crowds make her uncomfortable. Picture: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Character's Name: Morita Taro [Taro being his first name.]

Character's Grade & Age: Grade Eleven & Sixteen.

Character's Appearance: Taro is fairly slim for his age, and about average height,
although the fact he is unusually skinny can make him appear taller. His arms and legs are
equally as thin, though he is stronger than he looks. His legs look incredibly long in
proportion to his chest, which is possibly the weakest part of his body. Taro's arms look
as though they could snapped in half easily, but they are strong enough for him to get by.
His hands are fragile, with slender fingers and a gentle touch. His skin is almost white.

The boy's eyes are the only thing in his face that seem truly alive. They are greenish
brown, but depending on the light, can appear more one colour than the other. His eyes are
shaped like rounded almonds and often appear half closed. His hair is brown and stubbornly
untidy. He never makes much of an attempt to brush it down, so it's almost always stuck up
everywhere. The rest of Taro's facial features are very distinct. His face is quite thin,
and his chin is sharper than most people's. The expression often carried on his face is
aloof and thoughtful.

Taro normally dresses in fairly plain clothes. He tends to look a little more 'scruffy'
than most, but it's hardly noticeable. His clothes are generally the sort a 'normal'
person would wear, to help him stay unnoticed.

Character's Personality: To a stranger, or anyone who doesn't know him well, Taro appears
aloof, unfriendly and perhaps the sort of person who would lead one into trouble. However,
to his friends and superiors, Taro is pretty civil, even compassionate towards those close
to him. Generally, he's not one to be very emotional and tries hard to hide them from

He's happiest on his own, most of the time. Due to his upbringing, he's learnt to take
care of himself and prefers to be totally independent. He can often be found in some
secluded place, drawing, or just sitting. If disturbed when he's like this, he'll often
'flip out', whoever it is who interrupted him. He is easily irritated and considers many
inferior to him.

Though he will try and pull off that he is fearless to most people, Taro actually fears a
few things. He's extremely claustrophobic and panics in any place that he feels is too
small. Similarly, he is afraid of crowded places, or particularly busy places. He fears
failure and those closest to him rejecting him.

Taro doesn't think much of himself. While he thinks he is better than everyone else, he
hates himself more than anyone. He is failing all his subjects at school, except art,
which makes him feel stupid. In actual fact, he is slightly dyslexic, but since his father
never cared to tell him, he doesn't know that. Taro would like to change himself in many
ways, but doesn't know how, which scares him more than anything.

Character's Picture:

D: Okay, yes?

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Character's Name: Nana Alba (Nana being the first name)

Character's Grade & Age: Grade 10 and Age 17.
Character's Appearance: 
       She has blonde hair with orange highlights. She is a girly girl, so she wears long,
bright colored dresses. She has a favorite hat which is purple and she wears it all the
time, except on rare occasions. She is on the shorter side, about 4 foot, 6 inches. She is
very slim, which makes guys attract to her (though she isn't very interested in boys
yet.). Her face looks very childish, with a bright pink blush and pink lip gloss coating
her face. She doesn't wear glasses though.

Character's Personality: 
       She is very smart. She has the highest grades in the entire school! She doesn't
play many sports but she can't resist swimming and soccer. She is popular, but hates it
efficently (sp?). She is very shy and barely talks. Her parents thinks she is annoying and
so they sent her here so they wouldn't have to see her. She screamed at her parents for
hours, but they wouldn't change their minds. While she sulked and sobbed in her bedroom
(which she is very sensitive I should add in) her parents invited friends over and had a
party.  She hates her parents more than anything because they always treat her unfairly.
She loves computers, and she is trying to build a robot clone of her so it can go to the
school besides her, but she never finished it in time. She loves to play chess so people
label her as, "Geek of the Century". She is very shy so she doesn't flirt, nor talk much.
Nana is very, very scared of men because she doesn't want her heart to break after she
breaks up with one. So, that is the history and/or personality of Nana Albe.

Character's Picture: Anime pictures only please.

That's her!
hope thats better

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Squi: Yes, yes, that's a lovely character. :D Your photobucket picture isn't working, but it's fine. ^ ^ BlueJay: This role play is a realistic role play, so please change Nana into a non-bat.
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ok.. I'll try and find a new pic... It's really hard to find her

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Okay, thanks. :D
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