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"rock, paper, scissors"

19 April 2007, 09:35 AM    #1
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when I play
"rock, paper, scissors"
I always choose rock
then, when someone
claims that they've
beaten me with paper
I punch them in the face
with my already clenched 
fist and say something like....
"oh shit, im sorry i thought
paper would protect you"
okay I understand that 
scissor can beat paper and
I get how rock beats scissor
but theres no way paper can
beat rock!
paper is supposed to magically
"wrap around" leaving rock
it immobile?
then, why the hell can't paper do
this to scissors?
in fact, screw scissors!
why can't paper do this
to people?
why aren't sheets of collage-ruled
notebook papers constantly
suffocating students as they
take notes in class?
i'll tell you why!
its because paper can't beat
a rock would tear that shit up
in just about 2 seconds

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