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Rules and Character Creation

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1-	Don’t be cruel to other player, unless it’s to character-to-character then

2-	No crybering, take it to the messages!

3-	Please be active! 

4-	Don't kill off other people's characters! (Unless you have the creator's permission)

5-	You can swear on here, just don't talk like a sailor.

6-	You can create as many characters as you want!! (Just make sure you can keep up with

7-     Be creative, please don't copy a character. 

8-	Lastly, have fun!

Character Creation! (If you want to add a field here, that's fine)

Full Name:

Date of Birth: 

Nicknames: (if they have any)


Sexual orientation: (can be anything, I don’t judge) 

Appearance: (unless you have a photo, then you can skip this.)

Languages spoken:

Occupation(s): (if they have one)


Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: (if they have any)



Picture: (it is better if its anime, but you don't have to)

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Full Name: Takuya Inoue Date of Birth: March 6, 1988 Nicknames: Taku Sex: Male Sexual orientation: Gay Languages spoken: Japanese, Italian, English, and French. Occupation(s): He owns a Bakery and Clothing store Interests: He is interested in many things but manly boys. He loves Fashion and loves to dress women in what there natural beauty would let him do. He is very interested in natural beauty and believing in yourself. He is obsessed with clothes he must see people wearing matched clothes or else he would die. Personality: He is a total man-eater. He must have what he wants or else. He is very kind, gentle and motherly-like. He cares for the people he loves and is willing to do anything to make them happy. Once he has something or someone he will never let them go. He loves men with a little scruffy on there chins. He is very out going person and is very determined. So if you make him your friend keep a tight hold on very precious secrets. History: As a child Takuya always dressed like a little girl. He loved the dresses and the frilly skirts, but his father didn't approve. So when He was 18 his father savagely beat him till he was drenched in blood and has fainted. His mother had passed and could not help her poor child. He was so afraid of his father he had changed his way for ever he could not go bac to his girly self in fear of what his father would do if he had saw him in a single piece of women's clothing. So Whe he was 18 he moved out and lived on his own till this day when he moved to the town of Little Aribu where he might be able to be himself again. Picture:

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Accepted, sorry I thought I did!

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Its fine, thank you.

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Full Name: Toshio Yamada Date of Birth: October 9, 1983 (30 Years Old) Nicknames: Toshi Sex: Male Sexual orientation: Gay Languages spoken: Japanese and English Occupation(s): Own a Motor Repair Interests: Like any typical male, his interest are usually sports related. One of his life dreams is to travel around the world and see new places. At his motor repair, he collects vintage cars and motorcycles never willing to sell any. He's usually busy most of the time, but when he does have free time he goes out and has a drink. (Leben make a bar!) Sweet are is ultimate weakness though, he could eat a thousand donuts if he was given the chance. Toshi is a kid at heart, so playing with his nephew Haru with video games isn't out of the question. Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: When stress he tends to drink a lot. Personality: Toshi is known for being a sweet and caring guy, but has appearance of a stone. When he had his mind set on something it's really tough to get him to break and rethink about it. For the most part, he has a calm persona until he starts drinking. Stressed about work most of the time, he tends to drink and gets uncontrollably mad. Saying things he doesn't mean is one of things he does when he's drunk and lost so many friends and family due to it. If he realizes he does something wrong, he will try his hardest to make everything better. History: When Toshi was younger, he was disowned by his father because of his sexuality. Ever since there is was always shunned by his family, enough that he had to move own at a young age. When he turned 20, he opened up his Motor repair and was happy. The fear of people walking away always lingered so he put away that persona and pulled out a new one. The only person he really opens up to is his Nephew Haru. Ever since haru was a child, he taught him how to do his job hoping one day he would be able to take care of the shop when he's gone. Though he get's easily stressed, he goes to the bar and get's smashed, trying to wash away all his problems with alcohol. He works hard to straighten himself out and tries to get his life in order. Picture:
Toshio Yamada/ 30

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Accepted and fine, miss bossy!

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Failed attempt at this, forgive me. I'll find a picture soon, I found one but I lost it so I tried to rewrite the application after my tab closed. Full name: Avery Swett Morse Spellmen Date of birth: September 28, 1989 ( 21 ) Nicknames: Crazy Man, Child eater, mostly rude names by children, yet it doesn't effect him. Sex: Male Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Languages spoken: English Appearance: (Will edit) Occupation(s): Was a science teacher, but got fired after the comments and rumors effected the school's reputation. Interests: Death, Life, anything body and life related. He'd always have these crazy passions for the dead, the living and sometimes in between. Serious problems ect.: Avery had trouble keeping his wild or sadistic side down, so it wasn't much of a surprise when rumors had spread around that A) He raped one of the students and kept him in the school's basement, B) He killed a teacher for talking about his scar, and C) drinking on school property during school hours. However, none of these were true. He loves to play around with others, but in a mature and childish way. Personality: Avery is a jolly man, always smiling, grinning, laughing childishly as he took out the organs of dead bodies and showed them to the students proudly without a care. His life devoted around everything about life and death, and knew almost everything about it. When he's serious, IF he ever was, those moments are sadistic, challenging and smart tactics he uses. He's very intelligent, and doesn't use it for bad excuses. Whenever he does get serious, it's something not to make him angry about, and when he gets angry, somebody gets hurt. His strange hobbies consist of taking organs out, out, donating hearts, testing science, and planning funerals. History: Avery grew up a sad child, his parents loved that he was very smart, but didn't understand why he seemed o be failing every single class, but Life Sciences. They figured it would be a phase for a seven year old who spent most of his time experimenting on his sleeping parents. Still, as he grew up, things didn't change. They figured that if they were to kick him out, he would figure out his life. But, he didn't. When he was eighteen, his parents died of natural death; old age. That was when he became excited about the inner body, and body itself. His first experiment was an attempt at fluid acid that would dissolve the skin, but keep the inside body organs safe and protected. It worked at first, but his first year of college did not go well when his second attempt caused him the scar across his face, yet doesn't speak of it. After being so depressed, when he was 20, his eyes opened and he began to realize the happiness his life. Sadness was a last resort, so he shrugged it all off, and had changed. He became a teacher months after his 'changing', but when rumors started to spread around the school, the school got fed up and fired him. He's been having troubles ever since.

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I really enjoyed that one a lot! Accepted!

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Thank you~

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Full Name: Peter Toland Date of Birth: April 9,1986 (27 years old) Nicknames: Pete, Petey Sex: Male Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Languages spoken: English, Japanese, and Welsh Occupation(s): Bartender Interests: He enjoys making new friends and he's really good at it. He is a very clean person, and enjoys long hot showers after work. Working in a bar, he knows how to control his drink, but he isn't into the heavy stuff. Finding it more pleasing to just have a couple glasses of wine or a rum and punch. When looking for a relationship, he liked the person who knows what their doing in life and is in complete control of it. There is just one thing that he really like on a person, a nice light spray of perfume or cologne. Personality: Peter has a sweet but cunning personality, usually thinking of things that one would not normally. He has calm and sophisticated appearance shell, that is not easily broken out of it. When in a relationship Pete is committed and will always be to the end. His common sense is stronger then most people, knowing what is wrong and/or will have consequences. When he knows a friend is in trouble, he will always be there to help not giving it even a second thought. Over all, people have no idea what he really is thinking, or what his true intentions are. History: Peter wasn't born in Little Aribu, like most of it's residents. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and moved around all of the United Kingdom when he was growing up. People don't really know about his past, because he never speaks of it. But when he was twenty one he moved to Little Aribu, with a alcohol license and started to work at the bar. Over the years the owner got sick and didn't have anyone to give the ownership to, so he gave it to Peter. He redesigned the bar and created it into the one it is today. Picture:
Peter Toland/ 27 /Bartender

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Full Name: Eric "Erica" Johnson Date of Birth: May 6, 1997 Nicknames: None Sex: Transgender Sexual orientation: Curious/Questioning Languages spoken: English and Pig-Latin Occupation(s): None Interests: Eric has a big sweet tooth and a liking for all things cute and girly. His favorite colors are pink, yellow or anything pastel. His favorite holiday is Easter because of the Easter bunny and how colorful the holiday is. He often clings to a stuffed bunny named Freckles that his Aunt bought him before she passed away. He enjoys spending time with his cousin and window shopping. Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Androphobia (abnormal and irrational fear of men), he can look at a man from afar but whenever she is confronted by one he has a panic attack. If he can't get away in time, he will lose consciousness. Personality: Despite his fear of men, Eric is kind to anyone despite how awful they may be. He is a sweet yet incredibly shy boy that can't approach people on his own. He is very easily hurt and taken advantage of. Once you get to know him, Eric is a very cheery and determined boy. He's quite childish, innocent and naive; no matter how many times Casen has told him that such things do not exist, he still believes in the Easter bunny. He is oblivious to jokes and sarcasm. History: Erica was originally born as Eric and Eric was a mistake. He was born to alcoholic nymphomaniacs that lived behind a cemetery in a tiny home in a town with the population of about 500 people. His father abused him verbally and physically, neglecting him. Though his mother secretly cared for him just a tiny bit, just enough to give him a bowl of water and a stale piece of bread. Eric loved exploring the cemetery behind the house but seeing as he was never allowed outside the house, he was severely punished when he was caught. He believed that his parents abuse and neglect towards him were because of his gender. Eric slowly evolved into a more girlish child and he found himself to be much happier that way. After his parents realized what their son was becoming, they couldn't stand to even look at him. So, they tried to get rid of him but unfortunately, everywhere they went, they had to pay some amount of money. Eventually, Eric's mother was able to convince her brother to take Eric in. Because Eric's uncle was always cold and distant, Eric believed that this was also because he was a boy; he had by now completely convinced himself that human beings only liked those of the opposite gender. Whenever he confronted his uncle or when his uncle would just glance at him, Eric started to have panic attacks and soon developed a case of Androphobia. His aunt was very loving and motherly towards Eric because of the abuse he went through with his original parents and supported him as a girl by calling him Erica and buying him various girly things like dresses and cute stuffed animals. His cousin, Casen, is the only boy he is able to be with because when they grew up, Eric always thought he was a girl because he would never cut his hair so he looked like a girl with his long hair. About two years ago, Eric's Aunt died of lung cancer and his Uncle died soon after from a broken heart. Casen became Eric's legal guardian after his parents begged to not have to take him back. So, he now lives a strict lifestyle under his cousin's care and has completely forgotten the fact that he is actually a male named Eric. Picture: /// Full Name: Casen Moreno Date of Birth: July 14, 1993 Nicknames: None Sex: Male Sexual orientation: Closeted Bisexual Languages spoken: English and Danish Occupation(s): Works at a department store in the Mall Interests: Casen has very little interests. He enjoys spending his time alone or with Eric. He spends most of his time at work, with Eric or just spending his time alone. He doesn't have very much of a sweet tooth like his cousin but he still enjoys quality food and hopes to one day become a serious and well-known food critic. He find peace in fixing, cleaning, and organizing various things. Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Has some pretty serious OCD Personality: Casen is a very stern person. Besides Erica, he does not tolerate other people very easily. He lives his day by day life through a very strict set of guidelines he has set for he and Eric. He's very protective of his cousin and the fact that he is transgender does not bother him even though he does not support nor look down upon it. He doesn't joke around, he's sarcastic but doesn't joke. He hates messes and can't stand it when things aren't organized in his own style and will take the time and energy to make things the way he wants them to be, even if it doesn't seem worth it or important. History: Casen was the only child of a couple that was above middle class but still didn't have enough money to be considered rich or wealthy. His father was a business man that seemed to distance himself from everyone he knew. His mother was the complete opposite, she was a very kind and gentle social butterfly that moved with grace and elegance. Casen never knew his father very well, so, he desired his father's attention and praise more then anything. Casen grew up trying his hardest for the approval of his father, no matter how many times his mother told him that his father loved him and that he didn't need to work hard for his father's approval. When Casen's family took in Eric as their own, he became very attached to Eric, thinking he was actually a girl and even had a crush on him since he was too young to realize that liking one's own family was a no-no but all of that went away as they grew older. After his parents had died, he took Eric under his wing and bought a small two bedroom apartment in Little Aribu. Picture:

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Hooray! I've finally finished! I made some changes to Erica. She is now Eric, a
transgender that goes by the name of Erica. So, I had to change the history up a bit and
what not.

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I deleted the other two, lost my muse. But, here's my little bbys. Full name: Yao ChangMin Date of birth: January 1, 1994 ( 18 ) Nicknames: No nicknames, as far as he knows. Sex: Male Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Languages spoken: English, Chinese, most Korean Appearance: Occupation(s): Artist Interests: Yao has a wide variety of interests, most for art and intelligence of the way of animals. Through his life, he has found that painting, even sketching makes him feel a little more less alone. On the other hand, he's got a big love for animals, like giraffe and most fluffy cute things that will attack him. Still, he rises up to the occasion. Serious problems ect.: Yao can hold his liquor pretty good, however, if he were to get seriously drunk, he causes issues to himself, sometimes others. Isolated from everybody, he finds it hard to trust others and doesn't necessarily go about with a friend or family, a loner. He has posttraumatic stress issues where he will break down. Bipolar symptoms, he's got it. Personality: Yao is a kind man at first who knows a lot of knowledge, despite being so young himself. He's artistic and loyal, yet too honest and a bit distant towards others. He loves to drink, and holding his liquor is no problem. Still, others can't help but worry for his own health. He's strong, brave and very promising. He has never once broken a promise, and will never do so. Mostly spending his days alone, he finds quieter, big forest like places are best suited for him. Yao is pretty friendly once you get to know him, and very energetic too. Although, he has a very serious and concentrated side of him that particularly likes to show in a shy kind of way of pushing others away. Still, he loves all people and tries to be good to them. Even so, he will flip out randomly when angry, sometimes seen breaking multiple things around him, attacking them, them running away, ect. History: Yao had a wealthy family, but it wasn't like Yao really got what he wanted. He had siblings of six; four boys and two girls who were much younger than him. They got the most attention, so when Yao tried being the big brother to them, they treated him like a stranger. As they grew up, he continued to be strong and teach them things. Even as tome grew on and one by one they left, he continued to show love and affection. But, everyone disappeared. He was alone, not even once a call ever year. He would get money in the mail that would last him the whole year, and that seemed enough for him to feel wanted, but he didn't. Considering he was homeschooled until thirteen, he didn't have much as in education except from books. At the midst if the age seventeen, he found a small apartment in Little Aribu where he began to live on his. He spent most of his remaining years in Little Aribu by going back to school, though it wasn't long until he was home sick and dropped out, starting a new life of art. // Full name: William Honey Corriger Date of birth: December 23, 1995 ( 17 ) Nicknames: Will, Willy, Honey. Sex: Male Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Languages spoken: English, Spanish and French. Appearance: Occupation(s): He owns a children's daycare center near town. Interests: William's interest both serve in working, sleeping and children. But, sleeping is a more casual thing he does out in the open. He is absolutely in love with candy and everything sweets, even though he always hits rock bottom with a sore mouth. He's very lovable towards little kids and finds they are beautiful young people who have true hearts as children, right before they grow into wonderful people. He feels just like them and misses being a kid. Serious problems ect.: William eats too much candy, more than too much actually. As in a childish state, stature can't help bit collect all this energy and immediately hit the bottom moments later. He works a lot, almost pushing him far off the edge. It's whenever that he will fall asleep at the strangest and most casual places that he's left vulnerable in such a state, but becomes too tired to do anything. Although, if you try to wake him up when he's sleeping, he'll lose sleeping time and that will trigger his hunger for candy. Personality: William, although caring, smart, loyal, faithful, gentle, kind and very handsome. William has a childish nature of a little kid with a more open mind. Eating candy, sweets and anything he can grasp, it's hard enough to believe he hasn't gained weight yet. William can be a great cry baby, but is never loud since he has a soft voice and cannot raise his voice, from experience. William is always sleeping, tired but keeps up a strong front around work, and finds that if he can smile and be cheerful, other kids will too. To get one thing straight, William is like a child in most ways. Randomly sleeping in random places, oblivious personality, sweets addiction and a lot of having people depend on him as a fragile being. He's always had that one person watch over him, but since that day, he's had trouble getting back onto his feet. History: William, a single child with no parents to depend on him, lowered his life standards. He had a great childhood. He had many friends, got a lot of girls, boys, But only seemed to miss one thing... family. They were always on trips without him, and never called or did anything special for celebrations, he was on his own. As he grew older, he found attaching himself to people was the only way to hold onto them and himself without falling, he didn't want to be alone. As he grew older, he moved into the Little Aribu area where he began karate lessons, and gradually started helping out to teach martial arts. By the age of fourteen, things seemed to change. His best friend, Sebastian took great care of him. Showed him how he wanted to be happy, and soon, a relationship. All wasn't happy just yet. Because William couldn't take much care of himself, he was oblivious to the fact Sebastian was tired of worrying and protecting him, that he left the following day and never came back. William grew into depression, and almost went into a heart attack when he loaded himself with sugar and could of killed himself. Despite his poor health, he began working at a daycare center to learn to take care of others, and himself. After the owner had died, he was able to take over the center at seventeen.

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