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Azeroth(SRP #1)

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6 January 2013, 07:34 PM   #1
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SRP: Specific Role Play

Welcome to Azeroth! In this world, the world has been destroyed by the greed of both
demons and humans. Humans and demons are in constant war with one another. They are ruled
by both demigods and death gods. Despite this, the world is in complete chaos. Unless your
a warrior, your homeless and starving. The world is completely in ruins. Here's the

Azeroth was once a thriving, beautiful land. Demons and humans coexisted amongst one
another. Demons and humans lived together, got married, and even had children together. It
was a land full of peace and prosperity. Until, the demons and humans realized they
couldn't just coexist together without a strong leader. They needed rules. That was when
the darkness begun. A ruler came to power. Half dragon, half human. He was a powerful
leader. Also wealthy. He had mountains of gold laying at his feet. The new leader gave the
gold to the demons and humans generously. He knew there greed would get the best of them.
Azeroth became one of the richest kingdoms known to man. Eventually, the demons and humans
ran out of gold. Any pieces of gold they would find, they'd beat each other over. They
became like animals. Once this began, their leader disappeared never to be seen again.
They didn't even realize. They were too possessed by all their greed to notice anything.
1000 years went by and Azeroth became a desolate nation.

Now present day and the nation still hasn't gotten out of its darkness. Men and women are
forced to become soldiers so they'd be able to at least have homes. Most children have
been orphaned. Humans and demons have been completely split from each other. Demons live
on the left side and humans live on the right. They have strict laws that keep themselves
away from each other. Only a group of a select few can fully take this land out of its
darkness and bring back the peace and prosperity it once had.

9 January 2013, 01:39 PM   #2
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Ash stood in an alley where a mutilated human laid. The humans eyes were gouged out,
stomach was cut open to show all of the humans organs, and his throat was slit. Some
humans ran in the alley and saw the human. By the time they got there, however, he was
gone. Ash got back to the demon side and chuckled. He didn't care for the laws. He never
got caught anyways. He preferred killing humans but has killed demons in the past. He
walked down the street and saw a group of teenage female demons. "Guess schools out," he
muttered to himself.

9 January 2013, 05:07 PM   #3
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Alice stood on the streets shivering from the cold, she didn't know the feeling
yet, but she didn't like it. She brushed her arms repeatedly up her arms to her shoulders
to keep warm. Her Creator left her enough money to buy something to eat and drink for a
few days, but was unclear what to do with it, and ended up wasting it on souvenirs
instead. She let out a cold breath, listening to her shoes hit the pavement as she
searched for a place to sleep- even eat or get a drink if she could. From this time on,
she wasn't sure what she would do.

10 January 2013, 07:58 PM   #4
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Ash was hanging around the border between human and demon. Of course he stayed on the
demon side but he was playing with a knife. There were blood splatters all over his
clothes but he didn't seem to notice. Humans would walk by him and he'd give them a death
glare. They would scurry away afraid of him. He smirked. Humans were so weak and
powerless. He didn't get why the demons didn't just wipe them off the face of the earth

10 January 2013, 08:22 PM   #5
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Alice glanced around for a while before she noticed approaching others, three
older men drunkenly playing games like 'who caught the shoe' and which had the 'sluttiest
wife'. The men all noticed her and quietly walked over with grinning smirks and dark
alcoholic breath. "Hey~ pretty lady, what's someone like you doing out here at night?" one
of them asked, grabbing ahold of her right arm, the others circling around her. "What do
you mean? I'm just looking for a place to eat, and stay-" "You can come with us." one man
cooed softly, his hand running down her back before gripping her. Alice let out a whimper,
biting her lip as she tried recognizing the deadful feeling, but she didn't know it, she
could only feel. "I'm sorry, I must go." she said, looking over from up the street where
the group of girls didn't seem to notice her. If she tried to run or call for help, things
could go bad. "Please, let me go." she shuddered, trying to get out of their grip. "No
way, we'll walk you home." one said, gripping her tighter. "Let me go!" she whimpered once
more, feeling the icy drops of tears puddle under her eyes. "Please.."

11 January 2013, 01:06 PM   #6
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Ash noticed and before any of them realized, he striked the men down. "You humans are so
selfish." One of the men tried to scream but he slit his throat and then slit open his
stomach, disemboweling him. One man tried to run but his arm was sliced off. He screamed
in agony and Ash smirked but his smirk was hidden by his bloody mask. He cut the mans
throat and then turned to the girl. He sheathed his bloody sword and walked past her.

11 January 2013, 03:15 PM   #7
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Alice covered her mouth in shock as the man in front of her as he slit the others
necks and had killed them all in front of her. She remained speechless, her eyes wide open
in surprise and interest. As she stared down at the bloody bodies, she turned her fragile
body towards the other anonymous male. "Wait... you helped me. Let me repay you."

11 January 2013, 06:26 PM   #8
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"I don't need payment." He stepped back onto the demon side and jumped onto his rock. He
was cleaning the blood off his knife. "Don't speak of what you saw to anyone. I will be
executed for breaking the stupid laws." When he finished cleaning his knife, he sheathed
it and slipped it into his belt. "Better yet, human, what can you offer me? That should be
the question. Would there be something precious to me that I could benefit from? Doubt it.
Your just wasting my time..." He jumped off the rock and started to walk off.

11 January 2013, 06:35 PM   #9
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  Alice could remember the stories Creator had told her about kindness and
repaying, but didn't know much about them. "I-I don't have the money," she started,
holding her arm out frantically. "But I can help you! If there's anything you need, I will
do it. Just let me repay you." she replied shyly, taking most of her courage to bow her
head in plead.

12 January 2013, 11:45 AM   #10
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He stopped and turned to look at her with dark eyes. "I kill humans as a hobby... what
makes you think I won't kill you once I get tired of you?" He asked her. She was as
beautiful as a regular demon but then again, she was just a human. She's nothing to him.

12 January 2013, 11:52 AM   #11
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"I don't care if you kill me after." Alice said, holding her head high and
standing firmly, but still felt like shivering from his cold eyes. She pushed way the gulp
in her throat, "I will be service to you until you are repaid for saving my life," she
said, looking straight back at him. "Please, I was taught to give back to those who help
me in any way. It is my job to do what's best and repay you." she gaze slowly falling to
the ground, the thought of the dead body of her creator sending sad feelings in her chest,
it was a dreadful memory.

12 January 2013, 06:48 PM   #12
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He stopped and turned a little. He chuckled and his eyes darkened. Despite how half his
face was bandaged, it was obvious he held a smirk. "How adorable..." He said
sarcastically. "I'm a demon. Your a human. There are strict laws against us even speaking
to each other. Both of us could be killed." He looked around but as usual no one was
around. It was about sunrise so all the demons had gone home to sleep. "But!" He got close
to her and let out a laugh. "If your like me... you don't give a shit about rules and do
everything you can to break them. Only way you can pull off this is become a creature of
the dark which is obviously illegal, or... hide in my house and hope for the best that no
one comes over, which is also illegal. But humans are too much of cowards to break the
laws of society." He let out another laugh and walked away once more.

12 January 2013, 07:22 PM   #13
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 Alice frowned and immediately after grabbed his arm but in a gentle but strong
manner that he would stop walking, looking at him. "I will do anything," she repeated once
more. "I'm not human, from what I've heard but I will never give on the right things to
do. Whether breaking the law, when I say I will do something, I will do it." she
retorted, glaring right at him. "I beg you-" she shook her head, "You will let me repay

12 January 2013, 07:38 PM   #14
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He sighed and ripped his arm from her grip. "fine.... come with me." He walked off. He
wasn't playing around with her anymore. He didn't care what she was. He knew they'd get
caught. This is the worst thing he's ever done that he's about to do. It like harboring a
fugitive pretty much except the penalty is death.

12 January 2013, 07:42 PM    #15
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 Alice gave a small smile and cheer to herself before stepping up and walking with
him, looking around quietly before looking at him. "Thank you."

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