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A poem I wrote :)

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7 September 2012, 10:06 PM    #1
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It was 2 AM when her mother finally staggered through the door

                    The woman's confused footsteps pounded against the floor

                 By then the drunk's daughter had concealed herself in her closet

 The little girl fished for the picture of her dad, kissed it, and shoved it back into her

                     She closed her eyes and waited for her mom to shout her name

       When her mother found her, she yelled for ages. Was the little girl to blame?

With vision unclear from tears in her eyes, the alcoholic's daughter ran from their house

          She didn't get far, the monster she called mom caught the girl by her blouse

                                     By then all but her heart and brain had resigned

                  As the girl took her final breath, a single thought entered her mind

           The things she feared most weren't beneath her bed, but all around her instead

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