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3 September 2012, 10:57 AM    #1
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History states that the first reported sighting was... fourteen years ago. Suddenly they appeared from depths of the ocean.... huge and mysterious buildings. This would be.... the very 'first dungeon.' The strange edifice appeared, heralding in an unknown culrture and never before seen architecture. The mystery wouldn't be destroyed, and there was only one entrance to it. From that entrance, a mysterious light beckoned the outdoors. Many people feared this tower but within the masses, there where some who took delight in the dungeon... And they were the scientists. Before long there were a line of researchers who wanted to investigate the phenomenon, their numbers early in the thousands. Eventually, emporers and soldiers alike couldn't restrain their curiousity, and threw their greatest talents into the excavation. The expectations of the people were rising!! However...... Two thousand researchers, a myriad of soldiers all met their end during the explorations. Not a single person returned alive to tell the tale of the dungeon!! Before long, people had started calling it the 'Hole of Death',.. Just as people were giving up hope, and there didn't seem to be a person willing to stand up to this mystery..... something happened. The door to the dungeon opened. And something appeared. Radiant treasures being carried by a blue giant....... // But of course, this is just another story told by those who saw people go in to the dungeon, and never come back. There are slime creatures in there that will not be killed by just any attack, and if your out of luck, the Slime King will arrive and eat you to pieces. Good luck! // Dungeon's Main Gate. All dungeon's only have one entry way, and it's through the gate. The gate is usually formed in a semi-circle and radiates a faint light of a golden hue. Upon entry, the feeling is similar to of a mucous membrane. Upon entering the Labyrinth's Gate, one will fly through a pillar of Ught. Upon advancing on the correct path, treasures await. Most importantly, it is here that the 'Djinn container' can be found.
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