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Dragon Age:Origins .Vs. Dragon Age 2

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22 November 2011, 08:31 PM   #1
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Okay so which do you guys think is better?I personally love them all(Even though I've
never finished any of them!)


So I'm near the end with this one...(But I scratched the CD to Hades so it's not working
:d)I'm playing as a mage(Which oddly enough,I hate.)I'm stuck with Logan but if I can fix
the CD I'm sure I can defeat him!Maybe I'll use Ohgren.....Well this is what I love about

.I love how you can choose between Elf,Dwarf,and human.And it doesn't end there!You can be
a dalish or city elf or you can be in the Circle of Magi,A commoner (Duster,thug,what ever
you want to call them!) or a noble dwarf.You can be a a noble or be in the circle of Magi
in the human class.

.You get to choose your class of warrior,rogue,or Mage in the beginning.

.You can romance the Hades out of people!

.You get to choose your companions.

.You get to be independent


.The fighting is sorta slow.

.It doesn't have the best graphics (but they're still pretty good for '09!)

.Your person doesn't have a voice!

.It has some pretty weird glitches.

Dragon Age 2!
I haven't finished this one either but I'm still pretty close to the end.I really like it
so far.What I love about it:

.The fighting has a faster pace.

.They bring back Anders!

.They upgraded  parts of the graphics

.They added more stuff to the character creation.

.You can delve into each characters personality and fall in love with them or hate them
very easily!

Down sides:

.They made the elves look like fish-eyed freaks!Like it was select radiation to the elven

.You can only be human.

.They got better graphics,but they down graded how armor looks.

.You can't get very good character relationships 

.You can't romance Varric!

.Both of the girls aren't very love able.

.They totally murder the Merrill from DAO and give you a whole new one.

.No awkward Sexy time!

.They totally make Alistair Fugly.I nearly cried when I saw him :d

.They totally mess up Anders character!I want my sarcastic,funny,hustler,slightly
awkward,ladies man back!

So what do you guys think?

23 November 2011, 12:31 AM   #2
Joined: 23 Mar 2010
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Well the first one had a pretty bad story and a terrible combat system

The second one had a more simple hack and slash combat system (which isn't better, but its
easier) and a completely awful uninspiring story that has some really weird characters and
you don't go very far beyond a single city...

So I have to say the better game has to be Dragon Age: Origins.....because that game had
my favorite place....the Pearl and I always get the "Suprise Me" 

DAO ending sucks you either kill your best friend (who will be king), sacrifice yourself
(which is a really lazy way to end a game I mean at least Red Dead let you play as his
son), or has sex with Morgan (ew) and abort your unborn child to be possessed by a demon
 ......yeah thats not a difficult choice that's just f***ed up
*End Spoilers*

In honesty if you want to play a good fantasy rpg get either Skyrim or Witcher 2

23 November 2011, 12:37 AM   #3
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I forgot to put the whole only one city thing for DA2.It also has so many plot holes your
brain is fried if you try to put it with DAO.Can't you travel with Leliana or Sten?Or go
with alistair(=3)Or can't you become Alistair's Mistress or queen?

23 November 2011, 12:46 AM   #4
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Ummmm yeah, but I'm straight.....also Leliana was really hard to get you had to do
everything perfect (unrealistic expectations) so yeah she sucks
and Morgan gives you an option at the end if your a guy and had a close relationship with

and sorry to tell you either you or Alistair is going to die :3

23 November 2011, 12:49 AM   #5
Guest Poster
Unless he sleeps with Morrigan :'( I dun want him to sleep with the whore but alas it
must be done.Sucks cause she's like my best bud and we're all like 'witch powers
beyotches' and then if you ever see her again it would be hella awkward.

23 November 2011, 12:51 AM   #6
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Uhhh yeah that is why DAO sucks because no matter how hard you tried through out the no
matter how hard you worked you will get a sucky sad ending

23 November 2011, 12:56 AM   #7
Guest Poster
True.It REALLY sucks because the one I'm on I didn't 'harden' alistair(Insert immature
chuckle here) so I'm gonna have to make Anora*A-whora cough cough* queen >

23 November 2011, 01:02 AM   #8
Joined: 23 Mar 2010
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Yeah every little stupid detail in that game comes back to haunt you which is stupid that
made me paranoid and its one of the reasons I dont like the game -.-
I mean I couldnt find these stupid leather boots in this one house that I knew they were
in soooooo hours later that gay elf assassin guy tries to kill me because I didnt give him
boots? WTF?

23 November 2011, 01:07 AM   #9
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I hate how you have to have a rogue to get the boots(No prob for me though :p)It sucks
though but oh well.Me and alistair shall just have sexy time and eat cheese all day long.

23 November 2011, 01:11 AM   #10
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Uhhhh yeah no thanks
If you want sexy time play a better game.....like Mass Effect (sexy alien time XD) or
Witcher 2....although I'm pretty sure you can only play as a man in that game xD

23 November 2011, 01:13 AM   #11
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I mostly like alistair since he's socially awkward,he has B.A. hair,and his accent.Mostly
his accent.

23 November 2011, 01:16 AM   #12
Joined: 23 Mar 2010
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XD you sure do know how to pick em

Although I will admit Alistair was the only person in my entire party that I kind of liked
as a character...

(shivers) ewwww Lelaini was awful she had that annoying lips sounding voice that made me
want to stab her >.> but what else do I get....Morgan....she is a witch O.o

23 November 2011, 01:20 AM   #13
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I am an achievement wh*ore so I tried romancing her with my girl.She ended up making me
choose her or alistair(And we all know who I chose)and then asked me if sex with alistair
was great.It's really weird with her.

23 November 2011, 01:21 AM   #14
Joined: 23 Mar 2010
Posts: 53
XD what the fuck!? Yeah those non hetero relationships seem very out of place in some
games O.o

Hahaha wow your an achievement whore? Haha I dont even try on those and I have like 16k
gamerscore :D

23 November 2011, 01:33 AM    #15
Guest Poster
I am sometimes.Every time I play I'm like,'No romancing alistair I need to romance zevvy
or leli.' and you know what I don't do?Romance zevvy or leli.Every time I hear his voice
I'm like,'Screw zevvy and leli.He has a british accent and loves cheese!'

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