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Marine Biology and Aquatic Studies: Rm# 360

11 November 2011, 10:23 PM   #1
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The same view surrounds you. Fish, jelly fish, sharks, and seahorses. They colors entice you, blues, maroons, coral red, sea grass greens. The space you enter now is into a new world. All four 3 sides (except the one with the door) surrounds you with cassums of lush color filled oceaniac life. The glass that seperates you is thin yet indestructable as stated on a small plaque on the front of the door. Although this glass is vitrually bullet proof, fire proof, and chemical resistant, they still have in black thick bolded letters- "Do not tap the glass" Underlined twice- as if their wasn't enough emphesize by the bold and black contrasting against the virgin white. Speaking of Virgins, "Ms.Nowelle" Was what the board said at the top, written on a white board in black delicate cursive. She was expecting students, perfection, high achievers, and maybe an odd ball or two. In all honesty this job was more then just a job to Ms.Nowelle is was a chance to teach her findings to the young impresionable minds of the youth. (Yes there was a white board hanging apon the glass- and various other teacher equipment like posters and what not. Yet still- no tapping.) Ms.Nowelle was a small creature, with a delicate frame, and yet unweavering electirc blue eyes. Her long pink painted hair was tied up in a neat bun. Making her achomplish the sweet, sheek, yet modern victorian style look she obviously worked hard to pull off in her own style. The women was early, infact in would be a couple of hours until her first class experience would commence. The mistress noticed the time, and placed the marker apon the holder. There was time, to feed her pets. Plenty of time. They can't be hungry when any of the students begin arriving otherwise they'll be miss behaved. "Alright~" The Nowelle women crooned, aloud, "Whose hungry?" She asked aloud once again. She smiled subtly to her enviorment. The creatures stoped and stared, like mechanical toys they stared directly at the small framed women. "Ah- I see." She said in a smooth warm voice, she wasn't surprised at all. "You poor dears.." Nowelle began to pull out a drawer from her desk to prepare a breakfest for her aquatic life. "I'm glad i asked, i can't have you trying to eat the children." "No. Definately can't have that again." And the misses laughed to herself with a playful smiling playing apon her pink high toned lips.
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21 November 2011, 09:06 PM   #2
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Honestly he had better things to do than well going to see dragon and convincing that work alcoholic bastard that there were more interesting things to be done than simply polishing black equipment all day, and that the oil used for the machine guns could have many more amusing purposes. But no here he was at a stupid classroom home to a subject that he found thoroughly boring and not even worth his time. The blue haired male pressed his smoothed pale hand to the door and pushed easily forcing the obstruction to move aside just in time to hear the woman speaking to her "babies" his nose wrinkled in distaste as he looked at the woman and the room it was just plain gross
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21 November 2011, 09:09 PM   #3
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Rachelle sat in the corner of the room, her face tear streaked and bloody. She cried
softly, silently, or at least she tried. She'd been dragged here against her will, and now
she had no idea where she was, she'd just found herself inside what she thought was an
Asylum or Prison of somesort.

24 November 2011, 03:59 AM   #4
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"Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, today we're going to be studying the main types of biotic and abiotic factors which are found in any ocean. In order to compare and contrast diffrent oceans to determine what makes them such a way." Ms.Nowelle copied her words onto the board under a section that was called "Objective". In a subtle simple gesture she motioned for her students to stand, "Now i want you to take a few minuites and study the elements you observe in the aquarium." As she said aquarium she motioned to the walls- seeing as how the whole room was in the middle of a fish tank. "You have 10 minuites" Most of the kids stood up in groups, they wanted to look at the fish with their friends, and Ms.Nowelle could care less, petty teenage chit chatter didn't matter to her. As long as they didn't tap on the glass and listened when she was speaking, everything would go smoothly. "The nurse." She emphisized "Rachelle, is on the third floor, take a right after you get out of the elevator. It should be the double doors if i'm not mistaken." Ms.Nowelle instructed, as she ripped a pink slipp of paper from a stack and placed it on the girl's desk. It was pass so she could go. How could she not notice the tears, and the sniffling? It was a bit annoying, but she kept her facial expression to neutural and unreadable. She honestly did hope the girl feels better, whatever the proublem was "Seven minuites everyone. Try coming up with some abiotic factors aswell.. Besides water." Ms.Nowelle called to her class as she lifted her head from the young girl.
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27 November 2011, 04:56 PM   #5
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Rachelle simply shook  her head. She didn't need the nurse. She simply wiped her eyes,
lowered her head, and began writing in her notebook. It was obvious it wasn't a school
notebook, could this place even be called a school. If one looked overhear shoulder, this
is what she wrote.

Raze ran into her bathroom.
She locked the door behind her.
Ran a hot bath.

Raze looked frantically about,
Behind the toilet, 
Under the cabinet,
Beneath the shampoo.
It wasn't anywhere.
She screamed furiously.
"They had no fucking right!!"
She paused,
Grabbed her mirror,
Wrapped it into a towel.
She walked to the sink corner,
Raised it above her head.

The mirror broke into the towel.
She set the towel down.
Retrieved the perfect piece.

She sunk down into the bathtub,
After popping oxycontin and taking a swig of wild turkey.
Lied back, if only for a moment.

She brought the glass to her arm.
Four neat lines of red.
Bubbles came to the surface of each cut,
She watched as they grew large,
Then popped.

She sighed,
Lied back,
and waited for what she knew was coming.
And this time..

Shewasnt afraid to die.

Rachelle put her pencil down,
Pausing as she re-read her entry.

She dated it,
And a single tear fell onto the page.

18 December 2011, 10:54 PM   #6
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"Well i suggest." Ms.Nowelle started swipping the girl's note book just as the tear fell onto the black inked page. "You write your stories on your own time. For right now your on mine. So pay attention to the fish, not your this." Nowelle flapped the notebook in her hand as a gesture to signify what she men't. The pink haired teacher didn't give the girl her book back - didn't even say when she could have it back. All the women did was simply walk off with it, and put it inside a drawer in her black desk. "Well class i think that's all the time you need- now return to your seats please." The class did as they were instructed and soon all 16 children were back in their seats. Quiet and ready to follow more instructions with wide eyes and curious stares. "Now- can someone please tell me one of the things you've witnessed as you observed the aquarium?" The teacher asked with a pleasent smile playing on her lips. Making her look cheery and kind.
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19 December 2011, 06:46 AM   #7
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The girl scowled,
but looked around.
Some obvious answers came to mind,
There was water
and fish,
and plants
and coral.

"Everything is working together..
Th fish take n the oxygen from the water, and when they die they decompose, giving the
ferti.izer, sort of. The plants produce more oxygen for the water, so the fish can

20 December 2011, 09:50 PM   #8
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"How correct you are Ms.Rachelle." Ms.Nowelle said, and the class turned to give the girl their attention. Curious as to what and how she came to this answer. "Everything is working together.." She reapeted Rachelle's word's to get back the class's attention, and gestured to the board, she wrote the word "ecosystem" in black marker. Her handwritting was large, but not unrully- you could tell it was written by a teacher. As she glided her hand across the blank canvas she spoke clearly in her projected voice. "An ecosystem is exactly that- when organism dead or alive- as we call abiotic and biotic factors. Simply- Interact with one another. Causing reactions and thus making a sustainable habitat." Ms.Nowelle turned around, she seemed to have written the definition as well. "Feel free to copy this down class- you'll need to know what this is." In the back ground you could now here subtle yet undeniable shuffling of notebooks and binders because some students felt like they needed the definition copied. Ms.Nowelle gave a small subtle smile to Rachelle- as if discreatly saying 'good job' a secound later she was back to teaching: "Now because you are students of this school, and all of you are here to get a 'criminal' education we'll be taking a diffrent approach then traditional schools." "To better understand an ecosystem, we should take apart it's components one by one- study them, and then find out how they all relate." Ms.Nowelle went to the board once again and wrote on the left side at the top "SIGNIFIGANT FACTORS" Then she quickly wrote down the word water. "Now that i've given you an example- what else would be absolutely devastating to the organisms in my aqurium.. if they weren't to have it." The class all turned and looked at Rachelle- expecting her- since she did before, have the right answer. But it wasn't just those iggnorant, curious, amature eyes of children that had expecting eyes. Absently- Ms.Nowelle was also curious as to what Rachelle had to say.
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21 December 2011, 07:36 AM   #9
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Tachelle sighed a bit before answering,
"Significant factors, if you mean biotic, would be the animals, the plants, and the coral.
Abiotic would be the light, the oxygen in the water, the stones, and the water itself.
While certain things may be significant more than others, everything IS a significant
She rolled her eyes,
"May I hve my journal back now?"

21 December 2011, 09:14 PM   #10
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"No." She said a bit coldly without the slightest hesitation. "We can all see that Ms.Rachelle- but what we need to do is dig deeper. You all should no the primary source of energy is the infamous sun. Granting light, heat, and life with it." Ms.Nowelle said drawing the class's attention back to her. The women stepped towards the left and began to walk towards the wall- placing her hand on the thick glass which seperated you from the fish. "If the sun was to be destroyed some how imagine the calamity and destruction that would follow. This perfect little world of their's would crumble away rather quickly. The effects of the bottom would rise to the top and soon there would be nothing left but ash." Ms.Nowelle stared deeply into that perfect little world which was infront of her. It did seem so perfect- mindlessly swimming these organisms kept as if nothing could ever destroy this serene world. "Humans are also a big factor. We pollute and disease their enviorment constantly. Soon the poisen would be to much and there lives would be destroyed as well." Ms.Nowelle circled back- her classroom was suppose to be learning not lectured. The women glanced to the cloak- oh where has the time gone. "For homework- i want you all to tell me what you believe is going to cause the extinction of fish. Us- or enviormental factors. In your responses you must include evidence, and your own personal experiences. "No less then 2 pages." Ms.Nowelle had a playful smile on her lips and she went back to her desk the bell was going to ring soon dismissing her class to study hall, or lunch. "However Ms.Rachelle i'd like you to do no less then 4 pages since i've come across your love to write in my class." As she said this Ms.Nowelle slid the notebook onto Rachelle's desk and walked away. The bell rang, and the classroom began to fill with sounds of shuffling feet and crumbling papers.
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22 December 2011, 07:09 AM   #11
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Rachelle stayed behind for a moment, scowling.
She eventually stood,
yanking her sleeves down when they creeped up,
revealing the white bandages underneath.

22 December 2011, 07:17 AM   #12
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Dorian knocked hesitantly on the door, poking his head around the door, "Excuse me
ma'am..."  He said apologetically, "Am I too late?"

22 December 2011, 07:49 AM   #13
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Rachelle stood,
and with tears in her eyes,
pushed out the door to the music room.

Down the hall,
her sobs were heard.

22 December 2011, 07:55 AM   #14
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Dorian frowned, looking from the teacher to the girl who just ran out.  He paused a
moment, walking back out again, jogging after the girl, "Excuse me? What's wrong?"

22 December 2011, 06:34 PM    #15
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She didnt turn back,
Just kept running in to the music room,
 she shut the door.

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