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The Right timing! book one...

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5 September 2011, 08:09 AM    #1
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"welcome to The Right timing ! i'll be the main charater in this story and the rest can
follow along"

It was a Monday afternoon and i have woken up from my alarm clock beeping like crazy i
find myself
still tired from a late night at the club i remember one thing i was drunk..
i sighed with a huge hangover and got up a little wobbly it was another one of those days
where i wake up remember something 
and then it hit me... there was some girl laying in my bed i was shocked because my daily
process of late nights didn't include 
a hot girl laying in my bed...
i leaned over and notice how her ears were pointed like an elves ear i was freaked out
once more.
What was she and how come she is in my bed? i asked myself...
she didn't look like she was breathing either when i went to tap her she was stiff and
felt like cold metal...
Now i was really wondering what she was...
right next to her was a book like some kind of instruction manual it said of the cover
"Yumi Bots"
i opened it and saw that she was a human like robot made by some company in Japan.
I read the book and turned on the robot..
then suddenly her eyes opened.

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