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Football Is The Word (Writing Practice)

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“And Derek Steels is wide open; he’s waiting for the ball to sail right into his hands
Mike! If he gets the ball he’s free to run to get a touchdown with no one watching, and
here it comes!” Speaker Dallas yelled to the audience as the ball soared threw the air.
	I watched the ball with judging eyes, that ball had tortured me all summer, because no
matter what I had to hold onto that ball, and I couldn’t dare let go of it. Even if I
was weak from visiting my now ex boyfriend, I still had to hold onto it.
	Derek had been vicious in our training and had taught me football wasn’t easy because
all you had to do was hold onto a ball, no it was actually harder to hold onto that ball
than you thought. Derek had also taught me that football was about soul, and that you had
to trust the ball and yourself to not let go of it, to not let the ball slip through your
	The brown leather and white laced ball flew through the air, everyone looked up to watch
it as it came closer and closer to Derek where he ran backwards and stopped to wait for it
to land in his hands.
	“It looks like number ten’s got this ball! And the Gargoyles are running towards him
now, trying to get there before the ball does, but it doesn’t look like they’ll make
it Dallas! This whole game consists on that touchdown for the Eagles!” Mike shouted now.

	Everyone’s eyes went wide as Derek jumped into the air, his arms in the perfect
catching position; I held my hand to my mouth and crossed my fingers on my other hand,
hoping he’d get it.
	And then the ball finally made contact with Derek, but it wasn’t the contact everyone
had wanted, the ball hit Derek smack in the middle of his forehead and as he crashed to
the ground unconscious the ball bounced off into the touchdown zone.
	On the field everyone stopped running and paused for a second, and then all mayhem broke
loose, Derek Steels had just been fatally injured, how could this be? How could
Alberta’s best player be hurt this bad?
	I felt the feeling inside of me surge up and take control as I stood from my seat in the
stands and ran, ran like I’d never ran before down to the grass. I jumped the fence that
separated the grass from the stands and kept running the football yards until I finally
reached him, others were already crowded around him, I pushed them away and bent down to
put Derek’s head in my lap. I smacked his face twice.
	“Derek, Derek, wake up!” I called. He grumbled, and then he slowly opened his eyes to
look at me.
	“I’m sorry Everie,” Derek whispered, and then he passed out again. Frantic I hit
	“No, no, Derek stay with me!” I cried, shaking him violently, a hand rested on my
	“Everie, Everie. Stop, he needs to get to the hospital, everyone back up! Make way for
the stretcher!” Jay called out to the crowd, good old Jay, Derek’s best friend and my
child hood friend. 
	But I was so angry right now, Derek had let me down, and he wasn’t waking up! My new
best friend was leaving me without my permission!
	“Okay give him some breathing room, miss we’re going to have to ask you to leave this
man’s side now.” The paramedic told me, I wanted to hit Derek some more, take out some
of my frustration, but Jay knew me and quickly pulled me away into a bear hug where I hid
in his shoulder as the paramedics bent down and lifted Derek onto the stretcher.
	“It looks like he has a high possibility of head damage, maybe even brain loss, we need
to move now!” The paramedics yelled, and when I turned to see my new best friend one
last time, I didn’t even notice him.
	His head was bleeding, his dirty brown/blonde hair soaking in the blood as they discarded
his football helmet onto the ground with disrespect, Derek, Derek would hate them for
that! But before I could hurt them for disrespecting him and his sport, his passion, they
were already wheeling Derek off of the field without me, leaving me behind to wallow in
Jay’s arms.
	“Jay, why was his head bleeding?” I asked. Jay rubbed his hands on my shoulders
	“He has a head injury Everie, it doesn’t look good.” I felt myself choke; choke on
the words I wanted to scream. But I didn’t say anymore, no instead I went forward, bent
down and picked up number ten’s helmet and held it high into the sky.
	Derek couldn’t be dying; he just couldn’t be, could he?

Authers Notes: I May Continue This I May Not, Depends If I Finish Last Summer's Black
Heart By The End Of This Summer, It Only Has 11 Chps To Go And Then It's At 25, Oh Boy XD
I Actually Had Fun Writing This One =) Ohh & In Canada Football Is NOT Soccer =) LOL

A Little Song For Derek And Everie:

Back Cover:
"What? So you think football is dumb and we're all stupid?" Derek asked.
"Well all you do is stand there, run around in circles and try to hold onto a ball, how
hard could that be?" Everie Inquired. 
"Well, We'll see about that,  how about you come down to the old field and play with me
and the boys and you'll see if it really is just that easy to play this game."
That conversation is what started the summer where Everie McQueen made the biggest mistake
of her life, not only was she subjected to injures, headaches and over load of pain, she
found out what football was really about and how dangerous of a game it really is...

It's A Story That Uses, Sports, A Little Supernatural, Love, Love Triangles & Brain
Injuries LOL =)

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