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TITLE: This I Believe

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I had to write this for school. Anyways, This I Believe is a speech on what you believe
in. For example, this one guy did it on how life is like a book and in the end everything
will be okay. You also have to pick a moment that made you believe this. He chose that his
mom has breast cancer and they only knew it last month. So sad! Anyways, mine isn't really
that good. Anyways, comment if you want to!

	I believe in second chances. Everyone deserves a second chance. We learn at our
mistakes and we remember them. At math I didn’t do very well on my tests. Maybe it was
because I didn’t study or that I didn’t know what I was doing or even that I made one
little mistake that I normally would have not made. Either way the teacher gave me a
second chance. He took a lot of time to make up a second test on the same chapter. He
didn’t have to do it. I then got ready for the second test. I figured out what I did
wrong on the first test and then I would look up anything I didn’t know. When I was
ready, I gave up my lunch were I could talk to my friends without getting yelled by a
teacher and just have plain fun. Instead I went to retake the test in his classroom. Not
only would I have to give up my lunch period, but he too had to give it up to watch not
only me retake the test, but other people. I didn’t really eat during the test, because
I was so focus on it. It would take a few lunch periods, but I would finish it. He then
had to take the time to grade it, and after he did, he gave it back to me. I always did
much better. He could have average out the tests, but he gave me the grade I got on the
retake. He didn’t have to do it at all. In fact he gave up more time than I did all
because of one bad grade. Over all if it weren’t for him giving me a second chance to
learn the material, I wouldn’t know what I was doing in math or have a good grade in
that class. That’s why I believe in second chances.

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