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Tales of Aoi: Book One: Dracom Aoi

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18 April 2010, 11:28 PM   #1
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This is the fourth version I've written of this story, and I think it's pregressed a lot
since second grade. Seriously, that's when I started writing. But on to the story!

“Sister, it’s almost time to wake up!” called a voice familiar to the sleeping
princess. She grumbled and turned over in her bed. The golden mid-autumn sun illuminated
the floor near the window. She yawned and slowly sat up, stretching her arms above her
head and smiling at the blissful morning.
	“Dracom!” the voice yelled again. “We have a party today!” Dracom froze as she
	“Oh, Goddess, please give me time enough to prepare myself!” she prayed while running
barefoot to her closet. She quickly sorted through the many beautiful dresses made for
such events before grabbing one that seemed right. It was pale ivory and had silver ivy
vines twining around it and long, slender sleeves and brushed the ground slightly. She
chose a special corset to wear on the outside that was black with silver laces. She
grinned to herself, knowing her mother wouldn’t appreciate the look that the Night
queens had made popular among young women. She put black slippers on her feet and slipped
on an opal ring. She knew that once her sister came into the room she could slip back into
the unknown and not have to socialize. 
	In the room beside her, her beloved sister, Rose, had begun her preparations in a
stunning forest green gown. She joined Dracom in their shared mirror-room to apply a dab
of rouge, lip paint, and eye paint. Dracom made a face at the black paste she swabbed over
her eyelids.
	“No, no, no, you’re doing it all wrong!” Rose fussed, and dabbed at it with a clump
of wool. “Much better.” Dracom grimaced.
	“Must you do things to my face without consent?” she sighed as Rose patted red rouge
on to her own pale face. Dracom enviously eyed Rose’s tumbling red-orange curls that
shamelessly flaunted themselves.
	“I’ll do it as long as you can’t,” Rose said impishly. Dracom rolled her eyes and
smothered pale pink lip paint onto her full lips. Rose had already finished with her red
lip paint and linked her arm with Dracom’s to descend the Grand Staircase. They always
did a practice walk before every party since they were expected to arrive at the party
last so their parent’s guests could see the two daughters. Rose curtsied slightly to
some invisible suitor and Dracom giggled. 
	“Don’t you dare do that tonight,” she warned.
	“Glad to see you two, finally, and it’s just an hour before the guests should be
arriving!” Their mother, the Queen, wasn’t known for the affable temperament she
usually possessed while preparing for parties. Rose dipped her head apologetically.
	“I’m sorry, Mother.” Dracom realized she was supposed to say sorry as well.
	“Sorry,” she mumbled, looking down. 
	“It’s alright, truly,” the Queen sighed, “but now that you are ready, help me
make sure all the place settings are in the right spots!” Rose hurried forward while
Dracom hung back. Dracom busied herself in making sure the cooks were finished with the
food, and even tasted some of the desert to see if it would fit the guests’ fancy. Back
in the dining hall, Rose was shaking her head.
	“This won’t do, Mother, you’ve got all the wrong people beside one another!” Rose
chastised. The Queen threw up her hands.
	“Well, then, by all means, fix it!” She walked off at a brisk pace while smoothing
here pale blue dress and adjusting her lapis lazuli pendant. Rose frowned at the place

18 April 2010, 11:28 PM   #2
Guest Poster
“Duke Arrington can’t sit next to Lady Jemaine, and Lord Peele can’t be near the
dairy things,” she muttered as she rearranged the names.
	“Who’s this? Prince Nikolai?” She smiled mischievously after setting that place
marked beside Dracom. When she thought no one was looking, she quickly switched Prince
Herring’s marker with Duchess Elvia’s so the Prince would be beside her. Dracom slowly
walked in the room.
	“I see you found a flaw?” she remarked quietly, swapping out the Knight Princeton’s
marker for Lady Femine’s. Rose smiled at her sister.
	“There. I think everyone should be happy, don’t you?” Dracom nodded.
	“Especially you.” Prince Herring had not escaped Dracom’s notice, and Rose flushed
deep red.

	Rose listened to the chatter of the happy guests from around the corner.
	“Father should ring for us any moment,” she whispered to Dracom, who knelt beside
her. Dracom got up.
	The chime of glass rang loud and clear, and only Duke Ilian remained talking for a few
	“Ladies and gentlemen, allow my to introduce my daughters, Rose and Dracom!” The
King’s voice boomed and resounded. A few of the young knights cheered as Dracom and Rose
carefully stepped onto the stairs and walked down gracefully. They curtsied at the same
time when they reached the bottom. Rose instantly threw herself into socializing, but
Dracom took the time to seek out her old friend Gerry, who was a scholar. He chuckled when
he saw her.
	“Well, Princess, you’re all grown up now!” he told her and she frowned.
	“Don’t you start too!” she cried. “I’ve my mother and father breathing down my
back for to me marry already. Can you believe it?” She sat beside him. “Dinner will be
served soon.” Gerry smiled.
	Sure enough, the dinner bell rang only a few minutes after Rose and Dracom had gone
downstairs. Everyone found their seats with ease and before long, most were eating
contentedly or talking to their neighbor. Rose had engaged in conversation with Prince
Herring (“Please, call me William,”) and Dracom had finished half of her first plate.
	“Excuse me, but could you pass the corn? It really is quite fabulous.” Dracom turned
to see who had spoken to her, and was surprised to see her neighbor’s shining emerald
green eyes fixated on the corn, a hungry look glinting in them. She looked at him oddly
and passed the yellow vegetable to him.
	Later in the night, when the couples danced with one another, he approached her.
	“I must apologize for being rude at dinner,” he started. He leaned down to her ear
and whispered, “It really was delicious, and I was famished.” She laughed and he
	“I am Prince Nikolai Aviobatum, and please forgive me for not introducing myself
first,” he said looking at her.
	“It’s alright. Sometimes I get the order mixed up too.” He laughed at this. Rose
looked over and was astonished to see her older sister actually being friendly with
someone she hardly knew! It usually took months. Her attention was drawn back to Prince
Herring when he said, “Are you listening? I was just telling you about the time I caught
a twenty pound fish out of a boat with my bare hands!” She sighed and turned back to

18 April 2010, 11:29 PM   #3
Guest Poster
“Go talk to a rock. I’m sure it would be more interested,” she informed him coldly
before running off to a dark corner. Tears rained down her cheeks. Dracom saw her and
excused herself from Nikolai.
	“Rose, what’s the matter?” she asked, clenching her hands. “Why are you
	“It’s all because of that foolish Herring,” she blubbered. “Him and his foolish
way of always talking about himself.” Dracom soothed her sister, assuring her it would
be okay.
	“If you wish, I’ll punch him for you,” Dracom offered, and Rose laughed through her
	“Don’t, it’ll only draw attention to him, and we all know he loves that.” Dracom
laughed with Rose as she composed herself. “Am I splotchy?” she wanted to know. Dracom
shook her head. Rose smiled and exhaled.
	“There. I’m ready to face the guests!” Rose walked out confidently to chat with the
many nobles and knights attending. Dracom looked after her for a while, until Nikolai came
	“I think you’d better come,” he urged. “It’s your mother. She’s ill.”
Dracom’s blood ran cold. Few knew that the queen had recently been horrifically sick,
and that it had left her weak for months. Just in the last week she had regained the last
of her strength. The healer had warned her against a social gathering, fearing she
couldn’t survive being in poor health once more. Dracom hurried down the hall with
Nikolai guiding her to a room. 
	“That’s peculiar,” she wondered. “Normally the healer takes her to the…”
Dracom’s voice was cut off by a gag as she was shoved into the room. The door shut
behind her and was locked. Her eyes were wide in terror as a masked figure grabbed and
forced her through an open window. The moonless night shielded her kidnappers from sight
as they loaded her into the back of a gypsy caravan. Those doors were locked as well, and
she banged ferociously. Realizing her hands were free, she untied the gag and screamed for
help, but they were already too far away, and the music was loud enough to cover the
sound. She wept at not being able to escape until she fell asleep.
	Dracom awakened when sun streamed in through a small window near the roof. The caravan
rocked back and forth, and she was tempted to fall asleep once more, but she suddenly
remembered she was not with friends. She resolutely began to scour the small mobile room
for a change of clothes. Fancy party gowns would be no help in her situation.
	With a plain maroon dress on, her black tresses were the next things to be taken care of.
A brush turned up next to a small mirror, and she tugged her hair into order. When she
realized there was no food, and that she was hungry, she decided the best course of
action, at least for now, was to eat. Just as she began the search, a small hole in the
wood caravan opened up and a dish with bread and carrots on it was slipped through.
	“Eat,” a melodic voice ordered, “then come out here. The door at the back is
unlocked, but be careful when walking around the edges. We’re going pretty fast.” The
voice chuckled, although Dracom wasn’t sure why until she opened the door and realized
that she wasn’t in the caravan any longer. She was on a ship, fast headed away from the
capital. She removed her shoes so it would be easier to sidle along a thin rail that led

18 April 2010, 11:29 PM   #4
Guest Poster
her capturers. She didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until she exhaled at
the end of the rail. She swung her legs down, and then jumped onto the deck. There
awaiting her under a cover of giant exotic leaves was a tall, pale blonde young man and a
woman dressed finely. Dracom shivered in the cold ocean air, envying the woman’s lush
white tiger skin coat. 
	“I am Venema, Dracom. Truly, I am sorry for your capture, but it was necessary.”
Dracom matched the melodic voice with Venema.
	“Kidnappings are never permissible,” Dracom retorted, and Venema smiled at her.
	“Of course not,” she agreed. “I never said they were.” The man who was still
standing now joined them in standing.
	“And I am Raphael.” Dracom could see that the man was not human, but a vampire by his
small fangs that flashed when he talked. “Pleased to meet you, Princess.” Dracom
scowled. “Hatred is not becoming on you,” he teased, but she only frowned deeper.
	“Our dear princess is not one to make fun, Raphael,” Venema scolded. “She is an
asset, and could be an even greater help if we could gain her liking.” Dracom felt like
as if Venema had forgotten she was there. Raphael, however, had not.
	“I’m sure we will,” he drawled, slinging a red sleeved arm over her shoulder. She
noticed the detailed golden brocade work on her sleeve and recognized it as the most
expensive tailor’s shop in the area. They were joined by a lean girl with russet colored
skin and a shining golden ring in her nose. She moved gracefully in her green wrap-robes
that Dracom recognized as native clothes for a small nation that had recently become well
known for their stunning precious rocks and minerals. Looking closer, she saw dark eye
paint that winged out from the corners of her eyes and emerald studs going up the curve of
her left ear.
	“Lady Venema, the Lyzi is beginning to awaken. My lord Selver requests your presence in
the hold.” The girl took Venema’s place as the older woman stood up.
	“Thank you, Amicia,” Venema said, not looking back as she traipsed across the deck
and into a wooden door. Dracom stared at the floor uncomfortably, wondering if she should
leave or sit down or ask.
	“Please, Dracom, sit,” Raphael said, grinning at her as he pulled out another chair.
“We’ll be docking soon.” Dracom was bewildered by the ship’s speed as they coasted
through placid ocean water.
	“Where are we going?” she questioned after minutes of silence. Raphael jumped as if
he’d fallen into dreamland.
	“Oh, uh,” he stuttered, “Venema just said ‘west’.” Dracom nodded
absentmindedly. What was out west? Maybe a town or two, but it was mostly unsettled by
civilized creatures. Dracom shivered, remembering reports of savage wild beasts that had
left torn bodies at doorsteps with markings in the dirt next to them. She hugged herself a
little tighter and turned to face the setting sun as they approached it. Raphael left
after a quiet blonde woman told him that Venema and Selver needed help. She took his place
and smiled at Dracom.
	“Welcome to the Titan’s Fury!” she said. “Home of a motley crew, kidnappers, and
assorted natives.” Dracom smiled back at her.

18 April 2010, 11:29 PM   #5
Guest Poster
“I’m not exactly sure which of those groups I belong in,” she admitted. “I’m
really only native to the homeland, but that includes many different people.” The blonde
looked thoughtfully at her.
	“You’re a noble. The manner tells The last one -well, he’s not around anymore.”
She didn’t dwell on the missing person for long. “I’m Winiri. I worked for this ship
long before her an’ him descended upon it.” 
	“I’m Dracom. Um, I’m the…” she began, but Winiri interrupted her.
	“Naw! You can’t be, not the princess! I mean, sure you dress nice and speak pretty
but, you’re so real!” The astonished Winiri fumbled to bow. Dracom stopped her.
	“No, please, I don’t wish to be known as a princess here. It’s not always a good
thing, you know.” She put a hand to her lips, realizing Winiri didn’t know and that
she might take it as offensive.
	“Oh, okay,” Winiri said. “I’m just not used to princesses.” Dracom laughed. All
of the sudden, land was upon them.
	“Dracom, Amicia, Winiri, on loading, now!” Dracom grumbled, since being a princess
she was not used to taking orders. Winiri hurried them along, and Dracom was glad she did.
The coast was beautiful. Huge lush mountains loomed in the distance, the ocean shimmered,
and the ground was covered in flowers. Dracom gaped as they got into a littler boat that
would take them to the land. She was put to work unpacking her own belongings, which
Raphael had somehow acquired. She saw how Winiri had already built a shelter and was
unloading straight to that and decided it was a good idea.
	“All right, we’re staying near the water tonight, but keep under cover! Remember,
there may be vicious creatures that won’t think twice about killing you, and if you’re
not under out protection, that’s you, crew, you’re at a higher risk! Disposable is the
term!” Venema yelled from her shady perch. Dracom began to sweat in her skirts and
decided the change into breeches. She ran up to Winiri.
	“Um, Winiri, this may sound crazy but, could you lend me a pair of breeches?” Dracom
asked. Winiri grinned.
	“Of course. You’re going to love them!” she gushed as Dracom looked warily at the
white cotton pair Winiri had thrown at her.
	“All right. Thanks, Winiri.” Dracom ran back to her shelter, which was well made.
Rose had been enthusiastic about wild living for a year, and their wildlife teacher had
taught them both about survival. She changed quickly into the breeches and a plain blue
tunic. Out she went to continue unloading, but froze when she saw they had company.
Several strong young women were talking in a brutal foreign language with Venema. Dracom
was mesmerized with their weapons, green body paint, and animal skin clothing.
	“Hello,” piped up a small voice from beside her. “My name is Miracle, but most
people call me Vendellyne.” The speaker was a little girl, about six or seven, who was a
smaller version of the natives arguing with Venema. She too wore a sleeveless, knee length
dress made of brown deer skin. A slit went up to her mid thigh for ease of movement. A
heavy silver pendant dangled from her tanned neck. “Hello? Do you have a name?” The
girl’s voice was clear, but Dracom could hear a slight accent.
	“Oh, I’m Dracom,” she told the girl.

18 April 2010, 11:30 PM   #6
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“That’s a pretty name. Come with me to talk with my elder sister, Jiane.”
Vendellyne grabbed Dracom’s hand and led her to the group of women. She spoke rapidly to
them, and they eventually calmed down and nodded.
	“Cie and Jiane want you and another to come with them and share their fire,”
Vendellyne informed Dracom. “You better not refuse, or I won’t be your friend.”
Dracom looked at Venema.
	“I’ll go,” Venema decided after a moment’s consideration.  The woman who must be
Cie took Vendellyne’s hand that wasn’t holding Dracom’s and swiftly dragged them
both to the edge of the forest. Venema went without an escort.
	“This is a great honor, because we of the Onie people don’t usually talk to
outsiders,” Cie hissed in Dracom’s ear. “We’re only talking you because the
Miracle has taken a liking to you, Kell knows why.” Dracom recognized the exasperated
tone of someone who’d had more than enough of a little girl’s whims. She’s heard it
rolling off the tongues of young noble’s caretakers through keyholes for years.
	“Why is she called Miracle?” Dracom asked, truly curious.
	“She is called the Miracle, more accurately. Well, she was not born by any of our
women, but found in a tree, being watched over by a snow leopard.” Dracom looked sharply
at Cie, unsure of the truth.
	“I agree. The snow leopard- nobody knows where it came from, or where it went. But some
of its cousins, regular leopards, visit the Miracle often.”
	“Well, alright, but besides the snow leopard, nothing about her seems particularly
miraculous,” Dracom pointed out. Cie ran a hand through her long, dark brown hair.
	“That’s where it gets tricky. See, the leopard-particularly the snow leopard- is the
animal associated with our patron goddess, Kell.” Cie steered Dracom away from the wrong
path she was about to take. “That’s why she’s called the Miracle. But she hates the
name, insists she’s normal and that we call her Vendellyne.” Cie’s thin mouth
twisted into a smile. “Something about her is so easy-going, so loveable; she almost
always gets her way. We almost named her after Kell, seeing as how they’re so alike.”
Dracom nodded thoughtfully, scanning her mind for anything she knew on this Kell.
	“And another thing: I’m not meaning to be rude, but…” Dracom bit her lip, unsure
if she should go on. Cie’s interested face convinced her to continue. “Well, it’s
just that for living in a jungle, your manner of speaking is very educated.” Dracom
hoped Cie wouldn’t take her comment the wrong way.  
	“We had a sweet old woman here from the University for many years until she died. She
taught us many things, and so the little ones have grown up with knowledge we did not have
until she came.” Cie shrugged. “‘Better educated and fierce than uneducated and
withdrawn.’ She used to always say that. She had such a wonder for life. She wanted us
to teach her how to fight. We did, of course.” Cie’s bright green eyes, like
Dracom’s own, shone with happy memories.  Dracom let her remember in peace, turning to
stare at the lively jungle as they turned a corner into a very well-constructed village.
Her cheeks burned with embarrassment as she realized she had been expecting mud houses
with leaf-roofs, and here were carefully constructs rock homes with doors on hinges and
windows with curtains. Vendellyne skipped over to Cie and Dracom, grabbing Dracom’s hand
	“Come on, I want to show you my friends!” the young girl said, full of enthusiasm.
Cie grinned.

18 April 2010, 11:30 PM   #7
Guest Poster
“Go on, they’re just big cats!” Dracom blanched at the idea of having to see a
leopard, and as Vendellyne’s excited nature implied, much less touching or even being
near one. Cie laughed as she walked to a central fire with stone benches encircling it.
Vendellyne pushed through several clumps of thick green vines until they were in
	“Come on Jabu, come on Kemil!” she beckoned. “I want you to meet my new friend!
She’s really nice and pretty!” Vendellyne situated herself on the ground as Dracom
grudgingly did the same. I hope she emphasized the “m” in meet, she thought morosely.
Slowly, two large golden and black cats slinked out of the jungle. One snuggled right up
to Vendellyne while the other slyly padded up to Dracom.
	“Kemil,” Vendellyne scolded, “you’re frightening my friend!” She shoved some
meat into Dracom’s hand. “Give this to him, he’ll love it!” Dracom stared
wide-eyed at the raw meat until a voice made her jump. You going to give me that or what?
She looked around, startled, until she realized Vendellyne didn’t appear to have noticed
it. She looked suspiciously at the big leopard sitting on his haunches in front of her,
Kemil. Yeah, it’s me, princess. Dracom bent over and placed the meat in front of him. I
don’t think I like you, Kemil, she thought back at him. You will eventually. She snorted
at his assured harrumph as he snarfed down the meat.
	“So, um, what exactly is joining you at your campfire going to be like?” Dracom asked
as she lounged on the ground. Vendellyne looked thoughtfully at her	.
	“For you, it will be pleasing, I think. But for the older woman, Venema… I don’t
believe she’ll enjoy it much at all.” Dracom looked curiously at her, and Vendellyne
laughed. “Once a month, Kell reveals her face to us at our fire. She’s a judge of
character, and will reward or punish you, depending on how you acted that month. Venema
seems particularly wicked, don’t you think?” Vendellyne began to get up and Dracom
scrambled to follow. Jabu retreated back into the forest whilst Kemil followed Dracom like
her more lethal shadow. Why are you following me? she thought at him. Don’t you have
prey to kill, small children to scare? His maw opened into a huge yawn. I prefer scaring
you. She rolled her eyes at him as they sat down on a bench around the blazing fire. The
jungle had turned from humid and hot to humid and chilly, so Dracom appreciated the
warmth. A bowl of bananas was passed around, and Dracom graciously accepted one. Suddenly
the fire roared even larger and a figure emerged from the blaze. Dracom shrank back in
	“Kell,” whispered Vendellyne beside her. The goddess walked up to Dracom.
	“You hold good company, my sister,” said the goddess, light eyes sparkling.	
	“Thank you, goddess,” Dracom said, looking down.
	“Look up, sister,” the goddess commanded, and Dracom obeyed. Seeing Kell’s kind
face made her smile, and Kell smiled back, and her skin shone like the moon. She touch her
neck, forehead, and pack before her skin became it’s normal tan shade.. Dracom felt the
coolness of metal there where it had not been, and a bulge in her pack appeared.
Emboldened, she decided to venture a question.
	“Kell, why do you call me ‘sister?” Kell’s eyes crinkled with laughter.
	“You are blessed with many likings of us higher beings,” was her explanation before
she moved on. Dracom immediately inspected her forehead. A silver circlet of braided
silver rested there. A matching necklace with a weighty black stone rested where

18 April 2010, 11:31 PM   #8
Guest Poster
her collarbones met. When she investigated in her pack, she saw a miniscule baby leopard
with its eyes barely opened inside.
	“Oh, you adorable little thing!” she crooned. Kemil got up to investigate. It’s
so… The leopard struggled to find the right word. Cute? Loveable? Dracom supplied. Kemil
sniffed and shook his great head. Needy, he decided. Dracom laughed and went back to
stroking the little leopard.
	“What will I call you, precious baby?” she wondered quietly. How about Syra? asked a
voice inside her head. Dracom jumped, then realized it was her new companion. Kemil
snorted. Don’t be so impertinent, he scolded Syra. She will feed you. He looked sharply
at Dracom. You will feed her, won’t you? Dracom nodded. Of course, you kindhearted fool!
Kemil snorted and stalked off to join Jabu. Dracom laughed at him as Syra fell to sleep.
Vendellyne walked over to join Dracom.
	“She’s nothing like any goddess I’ve ever heard of,” Dracom admitted softly.
Vendnellyne laughed quietly.
	“The legends say that she was a mortal woman who was so kind to those who were of good
character but a harsh punisher of wrong doers. She was of this tribe hundreds of years
ago.” Dracom contemplated the tale silently, staring at the blazing flame while
absentmindedly stroking Syra. 
	“But why did she bless me?” Dracom said suddenly. “I mean, I could with a blessing,
what with being kidnapped and all, but I’m not the best person.” Vendellyne chewed on
her lip.
	“Only time will tell,” she said at last, and Dracom nodded.

	“So how was the other camp?” Winiri asked Dracom while they watched the dwindling
fire back at their own camp.
	“It was really quite something,” Dracom said.
	“Hey, I’m really tired, so see you bright and early!” With that, Winiri got up and
walked over to her own shelter. Dracom waited for a few minutes before climbing into her
own bed. Syra wriggled up against her.

	“Wake up, we’re going further inland!” yelled Venema. Dracom scrambled out of bed
and quickly changed into a clean shirt, but left on her breeches. She carefully removed
the jewelry and placed them into a box she had found. Syra yawned and stretched before
jumping down. She stared up at Dracom, tail twitching. I’m hungry, she complained. Well,
we’ll just have to wait and see what’s cooking, okay? Dracom told her, and Syra
sighed. Dracom walked briskly out of her shelter after packing her few belongings in her
satchel. She noted that Venema looked pale and shaken with dark bags under her eyes.
	“Hey Ven, what’s for breakfast?” she asked nonchalantly. Venema glared at her.
	“Go ask the cooks, princess,” she snarled, pointing to her left. Dracom shrugged and
headed over in that direction.
	“Winiri, any idea what we’re eating?” she called over when she saw Winiri was
tending to a wrapped package in the glowing embers.
	“Nope. Think they’re biscuits, though. I didn’t really get a good look,” she
replied, prodding the package.
	“Delicious,” Dracom said enthusiastically.

18 April 2010, 11:32 PM    #9
Guest Poster
“Well, you’re a bucket of energy today,” Winiri said dryly. Dracom grinned.
	“I’m a morning person!” she answered, and strode off to a small boat that would
take her to the ship so she could stow away her bags beforehand so they couldn’t get
left behind. While she was in the cargo hold, a large barrel hissed at her.
	“Hey!” it said, and she spun around confused.
	“You’re a barrel,” she said.
	“No, I’m not,” it hissed, and the cover popped up.
	“Vendellyne?” Dracom said, shocked.
	“Yes, but shush! I’m not supposed to be here!” Vendellyne whispered her.
	“Oh, and here I was thinking barrels were high accommodations. Of course you’re not
supposed to be here! Venema’ll kill you!” Dracom said in a panic. “We need to get
you off, oh my Goddess…” Vendellyne laughed quietly.
	“No, I’m supposed to be here. Well, I’m not, but I am. Does that make sense?” she
asked, cocking her head to the side. Dracom shook her head. “I didn’t think so. Well,
I got this…feeling that Kell wanted me to come with you, so here I am.” Vendellyne
thought for a moment, then added, “And you can’t make me get off.” Dracom sighed.
	“Fine. But I’ve got to go now, ok?” Dracom told her. Vendellyne nodded. “Bye!”
she whispered, and walked up to the deck. She jumped in the next boat and was quickly back
on shore. She sniffed and smelled fresh bread.
	“Winiri, you were right,” she said after swallowing a piece of biscuit.
	“Really? What about?” Winiri asked, sitting down beside her.
	“They are biscuits.” Winiri nodded thoughtfully.
	“I knew it.” After they finished breakfast, it was back on the boat and heading out.
The natives came to say farewell, primarily to Dracom, but also to Kemil, who had decided
Syra needed another caretaker. She’s a troublesome one, he told Dracom gruffly.

Please, critique me. I love it! That's why I love to write, for the feedback and the
thought that people care enough to post. Plus it's so much fun!

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