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(PLEASE CRITIQUE) Turned Upside Down

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6 March 2010, 04:10 PM   #1
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Turned Upside Down

Chapter One


 I was relaxing on my bed with my IPod Touch plugged into my ears and a grin on my
face. My arms were folded in a relaxed position behind my head, and my legs were crossed
as I kept checking the time on my clock. You see, my best friend, Kennedy, was arriving in
Vancouver, B.C., all the way from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and her family was
staying at my place for two months while her Dad got all their stuff organized to move
into their own place. She was arriving in five minutes, and because it was ages since I
had seen her, I ran downstairs to watch from the window until she came. When I saw that
unmistakable blue Sedan with the licence plate I had memorized years ago, I jumped down
from my post, pulled on my snowsuit and yelled across the house. 
"MOM! DAD! MEGAN! CHRIS! THEY'RE HERE!!!!!"  I slammed open the door, ran outside into the
winter night, and saw Kennedy get out of her car. We both ran to each other, and ended up
tackling ourselves into a giant pile in the snow. Laughing hysterically between hugs, I
looked up as she lay on top of me. Yep, same tiny, frail build. She had the same cute,
delicate freckled face. She had the same blonde, straight hair with the pink streak, and
the same laughing brown eyes. This was the same Kennedy, as I was glad to notice. 
We were shouting and laughing and rolling around on top of each other so much, we barely
heard our family's own laughter and sweet greetings. 
"You girls should come in now.", Mom invited us. "Katie, could we please stay out here
until dinner's ready?" Kennedy asked, being crushed under my weight. I grinned even more
widely. Kenn was still my only friend comfortable enough to call Mom by her first name.
Even my gang of closest buddies (except for Kenn, of course) still called my Mom "Mrs.
Douglas". Mom smiled sweetly as the others went inside. Mom smiled sweetly, tucking back a
stray strand of long, black hair. "Of course you can, Kennedy. I'll just call you two in
for dinner when it's ready, okay?" She ran inside to join the others. Kennedy pulled me
up. "Oh my gosh, Em, it's been ages!", she gushed as we entered my backyard. We both ran
to the swings, pumping back and forth. "I know, Kenn. And I've got something
amazing planned  for tonight. " I winked, pulling my hat down over my cropped brown
hair. "What is it?", she demanded, her eyes lighting up in the sweetest way. "OOOOOH,
NOOOOOO, IT'S A SURPRISE." I whispered in a ghostly voice. She laughed, and pushed me off
the swing. "Tell me now!" She insisted, jumping off the swing and onto me. I shook my
head, laughing with her, not at all pressured by her skinny weight. Kennedy put her hands
on her hips as she sat on my back and made a face in mock-seriousness. She put on her
biggest and best evil sheriff impersonation. "Well, then, missy Emily Douglas, you's gonna
be havin' some serious trouble with me!" We both started cracking up, and rolled around in
the snow together. 
"Let's make our snow-selves!" She suggested. I nodded, and we both got to work making two
chubby snowgirls holding hands. We even gave them our hats, gloves, and scarves to
personalize them. 
"DINNER!" I heard my older brother, Chris, call us in.
"C'mon, Kenn!" Emily motioned, grabbing my hand and dragging me inside. We laughed as we
took off our boots, and sat down at the dinner table. Katie served our dinner, a delicious
spaghetti platter with the hugest meatballs. Emily and I chattered all through dinner, and
even made it through the chocolate cake. "So, Emily, what exactly is it that you're
planning?" I asked, smiling as I washed down dessert with milk. 

7 March 2010, 12:28 AM   #2
The Founder
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It's good! I really like it! I can totally imagine the the girls playing in the snow.
Keep writing!
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7 March 2010, 12:34 AM   #3
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 Thanks so much!

7 March 2010, 02:20 AM   #4
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A really good start.
Keep writing 

7 March 2010, 11:55 AM    #5
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 I will, thanks. :D

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