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21 January 2010, 05:35 PM   #1
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This is my story from my paper my teacher rudely read out loud in class....
      I lay on the green grass and smelled air. Only I smelled grass and a mix of
gasoline. I look around the sky seeing blue.
      "What are you doing Cathy?"A familiar voice said. I seek up to see my friend Danny.
He had hints of dark near his eyes. He's been over sleep... I tug his legs and make him
fall down next to me. I laugh at his face he made of fear. Danny laughs and slaps my arm.
I wince but laugh continuously.
      "Cathy, lunch!"My mom yells.
      "Okay!"Cathy said."Mom I'm not little anymore!" I grab Danny's hand and gripped it.
I let go and ran toward my door. I gave a sudden wave to him and smiled. 
      After I ate I went up to my room and took quick glances at websites on my computer.
I push away from the computer and look out the window. I peered on the grounds below and
see a figure coming toward my house. I squint my eyes until i understand who it was but
they couldn't focus. The figure then jumped up a tree and toward my window. What? I panic
as I run away from the window. Help! Someone is try to rob my room! I then hear a familiar
voice coming near my ear but I couldn't understand what that person said. I open the
window and see Danny.

To Be Continued! I hav to go to my aunts..she had surgery...  Shes okay!

23 January 2010, 10:16 AM    #2
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Write more! I love how this story started.

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