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line art.

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She's actually an OC from a comic I'm creating. So far I've done... *checks* 24 pages.
It's more like a graphic novel. Seeing as I can't draw on the computer with a touchpad...
(I broke my tablet lawl), I'm carefully going to vector my comics once I scan them onto my
laptop. This is Pierrota (Pee-Err-Ah) - Simple style. The comic is called "FreaquƩ", and
it's basically about her. (Deprived from the name Pierrot - a sad French clown) - Pierrota
basically loses her mind, and I drew a scene of her looking into the mirror literally
transforming herself into a clown. It's kind of like a batman fanfiction, but it has
deeper meaning and it actually shows the characters emotions. /lameideas

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I like the use of thick and thin lines there :D
 But the arm farthest form the viewer seems a bit... off. Like, maybe you put it up too
high? Without the rest of the arms, I can't tell if she is shrugging, either.
'a rose by any other name still draws blood'

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