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Dead Snow --Part One

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22 August 2009, 12:15 AM   #1
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Corky fiction that I wrote a month ago or so. There's two more chapters to this, but I
just want to see what others think of it.

For so long I had wondered why this girl wasn't already dead and buried.
But I looked into her eyes and saw that she had already been dead.
And for a long time.

Dead Snow

This day was quiet for December. During the morning snow had fallen from the sky in tiny
droplets, like little white dots in the sky. I remember children had run out of their
homes, still wearing their night time gowns and pajamas, all prancing around for joy as
the first snowfall of the season had finally graced the humble town of Oxford. As for me,
well, I felt no cause for jubilation over some common weather occurrence. Maybe it's
because I'm not a child anymore. I don't possess the naive and ignorantly bliss nature as
I once did. I have grown up. As the day worn on my mind was rather bored with the staying
inside and sipping cocoa routine so I decided on a quick walk through the familiar town
streets. I figured a brisk walk in the biting cold was no problem. In fact, I might even
find it enjoyable. 

I would find it to be more than enjoyable.


Much to my surprise my body had begun shivering slightly as I marched through the now
inches deep snow. There was quite a furious storm only hours ago which prompted me to
postpone my little walk to a later time until the weather calmed down. I looked around, my
vision foggy as my puffs of breath were flushed in front of me. There was nothing but
fields of white for miles around. The occasional shrubbery was present but that too was
claimed in the name of snow. If one looked hard enough you could see little snow fairies
dancing about. My fingers racked underneath my wool gloves. I suppose turning back now
wouldn't be such a bad idea. I carelessly scratched my winter hat and was rewarded with
remnants of snow trickling down my cheeks. It was most certainly not a pleasant feeling. I
pulled myself out of the pothole of snow and turned around, making my returning journey
towards home.

It appeared that the woods of Oxford weren't as secluded as they seemed. It didn't take me
long to wander through the usual routes and find an abandoned sign, covered in snow that
led me here. Though I was aware that people would take their family and friends on a happy
hike or camping trip around this area during warmer months it seemed pretty cut-off from
the rest of the town. A sudden breeze rushed in and I cursed, clutching my arms to my
chest as my teeth rattled from the biting cold. I took another look around to see if I was
on the right path towards home. Nothing caught my eye besides snow, snow, and more snow.
Except, there was one thing. One thing that looked to be a house. I squinted, my eyes
struggling to stay open as the freezing temperatures attacked them. Yes, it was a house,
all right. With a smoke stack and everything. Someone was home. For some reason this
thrilled me. To know that I wasn't the only person wandering around in this abandoned
piece of land. With a burst of sudden adrenaline I kicked my feet and started to run. I
wobbled to and fro as my legs strained to gallop through the mounds of snow.

My heart was pounding through my ears and my mouth was open like a panting dog, sucking in
all the air it could into my lungs. Each step provided me with clearer view of my new
destination as I was getting closer closer and closer. But suddenly, I coughed as my body
quit, dropping into the snow as it demanded me to get a proper gasp of air. I coughed
madly, gasping for air as I tried to situate myself. Running through the cold was not
something I normally took pleasure in. I rose to my feet, shoveling off the snow that
clung to my coat and pants. I focused on the house before me and realized that now it was
simply a walking distance from here. Now this thrilled me. I continued to walk through the
land of snow until I approached a sort of fence that surrounded the house. I stepped
closer for a more complex look and realized that it was a barbed wire fence. My heart
quaked. I think I had stopped at the wrong location. I took a cautious step back, as if
the people inside of this house were now monitoring my every move.

With my dangerously curious mind I walked around to see the front of the house. The steps
were covered in snow and the edges of the porch were sprinkled with white material as
well. Now, I should have told you in the beginning but this house was quite huge. It had
two stories and what looked like a very spacious first floor. It was painted white with
lines of black positioned around it. It had what looked like Victorian windows and doors.
'Must be snooty rich people.' I assumed as I decided to stroll around to the other side of
strange building, taking slow and careful steps. What was on the other side was nothing
impressing, really. It all looked the same to me. Yet, what really intrigued me was the
presence of the wire fence. Why on earth would they need something like that installed? To
protect themselves from wild beasts, maybe? I ventured closer to the fence, wanting to
inspect it further when a noise was heard from behind me. I stopped, immediately turning
round, my breath quivering as I began to grow fearful. Something was out here. I wasn't
alone. I tried to regain control as I focused all of my energy on listening for the sound
when I heard it once again. Only this time, it was much closer. And behind me.

I faced the other direction, my heart beginning to pound when I caught sight of what made
the peculiar yet terrifying noises. A girl. We had locked eyes. I could sense such a
flurry of rampant emotions from her. She was trapped, lost, scared. Her dirtied hands
clutched against the cold and rotten wire prison. Her fingers pricking the sharp edges and
drawing blood as if she were trying to break free from whatever was holding her back. Her
tiny frame frozen as the only garment, a worn green checkered trench coat, swayed against
her feminine form in the winter wind. Her bare white legs rocked as she attempted to
imagine a soothing warmth envelop her body instead of the biting cold. Her eyes a wounded
doe expression about them. Wanting, pleading, needing. Her small lips chapped and broken
from constant contact with the freezing temperatures. Her bright scarlet orange hair was
now lackluster and dull as she slowly started to become one with the dream-like winter
wonderland that surrounded her.

A horrific nightmarish wonderland.
But a wonderland nonetheless.

I was unable to move, my mind was racing with thoughts I never thought would occur inside
of me. Yet, my heart...ached. It ached and almost wept for this girl-child in front
of me. This girl who was of the same age as I. But, it was if I were staring into the eyes
of a helpless child. Bare, defenseless, and terrified. I had the sudden urge to feel this
girl in my arms. I felt the powerful need to pull her through this cruel barrier that
separated us and whisk her away to a land of nothing but smiles. The small line of her
lips had screamed to me that she had not once smiled in her time. I change
that. This was all so strange to me. I have never felt a more intense wave of compassion
for another person. Let alone someone I had never laid eyes on before. How could she
crumble me down like this? And only with a simple look of the eyes? Without knowing it I
had approached her. My gloved hands placed themselves on top of her frail white ones. My
heart rumbled as I shakily grasped her hand, my eyes lingering on hers. I attempted a

“What's your name?” I asked. My voice stuttered so and was reduced to a quiet volume.
She said nothing, only a quick blink of her eyes was the response. I clicked my tongue,
looking to the side for another quick question. I didn't want to frighten this girl or
cause her to panic. Though I suppose it is a bit odd if a random stranger held your hand
and asked for your name. So, I chose the obvious route. “Are you cold?” She gave me
this sort of inquisitive look, perhaps wondering why I would ask such a stupid question. I
had the faint feeling that she was going to answer. Her lips moved as if she were trying
to form the right words when she quickly shook her head and tried to step away from the
fence. My body jolted and I snatched her hand again. She looked alarmed and her movements
suggested that she might scream. I made a shushing noise and motioned for her to give me
her other hand. She eyed me intently as she slowly placed her grimy hands in my gloved

I looked at her and gave her another small smile. “You still haven't told me your
name.” I said casually, peeling off the glove of my left hand. White hot pain surged
through my hand when it came in contact with the winter air. She had looked down at my
naked hand and then to me. I laughed, seeing her reaction. “I'm just being a
gentleman.” I explained. I had successfully pulled off the right glove and balled my
fists, hoping to catch some warmth. “All right,” I said. “Give me your hands
again.” She did so and I slipped each glove on each hand and smiled at her once more.
She pulled her now clothed hands in from the fence and looked at them, flipping them over
and examining them with a curious eye. “Don't worry about messing them up.” I assured
her. “They're yours now.” Her eyes stayed on me. Judging me, criticizing me, thanking
me. My hands were now exposed to the air and nearly freezing. I quickly shoved them into
my pockets. She looked satisfied with those gloves. Clapping her hands together, smooshing
them along her thin cheeks, rubbing them together for warmth.

And I was satisfied with just watching her. Watching her experiment. Seeing her so
interested in her new present made me want to toss my coat and scarf to her, leaving only
my hat and snow boots to protect me on the walk home. I would surely die in the snow
within minutes. My own fingers now clutched the wire fence as I continued to watch her
fascinated with such a gift. Feeling my eyes following her, she stopped admiring her
gloves and looked at me. Her old listless expression on her face once more. “So,” I
started, bringing my face dangerously close to the wire frames. “You gonna tell me your
name?” Why did it matter so that I know her name? Did I think this wasn't the last time
we would cross paths again? As expected, she said nothing. Her bare feet crunched in the
snow as she pushed her legs together. “What if I make a deal?” I asked, trying to keep
my hungry eyes off of her legs. She seemed to comply, her eyes once again questioning my
motives. My hands were near numb now. “I tell you my name, you tell me yours. If you
don't tell me your name I won't leave until you do. I'll freeze to death in this snow with
you.” I hadn't intended to add those last two daring sentences but this girl looked like
a smart negotiator. She wasn't one to fall for the 'tell-you-mine-tell-me-yours' game. 

She looked at me long and hard before nodding her head slowly, her hands now to her sides.
I shifted my weight on one leg. The weather was beginning to wear on me. Despite this, I
smirked at her cooperation and cleared my throat. “My name is Tom.” She cocked her
head upon hearing my name, as if she had heard it somewhere before. Oh, I wanted to be the
only Tom she ever knew. My heart began to thump as I realized that it was her turn to
reveal her identity. Butterflies began to well inside of me as she lowered her head,
sliding snow off of her trench coat. I clicked my tongue, anxious. “Your turn.” I
smiled. She looked up at me, an almost scared look in her eyes. Her lips moved, a small
sound was emitted. It was almost a mechanical motion. I pushed my ear up to the fence. I
could already feel blood trickling down into my earlobe. “One more time.” I urged. My
body nearly melted when I felt cold breaths tickle my bloodied ear. “Olivia,” she

I backed away from the fence and looked at her. Her face looked as if something had been
lifted from her. A burden of sorts. Something dirty and rotten that was finally taken
away. My eyes lingered on her longer than she had desired before she turned to walk back
into the house, the ends of her trench coat floating behind her. It was an almost romantic
moment we had just shared. An exchange of names. Her name was not the only thing I longed
to know about her. My fingers latched themselves against that gate tighter than ever
before. I wanted to scream, yell, and cry for her to come back. This girl who I had never
seen before but destroyed my heart with a mere glance. I did not want her to leave my side
so soon. Without even the slightest inclination, I shouted. “Wait!” She quickly turned
around, making a lazy shushing noise. My face flushed. I was embarrassed. I watched her
slowly walk back to the fence where I remained, my fingers tainted in red. Her stance
indicated that she needed a hasty response. I struggled to gain my composure as my lips
trembled to the words I was about to spill out. “Are you...going to be here again?
Tomorrow?” I had hoped that I didn't sound too desperate. But what did she know? It
didn't look like she had much experience with the male gender. Or...either gender for that
matter. Again she gave me the long curious silence before nodding. Her eyes met with mine.
They had an almost pitying look about them. I needed no pity. Especially from her.

Nevertheless, I could not contain the smile that instantly formed on my lips. I could tell
she wanted to smile too, but to my surprise she pressed a gloved hand to my naked and
abused one. My heart danced. Was this her way of showing appreciation? Happiness? Love?
Whatever emotion she wanted to return I felt it. I felt it ten fold. Then, as if hearing
someone call her name she retracted her hand and hurried to the front porch, edging into
the door and slamming it shut. Leaving me out in the cold, my hand still warm from the
gentle contact of her glove. Yet, I was satisfied. Content. Happy. 
I could freeze to death in this snow with her. 

With Olivia.

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This is......................GREAT!!!!!!!

22 August 2009, 11:12 AM    #3
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Why thank you, love.

Should I post the next chapter or no?

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