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WRITING: Poetry: Heart

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17 July 2009, 12:20 PM   #1
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As I listen to your heart beat, I whisper to your heart to never stop beating. If it ever did i would tell it you've done your best as i lay my hand on your cold white chest. One day ill see you as a ghost and you'll catch me in Such rage that you could scream. All the stars right out of the sky And destroy the prettiest starry night. You'll tell me don't cry because you will always be here with me.

20 July 2009, 01:12 AM   #2
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Your heart beat as I lay on your chest.
"It's a like a drum beating." she said
"this is the best." he said
"really how about mine." she said
"it's not worth a dime." he said
"can we trade." she said
"no, it's especially made." he said
"alright then." she said
"when it's no longer beating, you can." he said


21 July 2009, 05:35 PM   #3
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That was beautiful.
I need a hope
I need a light
Something to look to
In the arctic night
Where beauty abounds
In everything
There, my friends, is what I need

25 July 2009, 11:34 AM    #4
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I'm worried that my heart will fall out
When I smile, I show my emotions 
There is a window to deceive
If I let them out to tell you 
Will my heart leave? 

Maybe it will go some where happy,
Maybe it will fall into the hands of someone else, 
Maybe I will find it on a river bank all mangled and strangled of life

I will not let my heart go 
I will avoid smiling and hide 
Recluse to being misunderstood 
I refuse to let my heart go
I will not be hollow under my breast 

Maybe this is just a test 
A little test like the ones I detest so.
Maybe this is a illusion 
Just a little confusion 
Maybe my heart is already gone, long gone
Possibly to the ends of the earth 
A place of rebirth,
Maybe it's lonely 
I could be just feeling hollow,
And the pumping is just a illusion 
Maybe I never really had a heart to begin with.
When people decide to die, I visit them and tell them about my life.
I let them comment, ask questions and then I ask them to tell me of
their life. Last of all I ask "Are you ready for death?" ..... 
I still have not heard an answer.

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