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WRITING: Poetry: Without Your Walls

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11 March 2009, 04:31 PM    #1
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They say that I can get to Heaven
If I just go along
And I can reach Salvation
If I say I'm all wrong

My sins will be forgiven
And they'll gladly show the way
But mercy is expensive
So first I'll have to pay

Systems aren't made of bricks
They're mostly made of people
And prisons are the darkest
When topped with gleaming steeples

Without your walls I am alive
I won't play the game
Mindless drone inside your hive
Sterilized without a name

No more bondage
And morality chains
Thrust upon me disguised as faith
My soul held hostage by
"What the Lord High God sayeth"

Hey you who hold the crook and rod
For you I've got some stunning news
I sometimes hang out with God
And he's taken notice of your rotting pews

In fact, God is just a little bit pissed
He sent you his Word
Most of which you missed

And now you chide and scorn
All the stupid sheep that wandered in
Out of ignorance
And believing they sinned

Looking for a morsel of truth
But never checking credentials
Or testing your proof

And like cattle you herd them
Deep into your chambers
Turn on the gas
And rake over the embers

Firing Gehenna and lakes of fire
You pile up their bodies
Just so you can stand higher

Thinking you are getting closer
To your precious ghostly Lord
The bible in one hand
And behind you a sword

Oh yes, 
Indeed you will get
Your reward

(2008 )

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