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who think bam hot and why do you like

8 March 2008, 12:57 AM   #1
The Founder
Joined: 18 Oct 2007
Posts: 5
Tell me why you guyz like him . And how much you thinks he hott    

8 March 2008, 01:18 AM   #2
Guest Poster
I like Bam because he is . . .
And I love his eyes

8 March 2008, 10:45 AM   #3
Guest Poster
ok? thanx sierra. u r beautiful too. dont tell kev that i said that he'll have a shit fit

8 March 2008, 01:53 PM   #4
Guest Poster
i love Bam because
he's an awesome guy
he's really funny
and like sierra said
he's himself. :']

13 March 2008, 11:02 PM   #5
Joined: 5 Dec 2007
Posts: 2
I love Bam because

he's funny
he's awesome
i LOVE his eyes
he acts stupid in public like me
and like the other two said
He's himself =]]]

23 March 2008, 12:36 AM   #6
Guest Poster
i love bam because....

hes sexy
he skateboards
hes an official jackass member
he's original
hes hilarious
he's hawt
and because he is the cutest wen he is wasted


31 March 2008, 07:16 PM   #7
Joined: 28 Mar 2008
Posts: 1
i love him because he is so friken hot when he crys

2 November 2008, 12:38 AM   #8
Joined: 31 Oct 2008
Posts: 1
I Love Bam Because He's Not Afraid To Be Himself.

5 November 2008, 07:28 PM    #9
Guest Poster
I love Bam b/c;

1) he's an awsome skater
2) he's got an funny yet sweet personality
3) he's got a good taste in music/clothes
4) I love his eyes (there to die for)
and finally 5) he is SUPER SEXY!!!

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