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Anime Writing Piece #3

13 March 2007, 05:19 PM   #1
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Last edited by Inuyashima, 13 March 2007
Ok this time I'm posting 2 pictures and you pic one of the 2 pictures and write about
it!!! Tell me the picture you chose first before telling me you story!!

Photo #1

Photo #2

13 March 2007, 05:20 PM   #2
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um..............for photo 2, all i see is this: 
image hosted by tripod,

13 March 2007, 05:28 PM   #3
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YAY!!!! *runs in circles* MORE PICTURES!!!!! ^-^

hey inuyashima, i made a club kinda like yours ... please dont be mad! *shields self* <>.>
wanna join? ^-^ its an anime writing club! ^-^
anyone can join if they want ta ^-^

i will most definetly start working on a story for one of your new pics ^-^
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13 March 2007, 05:30 PM   #4
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Last edited by Inuyashima, 16 March 2007
....someone edited what I said here and whoever did must speak up NOW!!!! becasue if they
don't I might delete both account name off the club that were meantioned in the edit which


thank you for your soncern and please tell me who did it ASAP

13 March 2007, 05:34 PM   #5
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LETME GIVE IT A TRY!(first photo)::
-Title:Bestfriends for life!-

The waves crashed against the sea cliffs.Ayumi(just what i am naming the chick) was
enjoying every minute of the lovely sea breeze.
"OMG! i love the gentle breeze against my skin" she said,stretching one arm into the air

it was quite a lovely place,where she lived,near the ocean.she loved wading threw the
qurtoise was no different from any other day.she was just about to go get her
swim suit on when she heard a noise.a faint almost choking chirp.she had no clue where the
noise was comming from naturally,so she went to investigate.she checked all along the
piers,and in every small place.she finally came across a small cave near the pier.inside
that cave came the noise.she reached in to see what was in there,and she saw a umm
penguiny thingy.

"HOW ADORABLE!UBER KAWAII!" she screamed,squeezing it.

it looked hurt.she thought she'd better take it inside.

"are you sick,poor thing?" she asked

the penguiny thingy chirped weakly.


hours passed,and the little peguiny thingy was doing way better.

"phew,your alot of hard work" ayumi said

it smiled at her.

"lets be friends,i'll name you sakuri!" she said

the penguiny thingy gave what ayumi took as a smile.

"friends forever?" ayumi asked

the sakuri gave an approving chirp.

-The END-

its sucks..T__T

13 March 2007, 05:52 PM   #6
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And I am going to do pic number 1! 
    A Tweet Relationship. 
                                  Karizu went into the lovely spring field, full of tall
blades of grass and wild flowers.  tweet! "what was that?"said karizu.she knew she
had heard something.As she went further into the medow, she heard the noise again and
again.As she went next to the little hole in the ground, she saw a plump little baby
                                  "aww, how cute!I am going to name you Chappy!"exclaimed
Karizu. she placed him on her she went into the medow into the forest, she got
lost."oh no, where are we?I am scared....."Karizu said, frightened.  
                                  The forest was dark and who knows what was in there.But
then, chappy pointed to the exit. "huh, chappy?you want me to go to the right?ok" said
karizu.She was scared so, she would had took directions to almost anything.As she went
into the direction, she was out of the forest in no time. 
                                  "wow, chappy, you know your way around!but, I don't know
how to get home....can you help?"Karizu asked Chappy.As again, Chappy pointed to the right
                                  "Chappy, I love you!"Karizu told Chappy."Tweet
tweet!"chappy said, perkily.

13 March 2007, 06:08 PM   #7
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My effort for #2 if my story for #1 looks too alike of yasuna's. 
      Twins Are Best Friends 
                                            Sakurii Hanyo went to school, as usual."if
only I have friends", she thought, sighing.All the students at school picked on her for
having white hair. So, she always was alone."If only someone would be my friend of I had
black hair or maybe, I had a sibling."she sighed.  
                   In school, a transfer student came to her class. "everyone, this is
Sanyio Hanyo.Sanyio, say hi to your classmates."Ms. Cyani said firmly. "Konichiwa, I am
Sanyio Hanyo.I used to have a family but, they died long ago.I am allergic to spices, I
love to play vollyball, and my family used to have a sister and my birthday is december
31st."Sanyio replied. "oh, that is the same as sakurii.and you have the same last name.but
you can't be her twin,"Ms.Cyani said. 
                  Sakurii asked Sanyio,"Do you have a photo of your family?" Sanyio held
up her photo of her was a pic of sakurii!!! "this is my twin sister.I had never
knew her bt, I hope she was a good person" Sanyio told everyone. Sakurii held up a photo
next to Sanyiio.The tear on the middle fit! "Everyone, this must be my long lost twin
sister", said Sakurii.  
                  Ms.Cyani said, "this had never been seen before!"She was shocked and in
an instant, Ms.Cyani fainted.Sakurii, "sister...." Sanyio,"sister......" And they hugged.

14 March 2007, 05:59 PM    #8
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I chose photo one!

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